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L.L.H: Chapter 55: Marriage (Reread this Chapter Please)

First of February,
The first Hokage inauguration ceremony was held according to the schedule.

The people attending the ceremony were the patriarch from various clans, the four elders, and the newly formed Hokage guard force. And also the Daimyo himself and a little girl he brought, and his 6 bodyguards from the 18 guardian ninja.

“This girl must be not even 10 yet, I don’t think she’s the daughter of the Daimyo, quite cute though… I am not a Lolicon, but maybe the 50 years old Daimyo is.”

There are various reasons why the Daimyo came and decided to attach the Land of Fire to Konoha.

Shinobi is an unusual occupation here. Since the beginning of the Ninjutsu, created by the Sage of the Six Path (RikudoSennin), Shinobis begin to squeeze its way to the warrior community in this world and also start to pave its own history.

The emergence of Shinobi also gave the birthmark of the warring states period that lasted for centuries.

It can be said that up until now, the Shinobi was a harbinger of destruction and has rarely taken part in creation.

In the warring states period, the main policy of many clans was to cultivate and train oneself to produce the strongest Shinobis possible in the entire continent. The weak must submit to the strong. And the relatively weak clans such as the Uzumaki clan have to pay tribute to the strong.

But after the birth of Konohagakure, all of this change. Everyone got equal rights. They share the same ground and dream, and there’s no aggression between each other.

Therefore to ensure lasting prosperity, the resource issue must be solved, Masahiko also thought of some ways to solve this.

The first thing is to take missions from people outside of the village, to ensure minimum cash supply for the village upkeep. But this is obviously only a drop in a bucket. In desperate situations, Konoha could solely rely on the Daimyo and get funds from him.

So now, Konoha is partially a military associate that belongs to the Land of Fire, but still, have autonomy of its own.

Therefore, the Daimyo presence in the Hokage inauguration is to ensure that this cooperation will keep going smoothly for the interest of both parties.

It was almost noon, and nearly all of the audience have come, Masahiko nodded to Tobirama, and the latter walked to the front of the stage.

“I officially announce the beginning of the inauguration with a word from the man himself, the Hokage!”

“Pfft…” There was silence for a moment, but Masahiko laughed, he laughed harshly, that he felt so embarrassed. He looked around after that and immediately apologized. He didn’t expect that they will accept his proposal. The moment he looked a Hashirama’s nervous expression, he couldn’t hold his laugh.

Hashirama took a deep breath, then he stepped forward and begin his honest speech,

“Today we’re gathered here for the first time to officially announce the establishment of Konoha, this is truly a glorious moment. We will finally bid farewell to our previous life, where there’s only war and welcome our new peaceful and harmonious life. To ensure this peace, let us put our hands together to protect the future of our village!”

“I’m very honored to be chosen as the First Hokage,” Hashirama wiped the tears from his eyes, “I will use all my strength to ensure our village peace and prosperity!”

Hashirama then took a few seconds breath, then he continues, “Thousands of years ago, after the death of the Rikudou Sennin, this world has sunk into the endless war period, we fought each other for the Bijuu that he left us, seeking power.”
“In this long period of war, the world was left torn and devastated. Ninjas or civilians alike became the victims of this war.”

Hashirama looked back at Madara, “Even friends couldn’t tell each other’s their family names out fear that war can outbreak at any time.”

“The children will be sent to the battlefield to fight at any time, countless people lost their families in war.”

“But I have to say, with our might, everyone can live in harmony far from the war in this village. No more war! No more Hatred! People can tell their family name without fear, and no more children will die in vain…”

“An Era of Peace… Is Coming!”

With that shout, Hashirama concluded his speech. Hashirama’s words shook the entire village and put it into silence.

Then suddenly the audience began to talk,
“Peace… Is it really coming?”

Suddenly they yelled and shouted in excitement.

“Long live the Hokage! Long live peace!”

“No need to go to war again!”

“I… Actually, lived to see this day!”

“Hail the Hokage!”

Watching this scene has really warmed Hashirama’s heart.

Masahiko, who was sitting on the stage this whole time, hearing Hashirama’s speech, couldn’t help but think, “I didn’t notice this in the past, this man known as The first Hokage is powerful, but funny nonetheless. He’s also kind and warm-hearted. Now I understand why people called him the god of ninja, it’s not because of strength alone.”

This is not like the lengthy meeting Masahiko attend in his past life, talking with representatives again and again.

After the Hokage’s speech, the inauguration was officially over, but people have yet to disperse, the ninjas and the civilians alike were enjoying the moment, and the village got caught into an unplanned festival.

The ceremony was not actually over until the evening. The patriarchs of several clans bid their farewell and started to leave one after another, while Hashirama took the initiative to take Daimyo for a walk around the village. And show him the harmony of Konoha.

Madara didn’t look interested in spending time with Daimyo. Although, he felt like he had to talk with Hashirama about something, now that their dream has come true…

Tenjin bid farewell to Hashirama. Now only Masahiko, Shikaryu, Madara, and Hashirama have left.

All of them become the tour guide and introduce the village to Daimyo.

Masahiko then took the initiative to talk, “Daimyo-Sama, do you remember me?”

“Are you… Oh yes, the 108 Stars of Destiny!”

Masahiko’s face turned dark, it seems that the Daimyo still hold a grudge against him, and he felt like he shouldn’t take that initiative.
Therefore, Hashirama and Shikaryu were the one’s busy explaining to the Daimyo, and Masahiko and Madara were doing the guard duties.

Then the sky starts to dark as the sun begins to set. Hashirama brought the Daimyo to a room, especially made for him. The Daimyo hand was held by a girl who was following him since then.

“Senju patriarch… Oh no, I should call you Hokage… This is my little daughter, Goko. She will be nine this year.”

Masahiko smiled, he finally got his answer, the Daimyo is not a Lolicon, she’s really his daughter.

“I heard that Hokage has a child by the name of Senju Kenji, who will be 13 this year.”

“We might as well arrange their marriage and give my daughter to your son. Of course, after she’s 16 years old. What do you think?”

Hashirama hesitated. In order to keep the blood purity, the noble families rarely marry their descendant with an outsider. However, upon noticing the several signals and winks that Shikaryu and Tobirama were giving him, Hashirama agreed.

As for Masahiko, he had no longer any intention for anything. He only thought of one thing, “This little girl is gonna be the mother of one of the three Legendary Sannin Tsunade…?”

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