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I.C.S Chapter 22: God vs Demon

The Land of Rain is a small country where it rains all the time, and the thin streaks of rain cover the distant landscape with a hazy veil.

Suddenly a powerful repulsive force struck, and the fine rain that had enveloped the entire village was redirected by this powerful force. At this moment, the wind in the area was so strong that all the trees were blown and swayed wildly, and eventually, with a boom, the whole village was reduced to rubble in an instant.

“Summoning Jutsu-Ibuse”

Amid the ruins, Hanzo’s face was ashen, blood was flowing all over his body, and one arm was weakly drooping as if it was broken.

But he still forcibly controlled his body to endure the pain and quickly formed a seal and then shouted, “Water Release: Great Waterfall Jutsu!”

Compared to the weakness that Hanzo was in, Pain looked much more relaxed, and said: “I told you, your ninjutsu is useless against me.”

The waterfall is even more powerful on rainy days, but unfortunately, Pain didn’t even move, and the mighty waterfall just disappeared.

“Let me end your miserable life…..I will make you feel pain.”

Pain left the ground with his feet, and the body slowly floated in the sky. He raised his hands and declared like a god above.

“I will never forget your pain Yahiko”

Silence prevailed as if it was a moment of anticipation before the judgment day!.

“Shinra Tensei !!!!!!!!”


The huge impact hit the ground, causing the area hundreds of meters in radius to begin to collapse, the smoke and dust filled the air, and the explosion sound shook the sky.

It rained even harder as if feeling sad for this demigod who shook the ninja world. The raindrops hit Pain’s face, his cold face.

What they felt at this time was peace, but with some doubt.

It was a relief for them to get revenge for Yahiko at last, but the doubt is that what they heard from Shichibukai before was not appear in Hanzo at all…

“Is it?”

Nagato, who had just been relieved, suddenly felt a strong sense, as if he was being targeted by something dangerous…


A large number of dark clouds suddenly accumulated in the sky, and lightning appeared like cracks in the sky, followed by a rumbling roar of thunder.

Pain raised his vigilance. He believed that the weather would not change suddenly like that. Compared with natural changes, he believed in was man-made!

“This… what kind of power is this…”

Pain looked at the source of the sound and found that it was where Hanzo was before. He immediately understood that he must have used the power of the demon.

“Those guys from the Shichibukai organization are telling the truth.”

Hanzo covered his head, his injuries that almost send him to death kept recovering under the inexplicable powerful force, and his body was rapidly returning to its peak functionality.

No, it is to surpass the peak!

First, the wind!

A violent wind blew from the sky and ground, then Hanzo took a deep breath as if he was going to suck in all of this raging hurricane and then viciously exhale it!

Boom !!

The situation was reversed, originally the repulsive force of the Shinra Tensei had pushed the building and the wind to Hanzo’s side, but now it was all in Hanzo’s hands, and this mouthful of wind was blown towards Pain as if the ruins were willow fluttering in the wind.

Pain’s face was unchanged, he had already prepared for this scenario.

In fact, if he hadn’t been watching from the shadows, the battle would have ended much sooner!

“Shinra Tensei !!!”

The huge repulsive force was opposed to the violent hurricane, and the air flow suddenly flew in all directions, and the frantic energy rushes everywhere, smashing a thousand kilometers and turning it into a mess…

“Shinra Tensei? Too bad I can beat it now!” Hanzo laughed loudly as he once again used one of the abilities he had obtained

the Moon’s gravity!

Originally, single demonic energy was at best in the level of the attacking technique power of Jonin or Chunin, but the increase in power of the demonic energy that Hanzo has was quite terrifying.

Now Hanzo has seven demons in his body, and the interaction of each other has pushed the power of the demonic energy to a new level!
Enough to fight against the Shinra Tensei!

Boom! ! !

The hurricane of the new power broke through the defenses of Repulsion in an instant, and the wind blade divided the line from Hanzo to Payne into a bottomless crack.

Pain protected his body, but he was still blown away by the gust of wind 100 meters away, and it didn’t stop until he released Shinra Tensei for the second time to stop the storm.

“It was repulsion just now? He also has the ability to manipulate gravity?”

Frowning, he aimed at Hanzo again, and this time he used the Banshō Ten’in technique.

Feeling the sudden suction, Hanzo used the gravity of the moon to resist, while mobilizing the demonic energy of the sky.

The weather covered with dark clouds was even more gloomy, and the dense current rolled continuously in the clouds. Hanzo stretched his arms like Pain, and his body slowly floated in the center of the thundercloud. At this moment, he was like a world-destroyer. Demons are generally hideous and majestic.

“Control the celestial phenomena and flight as you want, this is the power of the sky…” Hanzo felt a little crazy about this huge power, and put his hands together, all the power of thunder and lightning in the sky suddenly gathered crazily in his palm.

“This is the power to control lightning, what about it? Nagato? do you think this kind of power compares to your Rinnegan eye? I heard that this is the power of ancient demons, so let’s compare it. Is it the god who can defeat the devil or the devil who can kill the god?!!”

“Gods don’t compare to demons” Pain’s expression finally changed. At this moment, he seemed to have made up his mind to destroy Hanzo.

“Since you are determined to fight against God, then let you experience the pain.”

He condensed all the chakras of Payne’s Six Paths on Pain alone, and the terrifying power made the world let out an overwhelmed whine, and even the surrounding air was distorted.

“Super-Shinra Tensei!!”

This move is the most devastating blow! ! !

What spread from the person of Pain is absolute destruction! ! !

“How is this possible!!?!?!!”

Hanzo was stunned. the power of lightning still gathering in his hands, the arcs of lightning for kilometers around constantly turning into energy to supply him. But Hanzo, sitting on such a terrifying amount of energy, could feel nothing but fear at Pain’s strike!

“How is it possible?

I become the devil who had gathered seven demonic energies!

Could I die at the hands of a young man like him?

No way!”

Hanzo’s expression was distorted, and a crazy will made him try to absorb the power of thunder and lightning forcibly, not only the absorption speed but also the range was increased by more than ten times!

A succession of lightning flashed through Hanzo, followed by a loud crackling sound and violent wind and rain that made Hanzo look like a thunder god controlling lightning.

With the power of lightning gathering, Hanzo braced himself and aimed a ball of thunder with a radius of 20 to 30 meters at Pain, and then forcibly send the thunder ball!!

What followed was ……

The sky is falling apart!!


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