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H.R.P Chapter 44: Orochimaru!

The Yamanaka clan has recently made a lot of money from the sale of the Healing Stones, and the pockets of the developer and producer, Ryo, were also getting filled.


When Obito and Rin arrived, the 4 of them enjoyed a good meal in the barbecue shop. The charm of barbecued meat was strong enough to even keep Obito off of quarreling with Kakashi.


After the barbecue, the 4 walked around the streets of Konoha talking about the recent situation.


“Obito, who is the one to be our instructor now?”


“That, I don’t know.” Being an Uchiha, Obito usually is well informed about whatever happens in the village. Rin tried to ask him this question but she didn’t expect him to have no answer.


“Huh, you already know that you are together in a group?” Ryo didn’t hear their teacher dividing them into groups yet. So he asked them about it.


“Before the exam, Obito told me that everyone will pass. And he also said that we will be in a team together.”


“It seems that the war is coming soon!” The fixed results should only mean that they are needed in the upcoming war.


Ryo remembered how the 3rd world war originally erupted. It was because the 3rd Kazegake went missing. Back when Jiraya went to the sand to collect information, there were so many internal problems there, and it’s safe to assume from his description that it’s because Sasori went Rogue.


Actually, it was after that fact that Sasori assassinated the 3rd Kazekage who came to pursue him. The Sand used this as an excuse to wage war. The world war seems to be really close.


“Kakashi, Obito, Rin. The war is about to begin. Everyone will be sent to the battlefield. These are Healing Stones that I made, 30 of them, 10 for each of you. Their effect is similar to that of the Healing Palm.” Ryo distributed the stone to his friends.


Kakashi already knew what it was, so he took them. Obito and Rin saw him do it and did not refuse.


“There’s only so much that I can do. Be careful on the battlefield. Especially Obito, I’m relying on you. You’re a hero.”


He knew that Obito was taken in by Madara in the Kannabi Bridge battle, and that Rin was accidentally killed by Kakashi a year before Minato became the 4th Hokage. But that was in the Manga. Now this is his real world.


He can never guarantee that their experience in the Manga would not be repeated. Now he just can try everything possible that he can do in hope that all three of them survive.


After bidding farewell with the 3, Ryo went back to the 3rd training ground, where Yugao was still waving her sword. This was no easy feat for a four year old girl.


“Yugao, stop, I have something to say to you.”


Hearing Ryo’s voice, Yugao stopped her practice. He never interrupted her training, this must be something important.


“What’s the matter Ryo Nii-san?”


“Yugao, starting tomorrow, I want you to stop coming to the 3rd training ground.”




“There is a war that’s about to take place. Ryo Onii-san needs to make some preparations.”


Yugao nodded her head. Although she had never experienced the war, she was already terrified because of the words of her parents and her surroundings.


“Ryo Nii-san, after the war ends, I want you to come teach me.” Her bright smile brought warmth to Ryo’s heart.


After seeing her leave, Ryo began going all out on making healing stones. The 3rd knows that he can make 30 per day, but he actually can go beyond that.


A month later, Ryo made 1100 stones. He gave 900 to his clan to sell, and still had over 200 in hand.


Now that he has that, he became relaxed. He doesn’t have to make any more stones. Over the past 3 months, he made over 2700 of them. 2500 are enough for the village to go through this war.


Now, he needs to work on his wind release. The 1st enemies that Konoha is going to face in the upcoming war are the Sand Ninja, who have many wind release users.


Ryo was not worried about the puppeteers of the Sand. I can cope with their speed and physical attacks and with their poisons as well. But he didn’t know much about wind release. He wants now to learn as much as possible about it.


Minato was an expert in wind release, but unfortunately he has just become the tutor for the Kakashi three. He shouldn’t be available.


Jiraya was sent back by the 3rd to the Sand village to get more information. With both of them away from here, Ryo decided to go to Konoha’s library in order to find the info he wants.


Suddenly, right before leaving the 3rd training ground, Ryo felt a strong unfamiliar aura behind his back.


It was closing in on him. Ryo quietly entered the Ice Elementization mode and opened up his Yin seal.


Ryo walked away from where the aura was coming, but it closed in on his really fast: Ryo directly went into his Lightning-Ice Chakra mode and as the one behind him attacked, he avoided it!


Ryo looked at the attacker: Long black hair, golden snake like eyes, purple eye shadows, pale skin: It was Orochimaru!


“Orochimaru San! Head of the technology core in the village!” Ryo use to be a fan of Orochimaro! This is the Ninja who believes the most in science, cell culture, human experiments, reincarnation, and cloning.


“Ryo Kun, meeting you for the 1st time, I couldn’t keep myself from testing your skills! Please don’t be offended by this.” Orochimaru’s voice was hoarse and emotionless. But Ryo heard kindness within it. They are both believers in science, so he was biased towards him.


“You are Orochimaru san?”


“Yes that’s me!”


Ryo was actually relieved when he knew that the attacker was Orochimaru. At this point in time, he still had feelings for konoha, and was still respectful to his Sensei Sarutobi. Ryo wasn’t worried at all.


“Ryo Kun, I heard that you successfully developed the Healing Stones?”


When Orochimaru returned to Konoha from his mission the Land of Earth, he heard from the 3rd about Ryo success. This wasn’t the 1st time he heard about his name. He heard before of this little kid comparable to Tsunade.


At 1st, he thought that this was just a pawn put there to stabilize the medical system after Tsunade left. When he found out he saved Sakumo from taking his own life after all doctors considered him dead, he was impressed by this feat, but he thought that he is being extremely overhyped. Nobody in his eyes would get close to Tsunade’s skill, and nobody knew Tsunade’s skill better than him.


Ryo’s success with the healing stones was what finally got him interested.


When he wanted to meet him, he heard that he was always training in the 3rd training grounds. So he went there to find him, and he didn’t expect to bump into him on his way out.


“Yes Orochimaru san. I’ve developed them indeed!” Orochimaru looked at the kid who was interested in talking to him, and had to admit his excellence from the way he dodged him!