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H.P.S.T Chapter 364: The Descending Evil God

Immediately following the Stunning Spell was the Conjunctivitis Curse. After a brief dizziness, the dragon had a deep pain in its eyes. It closed its eyes and tried to roll its body to relieve the pain. 

But no, it had no strength at all. 

The dragon roared reluctantly. Its huge body, weighing several tons, fell to the ground, crushing the slabs on the ground and spewing mushroom-like flames from its mouth.

The dark green scales sparkled, and the entire Temple of the Moon was shaking. 

Although Evan’s magic power was far beyond the imagination of ordinary people, the dragon’s powerful magic resistance made his magic instantly ineffective. It quickly flapped its broken wing, struggling to stand up from the broken ground, and its inner anger grew even stronger. 

It was absolutely unacceptable to be played by two tiny ants in succession. 

“Attack its eyes; that’s where the dragon’s defense is weakest.” Evan shouted to Okegiga in front of him, who was falling fast from mid-air. 

Okegiga shouted loudly and his heels fell heavily on the back of the dragon, without any pause, disregarding the fact that his body was being scratched by the spikes on the body of the dragon. 

He ran forward on the dragon’s sharp barbed armor as if he were on a knife hill.

The Centaur charged forward, pointing his long spear to the right eye of the dragon that had just lifted its body; he stabbed it fiercely and a great deal of dragon blood gushed out. 

Okegiga went ahead with all his strength, and then sprinted, his whole body was pressed on the spear in his hand, a large number of blood vessels protruded on his stout arms, and his blue veins swelled violently. 

His long lance stabbed the right eye of the dragon and penetrated through its body from the center. 

The fierce attack made the dragon roar again, louder than ever before. 

It shook its huge head furiously and wanted to throw the Centaur away from its body.

before its great power, Okegiga was like a lonely boat in a raging storm.

But he did not loosen his grip, clenched his teeth, tried his best to hold his lance, and stuck it tightly, as the dragon’s head swayed violently in the air. 

The strong Centaur Warrior could persist, but under the influence of such momentum, Evan, who was sitting on Okegiga, couldn’t keep his balance at all. 

Again, in an upward swing, he finally lost his grip and let go of the Centaur’s back. 

His body was thrown away from height, below which was the fierce mouth of the dragon. 

If he was to fall down like this, he would either be swallowed alive by the dragon or grinded into meat pie.

Evan had no time to think about such fate, as the battle was at its peak.

He held his breath, waved his wand, drawing a complicated pattern in the air, and a white light as thick as the Stunning Spell he had just used emerged from the end of his wand. 

Like throwing a javelin, Evan threw the curse into the other eye of the dragon. 


Under the impact of Evan’s curse, the dragon fell down. 

It also sent a heartbreaking roar, with a whine in its voice. Its wing and eyes had been severely damaged, and it had been forced to back down. 

It was impossible for it to carry on, and its movements slowed down gradually.

Okegiga seized the opportunity, picked his long spear hard and forcefully pulled out the yellow eye of the fire dragon. He grasped the long spear in both hands, pointed down, with bloody eyes pierced on the black scales of the dragon, and slid straight down.

The dragon wailed, with both his eye sockets bleeding out. Its giant open mouth could not even spurt flames anymore, and its huge body was collapsing, looking like it was about to fall down completely at any moment. 

This was definitely the bloodiest and most tragic dragon slaughter in history. A powerful dragon at the top of the food chain was dying by the hands of its supposed pray.

Throughout history, it was known that only the strongest of wizards could ever conquer and kill the fire dragon, but this rule was destined to be broken today. A 12-year-old wizard and a Centaur teamed up to achieve this miracle that would amaze the Wizarding World. 

Evan fell from the sky, and Okegiga, who accomplished the feat of slaughtering the dragon, leaped to catch him. 

The Centaur’s body was scarred and bloody, and in some places it was even scorched by the flames, no intact inch on his body could be seen.

Before Evan could breathe a sigh of relief, he saw a large number of Centaurs crawling to pray for the statue of the evil god in the deep platform ahead, seemingly indifferent to the close battle.

As they moved, blue and black clouds were getting thicker and lower, moving in a spiral pattern to form vortex, one that looked as if something was about to crawl out of it. 

Above the huge statue, the Philosopher’s stone left by Gryffindor glowed red. 

The magic waves visible to the naked eye floated out from the Philosopher’s Stone, forming a red light path that slowly drifted downward and converged into the statue of the evil god.

The air pressure at the top of the temple dropped further, just like a precursor to a storm that was about to break out. The ancient, powerful atmosphere was filled with pressure. It was overwhelming, and everyone was gasping for breath.

NO, their magic is about to succeed, we have to…” Evan shouted. 

Without hesitation, Okegiga charged forward again, dragging his scarred body. Evan issued several spells in succession, hoping to prevent the summoning ceremony from proceeding.

But the Centaurs stargazers in front of him seemed to have all been petrified. They did not evade the spells that attacked them, letting Evan and Okegiga attack. 

Their faces were expressionless and their eyes flashed with a mad light.

Evan’s heart sank down immediately, his feeling of uneasiness became stronger and stronger, and the scene in front of him was too strange. These Centaurs had lost themselves to this creature!

“You are late, Okegiga!” After being knocked down, an old Centaur said slowly, “Be ready to surrender, the great existence has arrived…” 

His voice just fell, and suddenly the huge statue of the evil god in front of him became alive! 

Centered on the statue, a looming figure started being created out of nowhere. 

A large amount of the flesh and blood piled up at the top of the temple began to rise, and floated towards it; even the body of the dragon that had just been killed by Evan and Okegiga was among them.

Evan looked at the evil that was taking shape in surprise. It was like a Gillyweed enlarged countless times, or like a tree root with countless branches.

It floated slowly in midair, and a lot of flesh and blood drifted toward it, gradually forming a huge, bulging black cloud-like mass of… flesh. 

The flesh was getting covered with green, irregular, wrinkled skin that looked like bark and scales of some strange creature. 

The big mouth in the center, which was covered with green mucus, was full of black fangs. Besides, there were many other mouths around its body, all being of different shapes.

Further up, two disproportionate eyes were at the most edges of the black meat. Red eyeballs rolled inside and looked at the front in a sluggish manner. 

Bellow, countless tentacles spread out, with each having either a mouth with fangs, an eye or a blade-like claw on its edge!

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