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LLH: Chapter 04: Battle!

Masahiko could feel how dangerous was the situation, facing his current opponent, Madara, is like trying to kill a dragon. Even though Masahiko was older and should be more experienced, he still knows how strong Madara is!

“Tobirama, I’ll face Madara, you people will handle the others. I’ll teach this ignorant kid the true value of experience.” Masahiko said that while pointing and waving his hand from Tobirama to Madara’s face direction in a flamboyant manner, “Damn, I feel so cool.” Masahiko thought to himself.

“Second grandfather, you…” Tobirama tried to stop Masahiko, but the former has already thrown his Shurikens toward Madara, so he immediately turned his head at the others and said: “Handle the others, I will support him.”

“Look at my Shuriken, look at my hand, and now look at this, Shuriken transformation!”

Masahiko shouted three times while at the same time he shoots dozens of Shurikens targeting the seven members of the Uchiha, suddenly, the shape of these Shurikens changed in mid-air and turned into dozens of Demon Wind Shurikens roaring while piercing the air, rushing toward Madara and his team.

“What the hell is this Ninjutsu! Everyone dodge it!” Izuna shouted.

The others except for Madara quickly jumped, avoiding Masahiko’s attack.

Calmly, Madara took a single sidestep, avoiding most of these Shurikens, then caught the one that was targeting his escape path from the circle in the middle.

 With a look full of disdain, he said, “Is this the experience gap you were talking about?”

Masahiko smiled and said, “Of course not! I knew you will catch it, Shuriken-body Replacement Technique!”

In an instant, the Demon Wind Shuriken swapped its position with Masahiko!

While in the air, Masahiko threw a strong kick to Madara. Caught off guard, Madara couldn’t dodge, nor block it. Masahiko’s kick hit Madara’s chest, sending him flying for dozens of meters away.

The dust rose due to Madara’s crashing on the ground. However, it was so murky that nobody could see what happened.

“Big brother! Damn you, old man…” Izuna shouted. Then he rushed toward Masahiko to retaliate his brother, but Tobirama suddenly stood in front of him.

Using a kunai, Tobirama tried to hit Izuna, but he blocked it with another kunai. The two got caught in a battle, while the others engaged Madara’s Team.

 “Damn it!” The dust gradually faded away, Madara’s body was covered in dust and dirt, while there was a speck of blood near his lip. Of course, this is didn’t really hurt him physically, but sure it hurt his pride!

The arrogant expression on Masahiko got wiped out, the moment he saw the expression on Madara’s face. Obviously, he didn’t like that; Madara was angry.

Without hesitation, he directly released a Ninjutsu “Fire Style: Dragon Flame Release Song Technique!”

“Earth-Style: Hiding like a Mole Technique” Masahiko immediately sink underground, and didn’t emerge again until the flame has faded away.

“Do you see? This is the gap I’m talking about, and there’s a big one between our actual combat experiences.”

“Rather than using the Dragon Flame Release Song, you should just use the Great Dragon Flame Technique, this technique shouldn’t be used against one single enemy.”

“Now, Do you see how much chakra you’ve wasted on a useless technique?” Masahiko said this while shaking his head as if he was a Master teaching his disciple.

Now he made him really furious, suddenly, his Sharingan rotated “Fire Style: Great Fire Ball!”.

Madara fired a gigantic Fireball from his mouth; it was about ten meters in diameters.

Masahiko could feel the heat of the fireball even though it didn’t reach him yet.

“Why are you using Sharingan it won’t make your fire stronger you know? Well, if it’s just fire, I think I can handle it.” Masahiko thought.

Suddenly he performed a series of hand seals, rat-snake-horse-dog, “Wind Style: Vacuum Wave”. The vacuum wave slashed the fireball right in the middle, splitting it into two.

“Fortunately I also know wind-style Jutsu. I’m afraid this level of fire is too strong for my earth wall… It’s still too difficult to face Madara.” Masahiko silently said.

Masahiko didn’t start to perform another hand seal, but instead, he said, “Uchiha Madara, do you still want to continue this fight? The people you brought looks like they can’t hold on any longer.”

Madara looked around.

Izuna was having a hard-time fighting Tobirama, and the other five were in a tight spot too, most of them already got injured. And he still has Masahiko, as an opponent to take care of.

Not to mention the Uzumaki princess in the sedan chair who supposed to be a genius…

“Izuna, pull the others back. We are retreating.” Madara said in a loud voice.

Izuna hesitated for a moment, then he performed a hand seal, “Fire Style: Great Fire Destruction!” and created a distance between Madara and Masahiko while also provided an escape route for the other five who were surrounded. After the regrouping, they fled to the woods, except Madara, who kept standing in the same spot staring at Masahiko.

“You are too arrogant, Madara. Do you think you can stop us alone? Even my older brother wouldn’t be able to do it. Just leave, we will let you today.”

“Me? Run? Not a chance! I still have one trick up in my sleeve, which is supposed to be used against Hashirama.”

“Well, since you’re here, let’s just try it on You instead.” Madara said.

His Sharingan rotated, then changed its shape, suddenly, blood started to drip out from his eyes as if it were tears, and a pale of a blue skeleton covered his body.

Ten minutes later, Mashiko was holding half-beaten Tobirama. Everyone was helpless against Madara.

Masahiko Ninjutsu and Shuriken throwing technique weren’t enough to face Madara and his new technique, Susanoo.

Among this group, only Tobirama and three elite Jonin could handle Madara’s attacks. The others were already thrown on the ground.

Even Masahiko know this would happen.

Tobirama took a deep breath then he stood on his own.

He looked at the three people around him lying on the ground while he felt relieved that they were only stunned by the impact.

“Madara has become so strong. We are lucky that Izuna has already left with the others. Otherwise, the situation would have been even worse.” Tobirama said, then sighed.

“Yeah indeed, we are very lucky. If Izuna was still here, I’m afraid that Mito would be captured now. And if it happened, how can I face my nephew?” Masahiko replied. But deep down in his mind, he thought, “I felt that Madara originally wanted to congratulate Hashirama on his wedding, considering their friendship. Then why did he end up attacking us?”

If Masahiko knew that Madara has decided to seriously attack them because of the way he ran his mouth in front, Masahiko would be extremely embarrassed.

At this time, Mito came out of the sedan chair, “I’m sorry I only sat there while you all were fighting, for now, let the three injured rest in the sedan chair.”

“We are still in a hurry, so we should stop this fight. If we continue, I’m afraid everyone wouldn’t be able to cope with the situation any longer.”

“This…” After thinking about it, Tobirama agreed and said: “Everyone back to your formation, we’ll continue our travel.”

Now, the bride, Mito, is walking among the team, while in the sedan chair lays the three injured shinobi. Masahiko thought to himself if Hashirama opens the sedan chair and what he finds is not his beautiful bride but these three injured uncles, sure it would be hilarious. Masahiko laughed out loud…

Tobirama looked at Masahiko and asked, “Second grandfather, the Shuriken Technique you used earlier is similar to the one I’m developing now. Could you tell me more about it?”

“The Flying Thunder God?” Masahiko thought, “No, problem, but you have to promise me one thing.”

“No problem, what is it?”

“When it’s time for the wedding, you should do this…”


Finally, the Senju Clan residence could be seen in the distance.

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