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I.C.S Chapter 32: Participating in the War

 The ripples passed along the water dragon to Jinpachi Munashi’s body, making even the corpse who didn’t feel the pain let out a big scream.

 Suddenly when Dio’s control over him loosened when he was lying on the ground weakly, he looked at Jojo and said, “Jonathan Joosta, you have done well …”

 “Are you awake?” Jojo said after he took a breath.

 “…Yeah…” Jinpachi smiled. “After I’ve been resurrected, I became someone else’s pawn. Even my own thoughts were controlled by others, like the puppets of the Sand Village…”

Inside the body, the ripples began to spread, and half of his body melted in a short time,

he only had half of his body above the waist but still talking.

 “These ripples can relieve your pain… Goodbye.”

 However, the corpses that were revived by Kushimaru’s order stood in front of him.

he waved his hand, and ordered, “Damn you! do you think I going to let you go like this? ! bring him to me! stop him! “

 The corpses howled and ran towards Jojo.

“We’re in trouble ……”


 “Jiraiya-sama, there doesn’t seem to be anyone in this village.”

 The Konoha’s crowd who came all the way from the other village shook their heads and instinctively felt a little uneasiness in this quiet little village.

 Kakashi said attentively, “According to the information, this village is actually the base of a bandit group that was rampant for a while. Most of the people in it are gangsters who can fight at any time. Their leaders are two Chunin. According to Anbu’s Judging from the news, these two leaders should have been sent by the country of water to our rear to carry out sabotage operations during the war, and they could not return in time after the war.”

 Shisui answered, “The two chunin are not weak in such a remote place like this.”

 Naoto agreed, “Well, now the war is over. There is no need for them to carry out looting and other sabotage actions that will only anger the country of fire, but why do they go out at night??”

 “Could it be related to the Shichibukai?”

 “It may also be related to the demonic energy.”

 Looking at the youngsters who were having a good discussion, Jiraiya showed a serious expression.

 The feeling of unease that had been present since a few hours ago was getting stronger and stronger as if something big was about to happen!

 (Could it be related to Tsunade?)

 Thinking of Tsunade’s abnormal behavior not long ago, he felt that he had been foolish not to stop her and ask her about it.

 Tsunade definitely didn’t come here by accident for wandering around!

 As he was thinking about the matter, he suddenly felt a cold murderous aura. He hurriedly turned to the source of the murderous aura, and found that Toichiro Suzuki was standing on a house in the distance watching them!

Jiraiya was stunned, he didn’t expect to be exposed so quickly.

 (This Suzuki guy had been hiding here for hours, had he already spotted the demonic energy here?)

 He was thinking if he had to fight him here

 For a mysterious organization like the Shichibukai, he did not want to provoke them if he did not have to.

 But surprisingly, the bad feeling soon disappeared when Suzuki waved at him.

 (Shall I go to him??)

 Suzuki had come here hours before them, and there was a good chance that he would be ambushed if he went to him now.

 But in the end, he decided to go over and check out.

 For one thing, he wanted to get some information about the organization in front of this Shichibukai member.

 How many members were there in the Shichibukai? What kind of organization it is? What is the purpose?

 These were all mysteries.

 The second is because he believed in the judgment of Minato, who once said that Suzuki was a rather proud man.

 Since he canceled his murderous intent and made a gesture to let him come, he would definitely not set a trap.

 Thinking of this, he interrupted the conversation between the four companions, and then ordered, “You guys wait here and don’t move, I’ll leave for a while.”

 “Leave?!” Guy exclaimed, “Are you going to drink again, Jiraiya-sama?”

 Jiraiya shouted in dissatisfaction, “How could you think such a thing in a situation like this?!”

 With a few moments to calm down, Jiraiya stopped caring about these brats and disappeared with an instantaneous Jutsu.

 Jiraiya crossed that distance in two jumps, and as soon as he arrived, he heard Toichiro Suzuki talk.

 “You Konoha people have been following me for several days. I don’t like being followed.”

 Obviously, Suzuki was quiet when he spoke, his tone wasn’t high, but however, Jiraiya did not reassure him.

 He furrowed his brow and then said: “A guy as dangerous as you come to the Land it’s normally to being watched because a bad guy like you could cause damage comparable to the Tailed Beast.”

 “…I don’t want to hurt anyone, I just…”

 “We don’t want any harm either.” Jiraiya interrupted Suzuki

 “Hmph! Then do whatever you want, but I would advise that instead of putting your efforts into following me, you should place your efforts on the mysterious, evil things that threaten the ninja villages.”

   “What do you mean?” Jiraiya replied with confusion on his face

 Both of Jiraiya’s eyebrows furrowed, He could notice the mockery in Suzuki’s mouth, but was more curious about what exactly Suzuki was referring to.

 “The kind of creatures that reeked of death, whose bone appears between its flesh and have the ability to bear the pain and the lack of fear in their hearts.”

 Just the description gave him an indescribable feeling of confusion and terror, an instinctive disgust of the living for such monsters.

 And Suzuki, who saw this shocked expression on Jiraiya’s face, let out a laugh and said “you are one of the three legendary sannin of Konoha, but you actually have no control over the situation of your own country, it really makes me laugh.”

 “You bastard ……”Jiraiya froze for a moment before catching on and asking “What the hell is this …… thing? “

 “I don’t know.” Suzuki sneered “How would I know such a thing?”

 Jiraiya began to feel a sense of disappointment, “Anyway, if you really don’t know these guys, then I’m going to get rid of them.”

 No matter what, as a ninja from Konoha, and the land of fire, after knowing about such evil and strange monsters, he has the responsibility to take action.

 What’s more, for the unknown, intelligence is the most important.

 He wants to capture them here, and then bring them to Konoha with the demonic energy!

 “Also, they seem to be chasing someone, so maybe he knows some information about these monsters! “

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