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I.C.S Chapter 34: After the Battle

 “Reputation point from Jiraiya+521.”

“Reputation point from Kakashi+217.”

“Reputation point from Uchiha Shisui+398.”

“Reputation point from Might Guy+156.”


 Knowing the strength of his opponent, Kushimaru Kuriarare kept his mind highly focused.

 He is one of the  Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, and his strength was much stronger than that Jojo guy, but he had been dealt with in two blows, how useless!

     If he had been in his days, he would have a little chance

 He knew that he could never defeat Jiraiya with his own strength right now, especially without his unique longsword Nuibari, not to mention the fact that the corpses under his command were no match for the Konoha ninja that Jiraiya brought with him, and once they joined forces then the chance is zero!

 But he had only been reborn for a short time and had been given the opportunity of eternal life and youth, so he couldn’t accept that he might die here

 “Let me show you the assassination technique of the Mist!”

 “Water Release – Hiding in Mist Jutsu!”

 When finished his jutsu, a thick mist suddenly appeared on the battlefield, and his figure completely disappeared into the mist.

 “Huh, you’re not going to escape this easy, Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld!”

 And of course, Jiraiya, who had been prepared for this, made a swift retaliation

 He knew that in this situation Kushimaru Kuriarare would most likely try to avoid fighting him to death, after all, no one would want to make an effort in a situation when the loss is certain.

The Hiding in Mist Technique is the best assassination technique in the Land of Water, and the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, who are experts in the assassination, are even more skilled in using it, but it is too naive to rely on this technique to escape!

 The second technique!

 “Fire Release: Big Flame Bullet!”

 The fierce flames vaporized the mist in front of them in an instant, and the terrifying heat was enough to turn a human into a dry corpse in an instant.

 However, after the smoke cleared, Kushimaru, who was in the middle of the swamp, merely smiled.

 At the moment, his entire body was swallowed up by the swamp, with only his head showing, the scene was breathtaking.

 “Although I have the additional weakness of sunlight, my strength has also grown, and most importantly, I can blend into the ground and creatures… O Jiraiya, guess what, you have no idea about my new powers!”

 After he finished speaking, he laughed out loud, when his entire head would soon be completely submerged in the ground.

 However, just as he was about to dive to the ground, a crimson light turned into a sharp blade and cut off his head…

 “You are really useless, Jiraiya.” Suzuki was standing behind Kushimaru Kuriarare, and his right hand was still glowing red, it was him who had just delivered that chopping blow…

 However, just when he was despising Jiraiya, the one-headed Kushimaru Kuriarare suddenly opened his eyes, revealing sharp teeth, and tried to bite Suzuki.

 “What kind of monster is this? With only one head, how is this possible?”

 Suzuki frowned, raised a finger unhurriedly, and suddenly powerful energy gathered, spurted out in the blink of an eye, completely swallowing the head, and when the energy dissipated, the hideous head completely disappeared from the world.

 “Huh? How dare you talk about me, aren’t you the same? A sneak attack almost turns against you ……” gloated Jiraiya.

 “Such dark creatures ……” Suzuki raised his hands and at once he shot out a hundred pillars of energy, killing all the corpses that were fighting with the ninja without even resisting, leaving not even a single intact limb ……

 But these pillars of energy perfectly avoided normal humans, and Kakashi and the others only felt a sudden flash before their eyes, and the disgusting corpses were reduced to ashes.

 “What is this mighty power.”

 “Is this the power of the Shichibukai?”

 Kakashi swallowed, although most of these corpses were very weak, not even as good as the Genin ninjas, they were superior in numbers and have extremely strong vitality, once dozens of them came together, even Chunin and some Jonin ninjas would suffer.

 But Suzuki Toichiro didn’t even move, just waved his hand and wiped out these difficult monsters. He is simply too powerful.

 No, maybe this is expected.

 After all, he is an enemy that made his teacher have an extremely difficult time dealing with.

 And according to his teacher Minato, even in the Shichibukai, Suzuki would be one of the top-ranked, perhaps second only to the rumored boss.

 He knew that there was a member of the Shichibukai who had a suspicious attitude towards the Uchiha clan, and if he was powerful as Suzuki, it would not be good news for the Uchiha clan.

 On the other side, Uchiha Shisui was also shocked, he knew that there was a member of the Shichibukai organization who had a suspicious attitude toward the Uchiha clan. If he was strong as Suzuki Toichiro, it would not be good news for the Uchiha clan.

 Although he has awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan, he didn’t recognize it very well, and besides his unpreparedness, he is not sure if there is anyone in the Uchiha clan who can face such power.

 And he heard that Raizo is not dead, but seems to have been captured by the Shichibukai!

 In his heart, he had always wanted to apologize to Tachibana Raizo for what he did, but he lacked the courage, and he was afraid that he wouldn’t forgive him……

 “Alright, alright, be cool.” Jiraiya waved his hand and walked up to Jojo, stared at him suspiciously, and said:

 “I still don’t know who you are. I don’t remember anyone like you existing among Konoha’s ninjas.”

His question attracted the attention of everyone except Chiriku. After all, the jutsu used by Jojo in the previous battle was unprecedented and had a strong restraining effect on those monsters, it was almost as if it had been developed specifically to deal with them.

 (This man… probably has something to do with those monsters!)

 Jojo didn’t say anything for a moment, but then he explained, “My name is Jonathan Joestar, and I’m not one of Konoha’s ninjas.”

 Then he continued:

“Dio has developed the new ability given to him by the stone mask. We must stop him as soon as possible, or the world will end!”

 Jiraiya nodded noncommittally.

 The history of Shinobi is the history of war, and the number of shinobi who have died in successive wars is quite high, and there are many powerful ones among them.

 For example, the Five Kage of the past dynasties, and Hanzo who died not long ago, are among the best ninjas. If they are all resurrected and become such difficult-to-kill monsters, it will indeed be a disaster for the ninja world.

 But one thing is very important, that is, the major forces are prepared for the ninjutsu that can manipulate the dead, and no one knows if anyone will be able to use this ninjutsu on the important people of the villages that have died in the wars, because this important corpses will be strictly guarded, and there will be strong sealing techniques to protect them.

 No matter how strong Dio’s abilities are, it is quite difficult to steal those corpses without knowing it.

 His current advantage now is that a considerable part of the dead ninja corpses in the Third Ninja World War has no time to deal with, so he still can make a ninja army.

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