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L.L.H: Chapter 59: The Ichibi Shukaku

“Ugh, I’m really stupid…”

Masahiko didn’t know how many times he has said this.

Wandering around in the desert, Masahiko remembered some scenes from the anime in his previous life, when the first Five Kage meeting was held.

The First Hokage proposed to distribute the Tailed-beasts. But because Sunagakure already had Shukaku, instead, they asked Konoha to give them a part of their fertile land at 30% price of a tailed beast. This enraged the other Kages, but Hashirama managed to calm the situation.

Thinking about this, Masahiko felt like he has been fooled by Hashirama, leading him to such a vast place.

“What the hell is this place? A great dessert of nothing? Where the damn borders!”

There’s no borderline between countries in Naruto world. Therefore, Masahiko ended up sweeping the entire area. But the dessert is too vast, and there’s nothing here but sands.

“Ah, there’s nothing here anyway, body transformation technique – dispel!”

“It’s been a long time since my handsome and young face was revealed…” Masahiko was completely drowned in narcissism.

“~My love for you is like a dessert, hot and vast. ~” Masahiko started to sing a song.

“Hot~ Hot~… It’s burning me… The Dessert is… So Fuck HOT!” Masahiko sighed, “In this place, my level 2 Water Release doesn’t work, should add some points?”

Masahiko thought about it then he used a hand sign, “Eyes of the Kagura Mind!”

After a while of scanning, Masahiko’s face turns bitter. “I won’t exaggerate it, but I really can’t sense a single chakra fluctuation in dozens of miles. Where should I go next?”

“Huh?” Masahiko suddenly felt a chakra fluctuation in the west and turned to look there.

“What moves so fast, and its Chakra is so violent!” Masahiko smirked.

On the horizon, he could see a small black dot, but then it got bigger and bigger. Suddenly it became larger and closer to Masahiko.

“Holy shit! Jinton-Detachment of the Primitive World!” Masahiko saw the black dot rushing toward him, so he quickly used a hand sign.

“Boom!” A loud sound emitted. Masahiko’s white cloak got tattered, his face got covered with mud, and felt like he wanted to cry, but he was so dehydrated that tears didn’t come out from his eyes.

He regrets taking it head-on, he should have just avoided it. After all, nothing will be destroyed, it’s all just sand…

“Shukaku! Learn how to air you Bijuudama, you idiot!” Masahiko cursed, then rushed to the west.

He ran for dozens of miles, then he felt multiple Chakras ahead.

“Kage level… Two people? Plus, the Shukaku.” Masahiko murmured, “I should be careful!”

Masahiko slowed down.

After getting close enough Masahiko, he could see a shiny large bald head in the distance.

“Heh, a monk? It’s really rare these days…” Masahiko whispered.

Immediately his eyes caught some kind of artifact in the Monk’s hands, and Masahiko could feel Shukaku’s Chakra trapped inside it.

“Shukaku is already sealed? Is that a sealing artifact? Masahiko looked around, “Maybe I can snatch it?”

Masahiko found three people standing beside.

“A pair 12 years old teenagers, they were Chunnin at most,” Masahiko wasn’t concerned about them. But the other person was the one who’s gonna become the next Kazekage… “He can cause me a little trouble.” Masahiko murmured.

“Who’s there?” The old Monk shouted. And the other three guards immediately put their stance.

Masahiko scratched his head and stood up, awkwardly, “Ah, I got discovered. Does that old Monk have perception ability?”

“Hey, are you a traveler?” Seeing Masahiko’s tattered outfit, the first Kazekage asked.

Masahiko’s face got pale, and as he about to speak, he was interrupted by the first Kazekage, “No, red hair… You’re from the Uzumaki of the Land of Fire, aren’t you?”

Masahiko nodded, “Yes, I’m Konoha’s elder, Uzumaki Masahiko. And the first Hokage sent me here to visit the Land of Wind. I heard you are building a village, and we want to offer our assistance and end these troubled times.”

“Elder? He’s still young and quite handsome…” Said the girl.

Masahiko’s face changed, they saw how young he looked, and also, he needed to take back Shukaku; otherwise, the Five Kage meeting won’t take place.

Suddenly an idea came to Masahiko. He laughed then and said, “Little girl, is that your boyfriend beside you? If not, how about going back to Konoha with this handsome mister?”

The girl blushes, “He’s like my brother…”

“Chiyo! Don’t say too much to him, he might be an enemy!” The First Kazekage said.

Masahiko didn’t care that they were already considering him as an enemy. His face was changing colors, with one and only thought in his mind, “Now I have to flirt with the revered grandma, this is messed up…”

Still, Masahiko didn’t give up, “Lovely girl, but you already have a brother his named Ebizu…”

The boy’s expression froze, “How did you know?”

Masahiko put a poker face.

“Thank you, elder, for your kind visit and intention, but as you can see, we just barely finish a fight. If there’s nothing else, then we’ll take our leave. Sunagakure is still in development. When our village construction is finished, then we will inform Konoha.” The Kazekage shouted he didn’t ask Masahiko how he knew Ebizu’s name.

Masahiko scratched his head, thinking of a way to snatch Shukaku from their hand. Although they said that the previous Kazekage generations are the strongest, but he still didn’t believe that. The Third Hokage should be way stronger than the first Kazekage. He also felt that he doesn’t need to use Hachimon to defeat him. However, he had that Monk beside him, and he didn’t know how strong he is.

After thinking for a while, Masahiko couldn’t come up with a good plan, and he decided to retreat for now and look for another opportunity to snatch Shukaku.

Masahiko bow, “If the plain still green and the river still flow, may we meet again.”

Three of them looked at each other.

“Biku, wait!” The old Monk suddenly said, “I see that the Biku’s heart is unstable, you better relief what’s left inside it before leaving…”

Masahiko rolled his eyes, “A Japanese monk is called Biku?”
(T/N: Biku: Monk: Bhikkhu: it’s the Japanese pronunciation for Bhikkhu.)

He then bowed his head and folded his hands together, “Amitayus, this poor Biku is blessing you from the west.” Masahiko greeted him back in a Buddhist manner, “Lose not to your desire Biku, and no, I have an unstable stomach, and I need to use my sense perception now. Goodbye!”

(T/N: Amitayus: Amitabha (Infinite Life): One of the five Buddha, his direction is the west, his sense perception is taste, his sense organ is the tongue, and his location in the human body is the mouth.)

After saying he immediately left and didn’t care to hear what the old Monk was gonna say back.

After moving around ten miles, Masahiko stalked them with his Divine Eye. He’s sure that with this distance, the Monk won’t be able to detect him.

After stalking them for dozens of miles, they arrive on a temple with a shrine next to it. The old Monk placed the artifact on the alter inside the shrine.

The Kazekage then bowed his head slightly to the old Monk and left.

In the dead of night, Masahiko took a special kunai from his pocket, stick one on the ground under his feet, and then threw another one to the ground near the altar. Then he swapped his position with the shuriken. From inside the temple, the old Monk quickly rushed out. Apparently, he was already familiar with Masahiko’s Chakra.

“But it’s too late…” Masahiko smiled, then he took out a scroll and put a seal on the altar.
Suddenly the whole altar vanished. “Mobile Phone Kunai Substitute!”

In the distance, Masahiko could only hear, “Biku! Keep Shukaku! But please leave behind the altar!”

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