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H.R.P Chapter 76: Battlefield Love 

After Pakura left, Ryo was ready to handle Shukaku that hadn’t been able to move for more than the past 10 minutes under the effect of the Ice Blade Whirlpool. The wounds on its body were being maintained by them.

When Ryo and Gamahiro reached it, Shukaku did not laugh as usual. Instead, it looked at them calmly.

“Haha! How does it feel being trapped in here?” It was Gamahiro’s turn this time to mock Shukaku.

The Ichibi didn’t care about Gamahiro, but instead he looked at Ryo: “Kid, this is your 2nd time beating me.”

“Not this time. Our purpose this time was just to trap you.”

“Haha! For a human, you’re really frank!”

“Shukaku, goodbye!” After he finished his words, Ryo froze the entire whirlpool, turning Shukaku into a huge block of ice.

Ryo then moved to its top, and pieced Bunpuku’s shoulders through the Ice with a Chidori Eiso. Because he was in that mode, Shukaku’s regeneration prevented Bunpuku from dying.

Still, the pain woke him up, making Shukaku disappear.

After dealing with the Ichibi, Ryo swallowed a Food Pill and joined the rest of the Ninjas in their battle.

Along with him was Gamahiro, who’s been as overwhelming as a fierce tiger. The Ordinary Sand Ninjas had no chance against such a massive killer.

On the other side, Konoha had been also winning all the major duels. The 4th Kazekage and Chiyo were both seriously injured.

Jiraya and the two great Sage toads were unscathed. Sakumo was also able to remain untouched by Chiyo with his superb swordsmanship.

The Sand had their two Kage tier Ninjas severely injured, one of their quasi Kage tier fighter killed and the other escaping. Their Biju was taken care of by Ryo. Several of their Jonin were being beaten by Konoha’s elite. Konoha had already won this battle.

Ryo left Gamahiro fighting along with the ordinary Ninjas and went to protect the Ino-Shika-Cho ninjas on the field.

The three tribes are easily identifiable. They always fight in trios, and they always have the obvious big frame of an Akamichi fighting along.

Ryo observed the battlefield with his spiritual power. Where are the problems? Where should he provide support?

Ryo had just saved a group that was surrounded, when he found out that an acquaintance in front was injured.

Ryoko Yamanaka, the daughter of his uncle, was 7 years older than him. She was considered another genius in the family.

Although her relationship with Ryo was not that tight, she was still family and an important loved one to him.

Finding out that she was injured, Ryo became anxious. He entered the Lightning Chakra mode and blinked to where she was.

“Oy! Damn, where are the medical Ninjas!” Ryo recognized the man holding her as a Nara from his hair. In front of them protecting the two was an Akamichi.

“Hey let go of Ne-san, I’m a medical Ninja.” Rokk Nara heard a sudden cold voice that disturbed him, and then he breathed a sigh of relief realizing that it was Ryo.

After inspecting Ryoko’s wound, Ryo’s face what heavy. The blades of a Sand Puppet had pierced her lungs. They were extremely poisonous and she was in critical state.

“I need to give her an emergency treatment; otherwise we’re losing her today.” Finishing his words, Ryo made a small bed with Ice and set up four opaque ice walls around him.

Eager to save his “sister”, Ryo forgot that Rokk Nara was within those walls. After he made his preparations, he proceeded to untying her upper clothes.

He and Ryoko were like siblings. He didn’t feel attracted to her. But for Rokk, it was a whole other story.

Rokk’s eyes were fixed on Ryoko’s chest.

If she woke up at that time, she would surely find a boy fiddling inside her body with scalpels, and a man drooling while staring at her boobs.

Ryo started by detoxifying her body. He then proceeded to activating several Healing Stones and placing them on her wounds.

It didn’t take her long to stop bleeding and for her breaths to stabilize. She started to regain her consciousness.

One of the advantages of being a Yamanaka is having large amounts of spiritual power. Ryoko was also a genius in the family, and her spiritual power was incomparable to the average Ninja.

The 1st thing she felt waking up was cold, followed by an intense pain. As she slowly opened her eyes, both of those feelings were gone.

Ryoko found her upper body exposed with several healing stones placed upon it, while Ryo was still meticulously treating her.

If it was just the two of them, she wouldn’t have minded. After all, to her, Ryo was only a child, and he’s more of a younger brother that she watched grow up. But what is that man behind him doing here as he’s staring at her bosom?

The two had known each other for over 10 years, but they were never in such a position.

Most of the Nara clan members are amongst the wisest of men, being able to make the most rational disisions. But Rokk Nara was in a state that throws his family reputation into the shadows.

“Ryo, stop for a minute and assist me in putting on my clothes!” The two heard her voice in the room.

“Ryoko Ne-san, you’re awake? Now the treatment is at a critical point, and we’re siblings so you shouldn’t bother that much.”

“I’m not bothered by you; I’m bothered by that bastard behind you! No, you’re the bastard! How can you expose my body to that creep?”

Ryo didn’t respond, nor did he kick Rokk out.

Looking at his face, Ryoko knew that he felt sorry for his negligence.

She was deeply touched by Ryo’s actions. After all, he was still a child. Of course she could forgive him, but beyond him, was the issue with Rokk.

Ryoko had no idea about what was wondering through Ryo’s mind. His idea was to cause amnesia to poor Rokk right after he finishes treating her! After all, as he knows from his past life, electrocution or a severe hit to the head can cause that.

Thinking of this, Ryo stopped the treatment and awkwardly helped Ryoko cover up her top.

He removed the bed and Rokk Nara turned around. The sudden stop of the treatment made him feel a bit awkward. Adding to that was the blood thirst he felt from Ryoko’s furious eyes.

“Ryoko, I can explain!” Ryoko’s eyes pushed him to try and explain.

“Nara Nii-san, you have to choices, get hit to the head, or electrocuted until you forget what you saw.” Ryo’s words made Rokk shiver in cold sweat.

“Wait! I have some final words to say! Ryoko, I’ve loved you from a very young age. It’s just that I’ve always been too shy to say it. So I’ll say it now: I love you Ryoko! Go ahead now Ryo, do what you want.” He closed his eyes, and waited for Ryo’s move.

Listening to Rokk, Ryoko’s face blushed and she became very shy. Seeing her, Ryo realized that she long had a crush on Rokk!

Looking at the couple, Ryo couldn’t help but think about Yugao. He had no idea about how she was doing in the village.


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