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L.L.H: Chapter 113: It’s Not What You Think!

Ignoring Hashirama’s nagging, Masahiko and Tobirama simply bid farewell to him, then the Edo Tensei technique was dispelled by Tobirama.

“Second Grandpa, let’s go!”

Masahiko nodded while his mind was full of thoughts.

“There can’t be another underworld, right?” Masahiko’s head was in such a mess. “Even if my soul originally crossed over, my body is living in the world of Naruto. The chakra that I used to communicate with the underworld also came from this world. So the underworld that I felt must belong to this world.”

Masahiko thought about it for a while, then gradually cleared his mind.

“First of all, no matter what, it’s impossible for another underworld to exist in this world. However, I just exerted a lot of my chakra. Still, the distance didn’t change, and I couldn’t reach it, nor connect to it.”

“There’s only one possibility then…” Masahiko sighed, “Someone is blocking my connection with the underworld and made my Chakra shift direction and rotate around.”

As for who it is, Masahiko didn’t really have to think about it a lot.

“Rikudou Sennin has been monitoring the Shinobi World for so many years, and it is estimated that he already found out about my abnormality, which should be how I broke the mortals limit and gained a long life.”

Masahiko smiled bitterly, if it weren’t for this trouble, Masahiko would have really forgotten about the Six Paths who’s watching over this realm all the time.

“Then it’s a good thing that I’ve spent the last decade on practicing so hard, this will make him feel some easiness, and he will never guess the existence of my System this way. I should wait until I have enough witness points then maybe I can make all my attributes reach level 9, if it were to happen then I will be at least at the level of the Six-Path. Even he will have trouble dealing with me.”

Although Masahiko has lived for so many years, he was still afraid to die. However, in case he’s killed by Black Zetsu, then he can only die with regret while thinking how stupid he is. But if the “abnormality” in his own body attracted the Rikkudo Sennin’s attention and he smites him, then he will die unjustly.

“Cough…” A cough from Tobirama brought Masahiko back from his deep thoughts and made him frown while looking at Tobirama.

“Tobirama, didn’t you recover from your injury?”

Tobirama smiled bitterly, “I already did, I was fine at that time… but unlike you, I’m 57 years old now.”

Masahiko was stunned for a moment, then he sighed.
Tobirama then said, “Truthfully, I didn’t call you only to see my elder brother. The war has finally stopped, but it’s estimated that the peace won’t last long. I need your help with the selection of the Third Hokage.”

Masahiko was stunned, “What do you need me for? As long as it’s the same as the previous two selections, the right man will naturally be selected, and I believe it will be Hiruzen.”

“I really don’t know about that, Grandpa,” Tobirama replied.

Masahiko was surprised by Tobirama’s quick reply.

“At first, I thought Hiruzen is the best choice, but in the past few years, he seemed to be quite indecisive. Although he has a good heart, I don’t know if he’s suitable to lead in times of war.”

“In contrast, Danzo, his character is perfect to lead Konoha in times of war. Yes, he’s shady, but it’s harmless for now.”


After listening to this explanation, Masahiko gradually understood Tobirama’s intention.

Masahiko hesitated for a moment, thinking, “If I let Danzo become the Third Hokage, I will yield a lot of witness points, but the plot will completely collapse afterward. And Danzo…”

After thinking about it, Masahiko said, “I believe that Konoha needs a benevolent and kind Hokage. Hiruzen is the most popular, and he’s also the hero type. If you still feel worried, you can always let Danzo help from the side.

When Masahiko said this, he suddenly realized something.

“Isn’t that the case in the original? Is it because I have a prejudice against Danzo?”

After a moment of contemplation, Masahiko shook his head, “Danzo did a lot of things for the sake of Konoha at first, but his intentions later were completely incomprehensible…”

Masahiko fell deep into his thoughts, but Tobirama suddenly sighed next to him, which made him obviously a bit embarrassed.

Masahiko smiled, “How come you’re only thinking about these two, don’t you have four other apprentices?”

Tobirama shook his head, “Two of my disciples are Shinobi Civilians, none of them can become Hokage, and the other clans will never support them. Akimichi is not powerful enough compared with the others, and Kagami… Although he’s different from the other Uchiha, I still can’t trust Uchiha clan.”

“Civilian Shinobi can’t become Hokage, huh?” Masahiko smirked, but he didn’t refute, he knew that it’s impossible. “But I heard that the Uchiha has changed a lot in the past two years?”

Tobirama nodded, “Kagami is doing a good job, but still… some people can’t be trusted.”

“Then don’t overthink, a Hokage, after all, must be the person considered to be the strongest in the village,” Masahiko suggested.

Tobirama paused for a while, “Then it is still Danzo.”

As soon as he heard his answer, Masahiko’s face became darker, and almost said, “Are you trying to tease me or something?” In the Original, although the title of the God of Shinobi became a joke after Hashirama, Hiruzen also that title for a reason, the guy had proficiency in five nature element releases. What is proficiency exactly? Judging by Masahiko’s System, from LV6 to LV7 is proficiency, while LV8 is considered the limit for mortal beings.

In other words, without the Sage Mode or Hachimon techniques, Hiruzen will be able to compete with Masahiko ten years ago. Although Masahiko has the Dust Release, he cannot be compared to Hiruzen when it comes to Taijutsu, because of his strong summoning beast.

“Hiruzen is probably ranked around SS-. But he actually said that he’s not stronger than Danzo. Even if he didn’t reach his peak, he should be ranked S+ by now, how can Danzo be stronger…”

Thinking of this, Masahiko suddenly was stunned, “Hey, you didn’t teach the Edo Tensei technique to Danzo, right?”

Tobirama shook his head, “Not that. With his talent alone he already developed a lot of Ninjutsu based on your Rasengan. His talent for the Wind Release is astonishing. I believe in the future it might be equal to my Water Release.”

“Your Water Release?” Masahiko was shocked. From his point of view, Tobirama’s Water Release should have reached the limit of mortal, which is level eight. Masahiko didn’t expect Danzoto have such a potential.

For a moment, Masahiko went silent, he didn’t know what to say. Over the years, he forgot that he taught Danzo and Hiruzen’s fathers the Rasengan back then. Unexpectedly, his unintentional actions actually caused such a big impact.

After pondering for a long time, Masahiko smiled embarrassedly, “Tobirama, although strength is important, but also the recognition of everyone is more important. I think Hiruzen is the most suitable for this.”

Tobirama frowned, “Grandpa, you didn’t think this way a moment ago. But I start to feel that you really don’t like Danzo very much.”

Masahiko shook his head, “No, I just prefer Hiruzen.”

Tobirama froze for a moment and looked weird.

Masahiko realized that he made a mistake, “No, damn it! It’s not like that!”

Suddenly Tobirama started giggling.

Masahiko was stunned, “Is that a joke? You dare to make fun of your Grandpa because you got a little bit older?”

“No Grandpa, how can I…”

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