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I.C.S Chapter 33: Confrontation

 Suzuki clasped his hands to his chest and didn’t do anything.

 It was all unknown to Jiraiya, but how could it be unknown to Suzuki when the scene before him was in a way sort of arranged by his own hands?

 It all came from the card Naoto had drawn not too long ago, the C-rank character card, Kars from JoJo’s world!

 Naoto who had only seen the first two Jojos who he summoned, couldn’t quite understand at first why Kars was placed in a C rank character card.

 From what he saw in the anime, Kars doesn’t have the required destructive power that a C-rank character card has to have, and he is much less powerful than Suzuki and Ace in terms of destructive, who are also C-rank characters.

 But after materializing it, he gradually understood the reason why Kars was classified as a C-rank character card.

 Immortality is one of the reasons, and as a creature that has overcome his weaknesses and became immune to the sun, even a fall into lava cannot kill him.

 But like Hidan, in such a metaphysical world, immortality is not an unbeatable ability. Whether it is Hidan or a ninja who rose from the dead, there are ways to restrain, so this ability to regenerate at super-speed merely gives him a slight advantage in a battle with his peers.

 The second is the ability to create an army of vampires. As a genius of the Pillar Men, and the designer of the Stone Mask, and with these masks, he can easily recruit a group of ninja followers. After all, immortality and rejuvenation have a fatal attraction for almost everyone.

 And most importantly, is the third reason……

 Resurrecting the dead and turning them into corpses for his own use is a skill that Dio used in the first film when he brought back the two strongest zombies, Bruford and Tarkus, and at one point drove Big Joe to the brink. Unfortunately, because of the worldview, there are no particularly powerful warriors in JOJO’s Earth history worthy the resurrection, so this skill has hardly been used since.

 But ……

 In the world of Naruto, it is an uncompromising magical skill!

 It is comparable to The Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation jutsu that changed the situation in the Fourth Shinobi World War!

 Although the resurrected person will have a weakness to the effect of sunlight, for Naoto, it is not worth mentioning!

 “Go and rescue Jojo, and save the day.”

 On the other side, Jiraiya went back to the Konoha’s ninja first and told them to follow him while telling them the situation.

 And after speaking, they were very close to where the corpse is.

          “What’s that? It looks like a crazy villager…”

 “That’s right, and look at that ninja that’s fighting someone, isn’t that the leader of the bandits?”

 “It’s hard to imagine what could have happened to make them look like this.”

         “Let’s save these two first”

 Jiraiya took the lead and rushed straight to the front, while at that moment The Kunai in Kushimaru Kuriarare’s hand was about to pierce the right side of Jonathan’s chest, but before he could do so he felt a sensation of heat. A fire dragon rushed towards his face, so he had to give up his intention to pierce Jonathan.

 Although the corpse doesn’t feel pain, he doesn’t have the regeneration ability like the vampires and the Pillar Men. If he gets hit by a fire, he may lose the ability to fight immediately.

 “It’s you! Kushimaru Kuriarare?!!! How could ……”

 He jumped away from the scene and let Jiraiya see him clearly.

 Jiraiya was instantly shocked.

 When they were at war with the Land of Water, the Mist sent the  Seven Ninja Swordsmen to kill Konoha’s ninjas, but at the time of crisis, Konoha Ninja Might Duy opened the all Eight Gates, at the cost of his own life, killed four of them, and only three fled in embarrassment, which greatly strengthened Konoha’s prestige.

 Nevertheless, the Seven Swordsmen are not just ordinary ninjas, but at least at the level of Jōnin, and a Jōnin ninja would be a treasure in any ninja village.

 So for Jiraiya, the Seven Swordsmen were absolutely no strangers, because, in a way, the Seven of the Mist were comparable to the Three Sannin of Konoha, which were the best fighters in both villages.

 “Aren’t you already dead?!!!”

 “Jiraiya!! …… Have all of Konoha’s ninjas arrived with you too? How could this…?”

Kushimaru Kuriarare on the other side was also very surprised when he saw Jiraiya, after all, this is quite a distance from Konoha, how could he have imagined that Jiraiya actually would come to such a poor and remote place when the war has ended not long ago.

 “Ji… Jiraiya-sama!”

 Chiriku, who thought he was about to die, could not help but let out a sigh of relief when he saw Jiraiya, and his body was paralyzed and lying on the ground.

 Jiraiya was not in the mood to reassure Chiriku at this time, but after making sure that Chiriku was not in fatal danger, he stared at Kushimaru and said:

 “Tell me, how did you come back to life?

 When he saw Kushimaru, his first impression was that someone had used the Impure World Reincarnation jutsu.

 But the Impure World Reincarnation was invented by the second Hokage, no one could ever learn it without the permission of the third Hokage, and the person who could cross the third Hokage to learn the jutsu in the Book of Seals didn’t do it yet.

 Add to that the fact that his body exuded an aura of monsters, and from what he remembered, Impure World Reincarnation would not have such an effect.

 Therefore, he is very curious about the power that can revive Kushimaru Kuriarare, because once this power is abused, it will be a disaster for the entire ninja world!


 Kushimaru Kuriarare glanced at the battlefield and found that Konoha’s ninjas had already occupied the battlefield and had an advantage in numbers now.

 If it was just Jiraiya only, he would have the courage to fight. But the ones sent by Konoha were clearly not just a bunch of kids, and neither of them was easy to mess with.

 One of them, in particular, was a thick eyebrows boy who made a deep impression on him.

 It was his father who caused his death in the first place.

 When he thought about the power of the Eight Gates taijutsu, he was still afraid of it. It was a power that could rival, no, surpass, the power of the Five Kage!

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