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H.R.P Chapter 243: The Kyubi’s Night (1)

Year 48, on September 22nd, Shikamu Nara was born. Inoichi Yamanaka and Choza Akamichi were the first to go congratulate him.

The next day, the roles were reversed, as everyone was congratulating Inoichi for Ino’s birth.

All 12 besides Naruto and Hinato were already born.

On October 5th, the 3rd’s wife, Biwako Sarutobi went to Kushina’s place.

Kushina’s pregnancy wasn’t actually widely disclosed, and it was known by only a small number of people.

This meant that her pregnancy couldn’t show to people. Therefore, the 3rd told her to try to stay at home until she gives birth. This way, she would only go out one time, going directly to the designated birth site.

While her character was of one that would escape, Kushina did change after marrying Minato, somewhat maturing to help him preserve his image as Hokage.

But after such a long time stuck at home, Kushina had enough. As she opened the door for Biwako, she took the chance to walk into the street, and go directly to the place chosen for Naruto’s birth.

Along her way, Biwako urged her to get back and wait for the night again and again, just to be answered by Kushina’s smile as she walked slowly.

In the middle of the day, Kushina encountered Mikoto holding Sasuke in her hands. The two women had a good relationship already, and being that they were sharing this experience of motherhood, the two stopped and chatted a little.

As for Biwako Sarutobi, she was watching quietly from across the street, her face pale as she tried her hardest to keep herself from panicking.

After Kushina reached her destination, Biwako immediately opened the barrier outside the house, and then told Kushina that they would live in this room until the child is born.


In the Wind Country’s desert, Ryo was testing Korin’s ability of controlling her body.

After several months of actively evolving her spirit by practicing the Yamanaka clan’s techniques, Korin was finally able to control most her power, and able to maintain her “Biju” state for about 5 minutes.

She was confident that, during these 5 minutes, she could beat even the Kyubi.

As Ryo was far away preparing for the fight, an uninvited guest appeared on the Hokage Mountain of Konoha. He was dressed in black, with a yellow and black mask hiding all his face besides his eye which faintly showed through the hole in the mask.

“Long time no see, Konoha!” Obito sighed, and then scattered several White Spores around the village, before finally disappearing.

In the Uchiha’s district, in the underground bunker of the Naka Shrine, Obito stood before a stone tablet, activating his Mangekyo to read it.

As he read through it, he felt the whole area was familiar. In fact, since he had his memories sealed by the dying Madara, he would get a headache whenever seeing anything familiar.

“Fugaku san, what brings you to the Naka Shrine so suddenly?” Obito suddenly heard a guard’s voice.

When hearing movement outside, Obito immediately disappeared.

Just as he left, Fugaku pushed the door in. After confirming that there was no one around, he also opened his Mangekyo, staring at the tablet for the hundredth time.

After leaving Konoha, Obito returned to the Wave Country, to his temporary stronghold of choice. There, White and Black Zetsu were awaiting him with two “Assistants”.

The first was Sasori of the Red Sand, and the other was Kakuzu.

Sasori had deep hatred to Konoha, and Kakuzu did also have his fair share of trouble with them. Black Zetsu relied on this and successfully convinced them to help.

Of course, it wasn’t for free. Sasori wanted 3 White Zetsus, and of course, Kakuzu wanted money.

When told about these requirements, Obito agreed. Notably, he never appeared before neither of them, letting Guruguru do all the work.

The two also know that the “pale white man wearing a spiral mask” before them was not the one behind the scenes, but they didn’t care.

Sasori’ hatred towards Konoha and Kakuzu’s love of money were more than enough to get them to act without questions.

Soon, it was October 10th.

As Naruto’s birth could happen on any day, Biwako was paying special attention to Kushina day and night, and today was no exception.

In the evening, Kushina suddenly felt sharp pain in her belly. Biwako immediately found called a Medical Ninja, and sent an Anbu to inform Minato.

In the past few days, Ryo and all the other Kage Tiers were all on high alert. Even Jiraya’s nerves were tense, which was rare.

From time to time, Ryo would enter Sage Mode and scan the entire area of Konoha for intruders, and would pay special attention to Kushina’s state.

When he suddenly perceived an Anbu running towards the Hokage’s office, he realized that Naruto was about to be born.

Ryo didn’t want to intrude if not necessary, leaving the birth site to Minato and not leaving Ice there. Therefore, he went in as close as possible, to interfere whenever he is needed.

After receiving the information from the Anbu, Minato immediately teleported to Kushina’s room. Some spores were attached to him, and allowed Obito to know his location. 

With Obito’s word, Black Zetsu, White Zetsu, Sasori and Kakuzu all broke through the barrier around the village all at once.

Ryo immediately noticed their entrance, and as he was ready to notify Sakumo of the situation, he immediately sensed hundreds of White Zetsu appearing in the village.

They were all popping out of the spore spread by Obito in advance, and they absorbed Konoha’s Ninjas’ Chakra to grow instantly.

To top this off, they all immediately used their special transformation technique to blend in with Konoha’s Ninja. All of a sudden, Konoha had doubles of many of its men, and the entire village fell into panic immediately.

Ryo’s face changed heavily, and he immediately established a Telepathic Link with Sakumo and the others, informing them of the situation. 

“Sakumo san, Jiraya san, you should probably face Sasori and Kakuzu. And Sandaime sama, you go find Orochi san, for only he has a way to distinguish this special form of transformation technique. I’m going to Ne-san’s side!”

Sakumo and the others also realized the seriousness of the matter. They all agreed with Ryo’s plan, and started to act by it immediately.

Ryo’s Ice-Lightning Chakra Mode broke out, and he opened up his Mangekyo to further empower it while on the way to Kushina.

However, with Obito taking so long to make his plan, naturally he was well prepared to deal with Ryo. On his way to Kushina, the latter found Black and White Zetsu in his way.

Ryo’s Lightning Chakra became fiercer as he stood before the two. He immediately pointed one finger, and then rushed immediately at Zetsu with Hell Stab.

“White, do it!” Hearing Black’s words, White Zetsu immediately sneaked into the ground, and then a Wooden man popped out of it!

“Wood Release? But you’re no Hashirama!” Ryo’s hell Stab immediately shattered the wooden man standing before them.

What he never expected however, was that Black Zetsu was integrated with the Wooden man, which gradually but quickly got reformed!

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