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L.L.H Chapter 12: The Kaguya Clan’s Despair

The next day, just as the two sides were waiting for reinforcement, sudden information shocked the entire battlefield.

The Kaguya’s iron mine ownership got changed, well to be more accurate, it returned to its original owner.

The Uchiha launched an attack on the mine without prior warning. The mine is only guarded by one Elite Jonin and few low ranked Shinobis, facing the full brunt of the Uchiha attack. In a mere thirty minutes, the mine was captured by the Uchiha.

When Hirakimasu received this news, he almost vomited blood.
Although he had a bad foreboding about this whole matter, he tried to be optimistic, maybe the Uchiha are only angry because the Kaguya rubbed their mine and they took it back.

In the evening, Hirakimasu gathered his entire aide. He didn’t wait for the Uchiha’s reinforcements any longer because it was clear by that time that it will never come.

Everyone was silent; the council atmosphere was filled with hatred, resentment, fear, sorrow, and despair.

Suddenly one of the elders flashed in the council with tears in his eyes shouting, “Patriarch, the Kaguya clan… is finished…”

That hunch he had become true, Hirakimasu was about to fall off his chair!

Taketori looked at Hirakimasu’s reaction, and couldn’t help but ask: “Who did it!?”

“It’s the Uchiha…” said the Elder.

Hirakimasu sat on his chair with his mouth is open wide, he clearly was in disbelief. His bad premonition became a reality.

“Surely they planned this attack. It’s not just out of coincidence. This news will reach the Senju sooner or later. We should prepare ourselves to defend.” Hirakimasu said this with a hint of despair in his tone.

Turned out, the Uchiha didn’t stop after capturing the mine. Instead, they went attacking Kaguya clan territory one by one, capturing them!

Hirakimasu closed his eyes with pain. He could imagine how the Uchiha were plundering and massacring his people.

“This is the order, gather the men, we will strike back at the Uchiha!” Hirakimasu immediately issued an order, he ended up abandoning the battlefield against the Uzumaki and Senju.

On the other side of the battlefield, the Uzumaki and Senju didn’t know that the Kaguya clan territory was attacked by the Uchiha. However, what they know is their reinforcement is not far away, it will arrive within the next hour.

When they found out that the Kaguya is somehow gonna withdraw from the battlefield. The Alliance Army took this opportunity to launch an attack.

After a whole month of one battle after another, strategies and tactics didn’t mean a thing, every single one met his opponent, and they continued from where they stopped the last time.

However, five minutes into the assault, Masahiko felt that something was off.

“Oy old man, are you nuts? Why are you so reckless today?” Masahiko yells while avoiding a bone spike attack.

Taketori didn’t answer him, but it was clear for Masahiko, this is the look of a dead man.

“The hell is this, something is really wrong…” Masahiko was in a dilemma.

Not only him, but the other Alliance Shinobis also felt something is wrong, the Kaguya Clansmen seems hollow. They look like they’re just throwing their lives away!

But fortunately, there’s no protagonist nonsense among the Kaguya, their recklessness just led them to their demise. It doesn’t matter how strong they are, their reckless and anger, was blinding them, and they won’t defeat the Alliance Army.

The situation got driven into a stalemate, with the Alliance Army fighting in fear that the Uchiha will join the fray at any moment, while the Kaguya fighting like there’s no tomorrow.

Hashirama and Tobirama felt that something has happened behind the scenes.

Taketori suddenly jumped in, and unleashed a wide area bone attack, forcing Hashirama and Tobirama to bounce back.

“Patriarch, this old body had his shares of battlefields, I’ve been fighting for my entire life… If this continues, you will die here, and who knows what will have happened to our clan after you, not to mention that you have to take revenge from the Uchiha. I’ll hold them here; you should retreat with the others… And teach those Uchiha a lesson!” Taketori said to Hirakimasu.

“Great Elder…” Hirakimasu whispered, then looked at Taketori right in the eyes. He closed it for a second, then opened it again; It was decided.

“Everyone, retreat!”

Taketori smiled in relief. “Bone-Dance: Bone Prison!” He turned his attention to the Senju brothers then unleashed his final Jutsu.

He consumed his life force in the process, his body began to wither and crumbles. Blown with the wind, his crumbling body was fading.

The earth is shaking, numerous bone spike rose from the ground circling the coalition army, and closing in on them, forming a prison, and completely trapping the coalition army in it.

After a long-distance away, Hirakimasu stopped to look back, he saw the bone prison rising from the ground and trapping the coalition army, even the other Kaguya clansmen were horrified by the size of the bone prison.

“Bone-Dance: Bone Prison… It’s a rather simple skill, almost everyone can pull this Jutsu.”

“There’s a forbidden skill in the Kaguya clan where an individual can increase the size of his bone in explosive rate by using one’s vitality to accelerate the growth of bones.”

“With such a huge bone prison, the Great Elder may have already exhausted all of his vitality…” Hirakimasu whispered.

“Everyone! Continue, we will reclaim our lands from the Uchiha! We cannot let Elder Taketori’s sacrifice in vain!”

Inside the bone prison, the coalition force tried many things to escape. They try to dig underground; alas, the bones were also trapping them from beneath.

Hashirama tried to use wood-style Jutsu, but his wood couldn’t penetrate the bone wall.

Ten minutes have passed; everyone tried their best to escape. Tobirama was the only one who wasn’t trapped. He threw a marked kunai outside just before the bone prison was completely closed, then he uses the Flying Thunder God technique to avoid the entrapment.

Tobirama tried to break the bones from the outside. However, he also didn’t succeed.

Masahiko realized that his breaths became heavier, “It seems we will run out of air soon, we can’t wait any longer.”

Masahiko thought, “I didn’t expect my new technique to be used here for the first time.”

“Everybody, get back!” Masahiko shouted, “Wind-style: RasenShuriken.”.

An enormous amount of chakra gathered in Masahiko’s palm, the chakra then whirled, and took the form of a ball. From the ball four shuriken-likes chakra blade protruded in four directions. The unique Ninjutsu of the future protagonist Naruto has now appeared in the warring states period.

A great explosion burst. When the smoke disappeared. The bone which the coalition army couldn’t even make a scratch on it got destroyed by Masahiko!

“Second Grandfather, I didn’t know you were hiding such a powerful Ninjutsu!” Hashirama was surprised.

“Yeah, me too.” Masahiko replied halfheartedly, “I didn’t expect the side effects of this technique to be this devastating.”

Masahiko got injured, his body was bruised, his chest felt heavy, while his right arm was hanging and dripping blood.

“I’m afraid I can’t join the next fight…” Said Masahiko.

Only noticing that Masahiko was severely injured, Hashirama hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, Second Grandfather, take a rest, and hand over the rest to us!”

After half an hour, the Kaguya troops finally reached the vicinity of their territory. To found their village scorched and the bodies of their brothers scattered all over the place.

“I will never forgive you! Do you hear me! I will kill each one of you, Uchiha!” Hirakimasu shouted in pain and bitterness.

At the same time, at the coalition army side, the Senju reinforcements arrived…

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