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H.R.P Chapter 192: Reunion with Pakura

On the vast sea, Ryo was holding the fatigued Rin as the two marched through the Ice Path he was creating underneath their feet. After leaving the village, the two marched for a long time. Her Chakra had already bottomed out, and Ryo could only hold her all the way through.

All the way, Rin clearly looked like she had something to say, but she kept quiet. Ryo, was not that smart with emotions, and could not guess what was going through her mind, so he had no questions to ask.

In the end, Rin couldn’t help it: “Ryo, what were you doing in the Mist Village?”

Ryo looked at her with some surprise, for this question didn’t sound like one she would hesitate for so long before asking. “Nothing, just fighting the village.” He answered with a smile.

Rin did ask about more, but kept her head down and didn’t know what to think.

At some point, Ryo could teleport to the Wave Country. In order to bring back Obito, he just couldn’t return to Konoha. It would be detrimental if Rin was to be noticed again before Madara starts his plan.

Ryo entered Sage Mode, and after confirming the absence of any Mist Ninjas or Zetsu, Ryo decided to rest with Rin for a while in the Wave Country.

The “Rin” that was left in the Mist Village was a failed clone, one that’s in a vegetative state, with life but no consciousness. But Ryo had his use for it.

Ryo was able to keep it transformed for a long time after his departure, and the powerful vitality he had in his Chakra played a certain role in that.

Yagura, controlled by Madara, did not examine it with the Sharingan. Since Rin was supposed to be unconscious under the effect of Genjutsu, the clone was perfect in its state for playing her role.

“Rin, next, I’ll be taking you to the Sand Village. The Kazekage’s consultant, Pakura, is a friend of mine. You can stay there with peace of mind, and I’ll pick you up later.” Ryo said as he handed Rin a food pill.

“Alright. Ryo… I know… I know the answer to that question you’ve asked me before.” Rin’s voice was very faint, and Ryo guessed exactly was she was talking about.

“My question? About Obito?”

Hearing Ryo, Rin’s face immediately turned red. After a while, she said in a low but very firm voice: “I like Obito, I like him in that way!” 

“Is that so? Well, I’ll have to congratulate him then!” Ryo sounded very gratified!

In the past, as he watched the Anime, Ryo was very sympathetic to both Rin and Obito. However, he never heard a confession from Rin while watching. On top of that, there was Kakashi between the two, and the matter was rather controversial. 

However, all the way, Ryo was rooting for the two, and thinking Rin actually loved Obito. He saw her feeling towards Kakashi as more of a crush, or more of worship towards the young genius!

“Rin, you can rest assured! I will definitely bring him back to you! Also, that Obito is better than any other peer I’ve met in middle school!” Ryo said with a smile.

Rin had no idea what Ryo meant by his second sentence, but the 1st half of what he said was very clear, so she showed a bright smile!

She had blind trust in Ryo, and he was one her best friends!

To her, he was even more like a Sensei, one she has known since childhood, and who is a good friend!

After a short break, the two continued their trip. They had to go to the border of the Fire Country before being able to use the Teleportation Barrier to teleport to the Wind Country.

Along the way, Ryo was perceiving the surroundings, carefully avoiding all the Ninjas that came in their way.

After reaching the borders, the two teleported to the Wind Country, and then went immediately to Pakura’s place.

During the day, Pakura was on duty, being the Kazekage’s consultant. She was nowhere to be found inside the house!

Ryo was in no way acting like a guest, entering with Rin immediately into the house.

“Rin, no need to be so polite, suit yourself!” Ryo laid down on the sofa.

“Ryo… we shouldn’t….” Rin was a little nervous, especially because she knew that this house belonged to the Kazekage’s consultant. Could they really afford to act so casually?

“Don’t worry, Pakura is my friend! You don’t have to be so polite!” After he finished his words, he reached for the fruits on the plate before him.

Rin still didn’t sit down, preferring to remain standing on the side.

After a while, Shi returned from shopping. As soon as she opened the door, she was greeted by Ryo on the sofa.

“Ryo! What brings you here?” The ingredients in Shi’s hands fell to the ground as she was startled, then she asked.

“Hey! I’m looking for Pakura for something! I’ll introduce you two: This is my classmate, Rin, and this is Pakura’s sister: Shi!” 

After the two got to know each other, Shi asked Rin to take a seat if she wanted, and the latter was finally able to do so after getting permission from one of the house’s inhabitants.

“Shi, how have you been recently?” asked Ryo.

“I’ve been doing great! I kinda miss aunt Chinse though…”

As Ryo and Shi talked, Rin looked curiously at the two. The woman before her knew Ryo well, and was even familiar with his mother, Chinse. This familiarity helped Rin relax a lot.

After Pakura became the village’s consultant, she became busy every day, and usually only returned home at night. Today was no exception.

Later, after Pakura returned home, she found an uninvited guest!

“What brings you here?” She said to Ryo with a very dull voice.

“Hey, why so cold?!” Ryo was somewhat dissatisfied with her tone. Aren’t they friends now? Shouldn’t she sound a little more excited? 

“You’re here for something, and I know it’s not going to be good! It’s good that I’m not kicking you out!”

Ryo scratched his head awkwardly; she definitely was not wrong!

“Alright, stop the arguing! Sit down to eat!” Shi stood up to separate the two.

After Pakura finished eating, she and Ryo went to her office.

There, Ryo told her a lot about the matter of Obito, while concealing the matter of Madara Uchiha.

“Then, why don’t you just take your friend out directly?” Pakura felt the matter was strange.

“It’s because I’m relying on this “person” to help activate my friend’s Mangekyo Sharingan.

“Mangekyo Sharingan? So the 3 tomoe Sharingan can really continue to evolve!” Pakura said with surprise.

“Can really? Do you know about the Sharingan?” 

“Well, we have some records on them. The 1st Kazekage once noted that Madara Uchiha’s Sharingan was not the usual three-tomoe Sharingan, concluding that the 3-tomoe Sharingan was not the final stage that the Dojutsu could hit!” 

Ryo had no reason to hide the matter of his Mangekyo from Pakura. He took off his contact lenses, and then activated his Mangekyo.

She looked at the six-pointed star pattern on Ryo’s pupils, and was speechless for a moment! The guy actually had a Mangekyo Sharingan!

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