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H.R.P Chapter 164: The Battle of Kannabi Bridge

nIn the Manga, the battle of Kannabi bridge marked the birth of two Sharingan wielding heroes. 

One used his to copy over a thousand Jutsu, to become known as the “Copy Ninja”, Kakashi of the Sharingan.

The other was Obito Uchiha, whose name was engraved on the village “Memorial Stone” to immortalize as one of the village’s fallen heroes. 

It was a decisive battle; one that completely changed the lives of both.

It was also the battle that laid down the seeds for the future events to take the Shinobi world by storm.

Ryo, as one who had quite the idea of the future, was fully aware of the importance of this battle. However, he didn’t intend to change Obito’s fate at this point of time.

The reason was simple: if things were to be left to develop as they did in the Manga, Obito would end up with the Mangekyo.

Obito’s Mangekyo had a special ability, [Kamui], which could be described as the ultimate “Hack” in the Narutoverse.

The principle of Kamui was very simple. It was able to transfer his body and objects in contact with it back and forth between this world and Kamui’s own dimension.

This ability could make him transfer his body partially back and forth between both dimension, granting him an almost innate invincibly and allowing him to ignore all attacks.

Ryo’s plan was to use Rin’s “death” to get Obito to activate his Mangekyo, and then change his fate after that point in time.

The key to this plan was Rin. Rin, Kakashi and Obito were the few friends that Ryo had in life. He definitely was NOT going to let her die!

Whether or not he could save Rin, was something that completely relied on the “ace up his sleeve” that he had prepared.

According to the events in the Manga, after the end of this battle, Kakashi and Rin should be able to return safely to Konoha. But Ryo was still not at ease, and wanted to go to join them just in case Rin would be in danger.

The current state of the Naruto world had changed a lot. Because of Ryo’s and Sakumo’s presence, Konoha was immerging as the sole victor of the war, and the terms of the Fire Country’s treaties with other countries were a lot more in favor on Konoha.

However, many consistencies with the Original timeline were still there. The Rock Village send thousands of Ninjas harassing the Fire Country’s borders to force Konoha to its own terms.

Now, just like in the Manga, the Rock’s main motive was getting more cards in their future negotiations with Konoha.

However, their attempts were doomed to fail.

When Ryo arrived at the battlefield, he happened to witness Minato using the Flying Thunder God to slay dozens of Rock Ninjas, including three Jonins, in the blink of an eye.

Ryo did not make his presence known. As he watched Minato in this battle, he was further shocked and surprised. He didn’t expect that Minato would get even stronger.

At his early 20’s Minato developed the Flying Thunder God to the extreme. In his past life, Ryo often heard that the fasters would emerge victorious in martial art combat. Minato was the epitome of speed, putting that on full display.

Ryo had always thought that Minato should be only slightly stronger than him in Sage Mode. However, after witnessing his battle, he realized that he was completely mistaken.

Before this battle, Ryo was feeling that the strongest in Konoha was still the 3rd at the time, followed by Sakumo and Minato, then the Sannin and himself.

However, now it seemed to him that Minato was absolutely stronger that the 3rd, becoming the absolute strongest Ninja in Konoha.

If the current Minato was to face Pain at his peak while knowing his secret, Ryo thought that Minato would stomp!

After Minato killed this group, he immediately went to support other Konoha Ninjas. Ryo didn’t continue to watch this “show”, but rushed to Kannabi Bridge.

Kannabi bridge was in the Grass Village’s territory, and a vital pathway to the Rock’s line of supply. Kakashi’s trio’s mission was to blow up the bridge.

This would put the Rock Ninjas in the frontline on their own with no supplies. They should put them in a position where they struggle to find something to eat, let alone fight.

Therefore, if this bridge gets destroyed, Konoha should basically announce their complete victory.

After Ryo reached the borders, he entered Sage Mode and began to look for Kakashi’s team.

Ryo perceived that Obito’s Chakra was getting weaker and weaker. He became alarmed and entered the Ice Lightning Chakra mode, rushing towards the Trio.

After Sensing the Ice Scalpel on Kakashi, he immediately teleported to him.

At this time, he couldn’t even sense Obito. The Rock Ninjas were attacking, and a cave before them collapsing on the ground. 

To insure the safety of Rin and Kakashi, Ryo bypassed the two men in front of the cave and entered to look for Obito.

The smile he saw on the corner of the Earth Ninjas’ mouths suddenly made Ryo feel horrible. When if he was too conceited and relied too much on the Manga? What if the injuries that Obito received got him beyond being saved? (T/N: You don’t say?)

The scene before him was like the one in the Manga, but the image of Obito’s carefree smile was the only thing that was before him, and the scenes of meeting the trio played back in his mind.

“You could only escape with luck. But how long would that last you?” A Rock Jonin said.

“No! This kid is not the Uchiha that we just killed! Who are you?” Another Jonin asked Ryo.

“Ryo… Obito…” Rin’s voice had a cry in it, and Kakashi had his head down without saying a word.

Seeing the state of his two friends, Ryo became even more emotional, and his Sharingan, which was unwillingly opened, was full with tears.

“Kakashi, Rin… I’m sorry!” It was the 1st time Ryo felt such grief.

“Ryo, don’t blame yourself. Before passing away, Obito mentioned you, he was…. thankful, for all your help, and happy that he had to have you as his friend!” 

Rin’s words made emotions burst with Ryo’s heart, and the tomoe in his Sharingan kept turning around.

“I’ll kill these three brats, and you go and see if there are other Kono…” The Rock Ninjas words stopped short.

The other Jonin was in cold sweat, seeing the head of his companion flying high.

He realized that dealing with this person in front of him was far beyond his capabilities, and turned around and ran.

Ryo wasn’t about to chase him, for that Jonin was stopped by a figure of someone with Lightning Chakra covering his fist.

Kakashi was finally able control Chidori after receiving Obito’s Sharingan. The Jonin didn’t even have time to react before the Jutsu pierced through his heart.

Kakashi was in dispelief of his own capability after killing the Jonin.

Ryo and Kakashi walked back to Rin. Looking at their grieving friend on her knees, Ryo wanted to comfort her, but was out of words.

“Rin… are you… okay?” 

Rin shook her head and didn’t speak. She looked up at Kakashi, then turned to Ryo and was surprised!

“Ryo… Your eyes!” 

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