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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 56: Weird Flying Beasts Attack

After completing the second part of the Exam, the candidates boarded an airship prepared by the association to transport them into the third part of the Exam.

The Airship flew slowly in the dark night’s sky with an altitude of more than a thousand meters.

To ensure that the candidates didn’t go with an empty belly, the association also prepared the meals for the candidates boarding the ship.

After an entire night, the Airship landed on top of a tall tower where the third part of the Exam will start.

This tower is called the Trick Tower, which is a place holding hundreds of cruel criminals.

This test’s goal is simple; everyone needs to reach the bottom of the tower within 72 hours, whether in a group or alone.

“48 candidates are participating in this part of the Exam right now. I wish everyone the best of luck. Goodbye.” The pilot instantly got into the Airship to leave the tower.

“Hey, wait. There were 55 candidates, right? Why are there only 48 now?” Gon, Killua, Leorio, and the other had the same question.

All the Examinees present had the same question because seven people were missing.

Only a few people knew the inside story.

The seven candidates were killed in the Airship. To not cause panic, the Examiner accompanying the candidates withheld the information.

Killua put his hands in his pocket and with coolly: “Gon, someone killed them.”

“Really?” Gon was doubtful.

Killua looked at Allan and said: “If you don’t believe me, you can ask Allan. He knows about this.”

Gon immediately looked at Allan: “Were the seven missing people really killed Allan?”

Allan nodded.

Not only does he know that they were killed, but he also knows who killed them.

Late last night, Hisoka killed four people in the bathroom because those four accidentally blocked his path.

He was as dangerous as they come.

And the other three were killed by Chrollo and Uvogin in an aisle.

Because there was no proof of the killing, the Examiner let it go as this was not the only time people die in the Exam, and it won’t be the last.

It would not be against the rules if the Examiner didn’t see it happen.

As for the killing purpose, none whatsoever.

When someone becomes dangerous? It’s when he kills for the sake of killing. Because even if you don’t offend him, he will hunt you.

When dealing with those kinds of Psychopaths, you will have to be extremely vigilant.

After a while, everyone focused on their objective and forgot about the seven missing candidates.

The top of the toward was hundreds of meters high and looked like a large chimney.

At this time, an examinee who was confident in his climbing skills decided to go down the tower directly.

He seemed to forget that this wasn’t a typical tower. As he climbed about ten meters down, an alarm sound echoed out of the building, and a group of strange birds with six legs appeared, making loud noises.

They were the Six-legged Flying Beast!

The Six-Legged Flying Beast grabbed the climber using its claws and flew up before it started eating.

The Examinees who were looking at this all threw away any thought of climbing down.

At the same time, they were rejoicing that it wasn’t them that ended miserably like that.

However, when they sighed in relief, they found out that the Six-legged Flying Beasts were looking straight at them after eating the unfortunate Examinee.

“Hey, they are coming toward us,” Leorio shouted as he grabbed the dagger he carried in his pocket.

These monsters were strong, they can tear a person’s body quickly, and everyone here already witnessed that, so when they were attacking now, no one slacked off.

As long as they maintain enough composure, they can efficiently deal with them.

But those Six-legged Flying Beasts came in waves.

In just a few minutes, a few hundred of them gathered near the tower.

The Six-legged Flying Beasts considered the Candidates on top of the tower as their lunch.

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