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HXH: Chapter 77: Great White Tiger


The firebird bullet collided against the Ice wall and melted it.

“The power behind this bird is good.” Allan’s eyes narrowed as he approved of Pakunoda’s power.

As far as he knows, Pakunoda was a specialist who can see people’s memories, and her weapons are Guns.

She can shoot a bullet at her companions and share her memory or the memory of someone else.

Now, Allan was surprised that she could make other types of bullets like the firebird one.

Although it was powerful, it lacked penetrative power.

If not for Allan’s Ice ability, that bullets would’ve burned him.

The night lightened up by the flames, but the water from Allan’s Ice extinguished the fire.

On a tree trunk not far away, Killua watched the battle with curiosity and awe.

“So, this is the battle between Nen users? This is interesting.”

A trace of yearning appearing in Killua’s eyes as he imagined himself learning such ability.

After the hunter exam, he decided that he would learn Nen and become a master at it.

Unlike Killua, Pokkle retreated to the side as he was afraid of being involved in the fight. He stayed far away with hesitation.

He was surprised by Allan’s power to make Ice out of thin air, and he didn’t know how Pakunoda shot a bullet that turned into a firebird.

He wasn’t familiar with Nen, so the scene in front of him was like magic.

At this time, Pakunoda pulled the trigger three times, sending three firebirds toward Allan.

Allan’s eyes were sharp as he pointed his palm toward Pakunoda and shot a large Icicle toward the firebirds.

The firebirds and the Icicle canceled each other and turned into steam.

The firebirds consumed too much energy, and after firing three at the same time, Pakunoda started feeling tired.

On the other hand, Allan was relaxed.

Pakunoda knew that the firebirds didn’t threaten Allan in the slightest.

To cause damage to a powerful enemy, a powerful attack is needed.

“You only have one trick.” Pakunoda’s eyes turned cold as she looked at Allan.

At the same time, her Aura started to grow and radiate from her body. Her Gun was covered in a dense quantity of Nen that made Allan become alert.

He could feel that the next attack will carry the full power of Pakunoda.

He was very curious about this new bullet she will use, but he was sure it would be stronger than the firebird.

“You will regret coming to get my badge.” Pakunoda let out a cold grunt and pulled the trigger.


When the bullet escaped the muzzle of her Gun, a tiger roared.

The roar scared most of the animals in the forest as birds and beast alike fled.

Pakunoda shouted ‘Byakko’ through clenched teeth as she seemed somewhat tired.

It seems that this move consumed a considerable amount of Nen that it left her exhausted.

The bullet transformed into a white tiger looking at Allan fiercely.

The White Tiger’s body was five meters long with the word ‘king’ in the center of its forehead. It was like the King of beasts.

Seeing this Tiger, Allan frowned.

‘Unexpectedly, Pakunoda had such a move up her sleeve.’

Before he could react, the Tiger rushed forward and pounced on him.

This move was one of the strongest Moves Pakunoda could use, it was a finishing move that depleted a considerable amount of her Nen, and if we turn the amount it consumes into points, it would be around 20,000 Point.

Pakunoda could only use this move once a day, and it will put a great burden on her body.

Byakko roared as it opened its mouth and bit at Allan.

It was already too late for Allan to retreat, so he could only hold the Tiger’s mouth with his hand and kick at its stomach.

Byakko immediately roared in pain, while Allan used this opportunity to get up.

While Allan still on one knee, the Tiger instantly jumped at him. Allan seeing this could only use Leaf Strong Whirlwind to kick the Tiger away.

The Lead Strong Whirlwind can easily break a large tree. Sending the Tiger away won’t be harder than that.

Byakko was kicked away several meters away while Allan retreated two meters back.

“What a tiger.” Allan balanced himself as he was amazed by this Tiger’s power. After this short fight, he could tell that it was stronger than a real tiger.

If it was an ordinary tiger, he could have kicked it away easily, but this Tiger used its claws to defend.

He couldn’t help looking at Pakunoda, standing behind Byakko, and saw how tired she was. He could tell that Byakko was her trump card.

Byakko pounced at Allan once again.

Allan flash stepped away as he avoided Byakko’s claws and appeared by his side and used Leaf Cyclone.

Byakko was hit hard, but he didn’t suffer much damage and quickly got up.

Since ordinary attacks can’t kill this Tiger, Allan will use stronger attacks.

He flew into the air using Moon Walk and created an Icicle.

In an instant, a three meters trident appeared in his hand and plunged toward Byakko.

Byakko saw the trident coming down. It roared angrily at the sky.

The roar caused shockwaves to spread and shattered the trident.

This power shocked Allan much as he didn’t expect the Tiger to be so strong.

This Tiger was more than ten times stronger than ordinary ones.

Allan directly ascended till he reached 100 meters from the ground, a place that Byakko couldn’t hope to reach.

“What is that guy planning to do?” Pakunoda was surprised and confused. She could tell that Allan was releasing a vast amount of Nen currently.

Allan raised his hand as the coldness surrounded him spread, creating a giant Icicle.

“Smash it for me.”

The giant Icicle flew down like a meteorite from a hundred meters above the ground toward Byakko.

Byakko wasn’t afraid as it raised its head and roared once again.

However, this Icicle was too giant. The roar could only slow it down and crack it slightly on the surface.

Pakunoda bit her teeth and raised her Gun, and shot toward the Icicle as she saw Byakko’s death near.

Another tiger pounced out and plunged toward the Icicle in mid-air, combining two tigers’ power to confront the Icicle.

Allan descended as soon she saw this, and with a strong kick, the giant Icicle accelerated and pierced through the Tigers and embedded them into the ground.

In an instant, the ground cracked open as it sent a loud impact.

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