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H.R.P Chapter 153: Facing the Mist Village 

“So now, after taking what you wanted, you want to leave just like that?” A voice of a weather-stricken old man came from the Zutsu behind them.

Hearing that voice, and feeling the horrifying Chakra coming from the White Zutsu behind him, Ryo had no doubt that it was just a messenger for Madara.

Ryo looked gloomily at the white Zetsu in front of him. He could not understand how he felt such pressure from it. White Zetsus should be just at the level of Chunin.

However, this one made Ryo feel that he was at the presence of Madara himself.

“Who are you?” Ryo asked, pretending not to know.

“My identity shouldn’t matter. What matters is that you have taken something that doesn’t belong to you!” For a second, Ryo though he had seen a scarlet flash out of Zetsu’s eyes.

For the 1st time, Ryo was so grateful for having the Sharingan. He didn’t believe that he would able to see said flash without them.

When seeing those Red Eyes, Ryo realized that the pressure he felt should be the result of a Genjutsu, one that’s used on him by Madara.

He formed his hand seals, and the Genjutsu was immediately lifted. While Madara’s eyes did evolve into the Rinnegan, he now only had an ordinary three tomoe Sharingan. Ryo was able to successfully undue the Uchiha’s Genjtsu.

After doing that, Ryo kept his distance from Zutsu. Observing him, he found that the being’s power was indeed not superior to that of a Chunin, but with his Chakra close to that of a Jonin.

“Haha! Ryo… Yamanaka! I didn’t think you’d actually be an Uchiha! Glad to see that the clan is still having such fine youth!” Madara sighed.

Facing Madara, lying would be futile. The moment Ryo used the Sharingan was the moment he doomed himself to be distinguished. So he didn’t have to hide anything, and removed the contact lenses given to him by Fugaku.

“It was terrifying Genjutsu. if it wasn’t for my Sharingan, I would still be under it.” Said Ryo.

“You’re fascinating young man! If you survive facing the Water Country, I must see you later.” After saying that, the White Zutsu snuck into the ground.

Hearing Madara, Ryo had a horrible hunch, immediately trying to sense the Teleportation Barrier Mark left by him in the Wave Country. As he expected, it was without a trace.

Although the ones he placed in Konoha were should still be intact, Ryo couldn’t fold space to that extent quite yet. He could just teleport from the Mist Village to Konoha.

“This is a big challenge this time!” Ryo grinned and put back his contact lenses on. In his mind, he went over his hidden cards, for today, he had to face the entire Mist Village!

Sure enough, as he was putting back his lenses, Yagura had already arrived, controlling the Sanbi, and leading a large group of Mist Ninjas to raid the hotel.

On the other Side, the Yuki clan were already dispatched, blocking the entire port and preventing Ryo from escaping.

Ryo was using Shi’s camouflage technique to hide his Chakra. He was expecting to have more time. He never thought that Yamada would be a Zetsu in disguise.

Ryo had no way to hide from the Mizukage. Facing the Mist hunt, Ryo decided to trade his current playground with a larger one.

After Yagura and the Yuki Chief Elder surrounded Ryo with their men, the latter once again disappeared in front of their eyes.

This time, he went back to the location of a Scalpel he placed inside the village.

He found himself surrounded by dozens of Mist Ninjas. Looking at the Chunins and Jonins surrounding him, he immediately scattered a few Ice Scalpels around him and then entered the Ice-Lightning Chakra Mode.

A blue Lightning Bold bounced back and forth between the scalpels, and the Mist Ninjas were all too late to react.

After taking care of this obstacle, Ryo condensed an Ice Bow, and made an arrow in which Natural Energy gathered madly.

After learning that Ryo was back at the village, Yagura and the Chief Elder of the Yuki clan quickly returned with their troops. As soon as they entered the village, Ryo released his arrow.

Immediately, a crystal clear Ice Flower grew bigger and bigger, trapping more and more Mist Ninjas!

“It’s.. it’s him! Ryo Yamanaka!” Ryo’s signature Ice Flower reminded some of the village’s Ninja of the “Devil” of Wave Country’s Battlefield.

“Yes it’s him! Run! Don’t let that Ice touch you!” 

It’s pity that those people spoke up a tad too late. Ryo shattered the Ice Flower, turning nearly 2000 people who were trapped into it into Blood-Red Ice mist.

“Ryo Yamanaka!” Yagura, being the Mizukage, went into frenzy. He rushed towards Ryo with the Sanbi.

The Yuki clan’s Chief Elder also started his attack. The Ice Release Jutsus of this Ninja were by no means comparable to those of Bing Yuki.

Facing two Kage tier Ninjas and a Biju, Ryo chose to flee for the 1st time in his life.

He instantly teleported to a nearby scalpel to avoid the 1st attacks. He didn’t want to take on such powerful attacks all at once.

He kept evading their attacks, popping up from time to time between the enemy Mist Ninjas. Each time he did so, he took away the life of a Jonin.

“Dammit! Old man, can’t you limit his actions?” Yagura said to the elder on his side.

“We’re inside our own village! How could I do it without compromising the village’s safety?”

Yagura didn’t answer. Ryo was too fast for them to catch. What was most frustrating was that the battle was happening in their own village. The two indeed could not go all out.

“Aren’t the Kaguya clan here yet?” Yagura asked.

“Mizukage sama! The Kaguya clan have arrived already, they’re looking for a window to attack.”

(Translator Note: While I couldn’t find any information about the Kaguya clan being hired by the mist, this should very well be possible, as they weren’t too far off of them.)

Yagura nodded. The brute skill and the Bone Kekkei Genkai of the clan should help limit Ryo’s actions.

Moreover, their techniques were different from the elder’s Ice. They should not cause massive area damage to the village. At most, they would make holes here and there, and catching Ryo should be well worth that

Ryo had no idea of Yagura’s clan. When he reappeared into a crowd of Mist Ninjas, two Kaguya clan members quickly jumped on him, catching his thighs. 

The surrounded Mist Ninjas all dispersed, followed by numerous bones popping around Ryo and the two, trapping them inside a bone cage.

Ryo looked at the small cage and sneered, and then killed the two and prepared to teleport out.

However, Yagura’s next order made Ryo abandon the idea. It was because the Mizukage ordered all the Mist Ninjas to attack Ryo with their Water Release Jutsus.

Hearing Yagura’s order, the Ninjas all followed, and overwhelming amounts of water rushed towards Ryo.

Ryo completely opened the Yin Seal, and the Natural Energy inside it poured out, freezing all that water.

(T/N: It was at that moment that Yagura knew, he… XD  )

The Ice slowly condensed under Ryo’s control; 1st around his, legs, then around his torso, followed by his arms and finally his head. A Ryo-looking-like Ice Giant appeared before of the Mist village.

As the Ice Colossus was formed, it closed it eyes and showed no movement. It then opened its eyes slowly, and scarlet three tomoe appeared in its pupils.