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H.R.P Chapter 189: The Substitute

“Yamada” accompanied Ryo out of the forest.

On his way out, Ryo wasn’t idle, condensing Ice flakes and throwing them along his way into the wood that’s by the lake.

Later, he entered the Ice Lightning Chakra Mode to enhance his perception, and tried to confirm if there were any other White Zetsu around the lake.

Doing so, he found that there were many White Zetsu around the village. However, the only one in the lake’s territory was Yamada. Three more were scattered close by in the woods as well.

Their number was so small around the lake, and it was great news for Ryo, as this should save him a lot of time.

Because they were there however, he still had to use Shi’s secret technique to hide his Chakra, and then use the Lightning Chakra Mode Flicker to finish them off.

In fact, Ryo previous plan consisted of using Ice World to freeze Zetsu’s consciousness, making sure they never pass any messages to Madara.

However, his conversation was Orochimaru before he went to save Rin changed this plan, as he now started speculating that the White Zetsu had no individual consciousness for the most part.

That meant that everything any single White Zetsu knows should be known by the main one.

While Orochimaru’s idea was just speculation for now, Ryo did not want to take any risks. Therefore, he changed his method to this.

After being separated from White Zetsu, Ryo returned home basing off of the Jonin’s memories.

Later, using Sage Mode’s enhanced perception; he determined that there were no White Zetsu around. 

Ryo used Shi’s method to hide his Chakra, and then teleported back to his Ice Flakes. 

White Zetsu’s perception abilities were actually above those of an average Sensor Ninja. With just those 3 scattered around the lake, no wind or grass could escape their perception into the lake.

However, Ryo’s use of Shi’s technique, and his teleportation into the scene made him undetectable.

Ryo 1st determined the 3 Zetsu’s location, and then entered the forest. All three stood no chance against him

“Now it’s your turn!” Ryo muttered to the lake as he watched Yagura preparing to seal the Sanbi within Rin’s body.

People controlled by Genjutsu usually have their senses dulled, listening only to their commander’s order. This was obviously also true for Yagura. Otherwise, Madara wouldn’t use those three White Zetsu to monitor the surroundings.

As they were all killed by Ryo before communicating any warning or knowledge to the main body, to Madara and White Zetsu, they still survive normally. (T/N: I believe the author is choosing to make the Zetsu communication system rather active, not passive. Meaning, the Zetsu could only convey information upon detection of change around them.)

In fact, Ryo also killed “Yamada”, and the only source left to feed Madara with information was Yagura.

Under Madara’s control, Yagura started preparing his seals, and as that was happening, Ryo suddenly appeared before his eyes.

He already had his Mangekyo opened, using his left eye to boost his next Jetsu: a Genjutsu that was made to cover Madara’s!

The idea was actually inspired by Itachi’s use of Kotoamatsukami to break out of Kabuto’s Edo Tensei’s control.

The difference was that Ryo’s Genjutsu was not there to change Yagura’s actions, but only to make his eyes look away from Rin.

With that, his eyes became sluggish, but his movements did not change. Therefore, Madara did not notice a change, remaining in control of Yagura who was to proceed to sealing the Sanbi in Rin along with the seal to prevent her suicide.

Ryo’s next step was to take out a scroll, containing a semi-finished clone.

This was a failed experiment of Ryo and Orochimaru when they were trying to perfect cloning technology, and it just came in handy.

Ryo used his Chakra to wrap the clone and change its shape, just like in the Transforming Jutsu. He made it look exactly like Rin.

Later, Ryo switched the clone with Rin, taking her back to the ship she was brought from.

In there, Ryo lifted his Genjutsu upon her and unsealed her Chakra.

With that, she gradually regained consciousness. After her thorough waking, he returned to the Mist Village alone.

In the village, Ninjas were on patrol. As soon as Ryo appeared, he was immediately discovered by one of them!

In fact, unlike before, Ryo wasn’t willing to hide his existence this time. His purpose was actually to make things look like he could not save Rin, fooling Zetsu and Madara into believing that their plan is successful.

It would just look like he chose to enter the Mist Village after his friend disappeared in the Wave Country, which would naturally makes the Mist the 1st suspects.

On the other hand, knowing that the Mist Village was about to become Madara’s “toy”, Ryo did not mind weakening their ranks a bit in advance.

In the center of the village, Ryo was surrounded by thousands of Mist Ninjas. After great hesitation, everyone rushed at him! They did not dare to use Water again, and they chose to fight using Taijutsu!

After all, memories of Ryo’s last arrival into the village were still fresh, and images of their use of Water Release, along with his subsequent use of Ice Colossus were still pinned in their mind.

Seeing massive waves of Ninjas going at him, Ryo did not panic. He surrounded his body with Lightning Chakra, slowly condensing armor around it.

The Lightning Chakra Mode itself was actually the basis of the Raikages’ incredible defensive abilities. However, since Ryo had always lacked the Chakra to use the mode this way, he abandoned the Idea, focusing on using it only for speed. Now with Korin’s help, Ryo was finally able to use this armor, and this was a perfect opportunity to test it out.

The more Chakra used for the Lightning Chakra Mode, the higher its defensive capabilities become. With Korin’s Chakra sealed into his body, his Lightning Chakra Mode was strong enough to make the surrounding Mist Ninjas’ Taijutsu unable to cause any harm to Ryo.

In the end, things went smoothly as he expected, and he was well noticed by the surrounding White Zetsu.

In the pit a thousand miles away, Madara learned about the matter from Zetsu beside him.

Nothing seemed alarming about the matter, and it seemed that his plans were a complete success.

“Madara sama, what should I do next?” 

“Keep an eye on Obito! After I finish sealing the Sanbi within her, I’ll make use of this girl to activate his Mangekyo.”

“Yes, Madara sama! I’m going to Obito right away!” After finishing his words, Zetsu sank into the ground.

“Someone with such great love for the world; what kind of Mangekyo would he get when all that love turned into hatred? I can’t wait to see!” Madara talked to himself with a hint of excitement.

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