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H.R.P Chapter 249: Kurama’s Choice

Ryo’s eyes were not deceiving him; this was really Minato’s body standing before him!

“You all hide! Hand over this matter to me!” Ryo said to the 3rd’s Anbu.

Fools don’t become Anbu, and everyone around Minato realized that the horrifying Chakra being emitted by Minato’s body was nothing that they could deal with. In fact, Ryo telling them that he would handle the matter was all that they wanted to hear.

After they went away, Ryo entered the Ice-Lightning Chakra mode, and carefully watched “Minato”… 

Unexpectedly, the latter did not launch any attack, just standing still.

“Ryo, try to establish a Telepathic link with him. I don’t think Kurama is out of control anymore!” Korin suggested.

Ryo nodded, establishing a spiritual link with the Kyubi in Minato’s body.

Immediately, he noticed that Kurama’s mind seemed to be lost, and that his thoughts were all chaotic. He tried to communicate with him, talking gently and trying to calm him down.

Gradually, Kurama returned to his senses. A few minutes later, he was sober. He had no memories of what happened after Naruto’s birth.

After sensing that Kurama was back to his senses, Ryo quickly asked: “Kurama, are you awake?”

“Kid, what’s going on? What happened to Kushina? How is she?” Kurama heard Ryo’s voice going through his mind and immediately asked him.

“Ne-san is very good, both mother and son are safe, but Minato….” 

After a few moments of silence, Kurama shouted: “Kid, tell me everything!” 

Ryo nodded, inputting his thoughts into Kurama’s mind, playing the events that occurred like a movie.

Minato’s body’s face turned gloomy. This was the second time ever that the Kyubi was controlled in all his years! And this time, because of him, Minato ended up dying.

“Kurama, I cannot blame you; no one could. Still, I have a question: How could the masked man still control you after Ni-san separated him from you with a contract seal?”

“I guess this time the control was not just done by simply using the Mangekyo! I still feel residual external Yin and Yang Chakra; that must have been done to seal my consciousness from my body, and make me a mindless killing machine. I guess it was sealed as a countermeasure against your own Mangekyo.” Kurama explained.

“So, that’s the case! Kurama, what are you going to do now? Perhaps go back to Naruto and merge with your other half?” 

After thinking about it, Kurama shook his head: “We should maintain things as they are for now. From your memories, I’ve just learn that you have a way to resurrect Minato. I guess this body should be preserved!” 

“I only need a portion of Minato’s body. The vitality in the body has been exhausted, and I cannot use it anymore.” 

“If that’s the case, then I guess I should merge with my other half! I also…” 

“Hold on! Kurama, I think your Chakra is better off remaining split!” Korin poked her head out of Ryo’s bag, interrupting Kurama.

The Kyubi glanced at Korin. just from Ryo’s memories, he had already realized that she was now a Juubi-like being, so her words held much weight.

“Why?” With this in mind, Kurama asked Korin.

She answered: “Here’s the deal! You’re the Yin half of Kurama, and your spiritual power is already stronger. I think you should remain outside, and by learning the Yamanaka’s secret techniques, with your already power spiritual power, and my help, it’s likely that you would end up returning to being a full Kyubi!” 

Listening to her, Kurama began considering her suggestion.

“Kurama, you can stay separated, but you can’t remain in Ni-san’s body. He is the Hokage, so it would be too conspicuous if you remain like this!” Ryo said.

Korin answered without hesitation: “Then use a Zetsu’s body!” 

Ryo looked at Kurama, who didn’t seem to mind this idea, so he entered Sage Mod, and went on hunting.

After a good while, Ryo was only able to find one of the lurking white Zetsu. He quickly rushed to him, and then teleported back to Korin and the Kyubi.

“Kurama, do you need me to make a seal on this Zetsu? Or could your soul occupy it like a soul would occupy a human body?” 

“No need! Without a soul in this body, I can easily take over it!” 

After Kurama finished his words, he immediately left Minato’s body to the white corpse of Zetsu.

Gradually, it turned into a red-haired ugly middle-aged man.

After, Kurama said: “It’s not bad! The cells here remind me of those of the 1st Hokage. However, it’s limiting my strength, and now I could only fight at the Yonbi’s power, at most!” 

“Take your time to adapt. Now, we should go!” After saying that, Ryo picked up Minato’s body, and teleported with Kurama back to Kushina’s place.

The Kyubi hesitated for a long time at Kushina’s door, before finally gathered enough courage to push the door in.

When Kushina learned that this red-haired middle aged man was Kurama, she was actually very happy, not even hinting at blaming him.

Kurama could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Then, he and Kushina’s small Kyubi, and the half seaked within Naruto all got in touch.

After learning about Kurama’s intentions, the two other Kyubi’s expressed their support.

With everyone reaching a consensus, the only problem was the identity of Kurama in the world. However, that wasn’t something to worry about for now.

Konoha had just lost their Hokage, and they had no time to control the foreigners in the village.

Therefore, Ryo immediately rushed to Sakumo and Sasori.

As he reached the scene, Ryo found that Sakumo had already forced Sasori into a corner, crushing his puppet, and cornering him. Jiraya did the same to Kakuzu and the two villains joined up. Injured, they collapsed to the ground as they were surrounded by four Kage tiers, and when the 3rd was about to initiate the attack, the masked man suddenly appeared out of thin air.

The 3rd did not hesitate, immediately waving his staff at the one who brought them sorrow on this night. His gaze was like that of a demon, but to his surprise, the staff when right through Obito! 

The 3rd was immediately stunned, and Obito ignored the group surrounding him, walking to Kakuzu and Sasori and preparing to leave with the two.

Ryo had no idea about what happened to his old friend, but now was a great opportunity to get rid of Kakuzu and Sasori, and he wasn’t going to let it go. (I like how Ryo finally didn’t care about losing his precious original plot members. Perhaps losing those dear to him could really change his attitude.)

He Lightning Chakra flickered to Obito in an instant, who had his body in this world as he reached out to touch his two subordinates.

 Ryo’s movement was too fast, and by the time his hit landed, he couldn’t even use Kamui.

It was clearly planned by Ryo. Inspired by Minato’s performance, he went in and caught him off guard.

Obito took a great direct hit, getting directly pushed far away by Ryo.

Just as Ryo was about to finish Kakuzu and Sasori on the ground, a white Zetsu suddenly popped out underneath him, grabbing his legs and dragging them back. 

With no time for such nonsense, Ryo did not even turn at White Zetsu, just releasing his Lightning Chakra and turning him into ashes.

With no one to stop him this time, he slit Sasori’s throat directly with an Ice Scalpel, and pierced Kakuzu’s heart with another. 

Only one of Kakuzu’s hearts remained, and Ryo was about to pierce it, when the ‘dead’ Sasori moved all of a sudden. He shook in place, and his opened throat released a poisonous gas that clouded the area.

Ryo was taken by surprise, for he did not expect that Sasori did more of transforming himself in such a last time. The last time they saw each other, he was practically a full human being with just some prosthetic.

The toxin made Ryo’s feel somewhat weak on his legs. He felt drowsy and suffocated, and could only jump away to attack again. However, this was all that Obito needed to jump to the two inside the fog, and disappear from the area with them.

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