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L.L.H: Chapter 89: Keep The Change

Inside the forging house.

The moment Masahiko raised that hammer in his hand, he didn’t put it aside for hours.

“What the hell am I doing here?” Masahiko sighed and looked back at the numerous half made sword that he needed to repair.

“How the hell did I end up doing a small job? Although I’ve successfully found a way to stay in Kumogakure, this kind of work is redundant!”

“I came all the way to Kumogakure to do volunteer work? Doing such work is not suitable for my age… What was I thinking? I didn’t even meet the Gold and Silver Brother yet!” Masahiko gradually lost his patience and prepared to sneak out. After all, no one knew who “Namikaze Minato” really is, which will make it even easier for him to disappear.

“Huh? Wait why is he here?” Masahiko sensed a familiar chakra approaching…

“I got a bad feeling about this…”

It’s B, the one who fought against Masahiko before, “Namikaze Minato, come with me…”

Masahiko sighed and didn’t refuse. If this gonna end up with a broken jaw, then why not just fire back. Masahiko was about to flee anyway.

B didn’t speak all the way, and Masahiko didn’t ask, both of them arrived at the Raikage’s building in silence.

Masahiko met the second Raikage again. The last time he saw him was in the Five Kage summit. At that time, he participated as the bodyguard of the First Raikage. The Second Raikage obviously couldn’t recognize Masahiko, who had transformed.

Masahiko sensed a lot of ninjas waiting for ambush nearby. The weakest of them was a Special Jonin. It seems that Raikage has assembled all of the elite shinobi in Kumogakure.

“It seems this time it will go down with a blast… The First Shinobi World War might break out because of me.” Masahiko sighed.

The second Raikage didn’t say anything and just stared at Masahiko.

“It’s a pity that the Golden-Silver brother didn’t come; otherwise, I would have just killed them along…” Masahiko frowned and got ready for the fight.

What happened next was beyond Masahiko’s expectations.

The Second Raikage took out a Katana from underneath his desk and threw it to Masahiko. It was the one that he previously lost to the casino.

“Namikaze Minato, I redeemed your katana for you, and I’ve paid back the one million you’re owing to the casino, so you are indebted to me now… “

“Listen, I know you are strong, and I need you to do missions for Kumogakure for one year to erase your debt. Of course, you can choose this or return to the forging house. The choice is in your hand.”

Can it get any better? All of this time, he was thinking of a way to sneak into the Kumogakure’s ranks. And just when he was about to give up, such an expected thing happened, which made him could’s help but feel that something is wrong.

“What are these ninjas doing around us then?” Masahiko sighed, “This guy is mistaking me for a fool, if I agree at once, I will just prove the suspicions he has in his mind.”

Masahiko blinked, then rubbed his hands, “Raikage-Sama! You know that two million Ryo a year is not enough to hire a ninja like me…”

The Second Raikage felt shocked, he thought and considered every reaction that Masahiko could have and prepared countermeasures. But what’s up with him being so avaricious?

“How much do you want?” The Raikage was quiet for a long time, then asked.

“How about two and a half million Ryo…” Masahiko said.

The Second Raikage moved back on his chair, then frowned, “Not much…” And really handed him the two and a half-million Ryo.

Masahiko sighed, “Enough for me, I guess…” Masahiko took the money.

“Then it’s a deal, you will work for Kumogakure from now on until you pay your debt, and your first official task will be sent to you tomorrow.”

“No problem!” Masahiko said and left with a smile.

When Masahiko was already far away, B said, “Brother, this man…”

The Second Raikage waved his hand, interrupting, “I know, He can’t be trusted!”

“We will pick up some difficult quests to test him. If he’s really a stray ninja, we will use him to put some pressure on the Kinkaku Force… They haven’t been in the village for a long time. I’m worried.”
B nodded in agreement. Then he picked a mission for Masahiko, but…

After half an hour of surfing through a bunch of documents to find a suitable task, Masahiko came back excitedly, “Raikage-Sama, I have to thank you for the 500,000 Ryo, you gave me a big chance to turn around the books. Here’s the 3 million that I’ve won!”

Masahiko smiled, “Now that all my debt is paid my contract is nullified, I’m free!”

“Oh, and keep the change. Goodbye!”

Masahiko didn’t wait for them to speak, and went out of the building without any hesitation, murmuring, “Huh! You think you can fool me? You were not even born when I was weaned! But sure, something seems wrong.”

Inside the Raikage building, the second Raikage and B were so confused that they kept looking at each other for a long time, thinking, “What the hell was that?”

After a while, B came back to his sense, and said, “Brother, It seems that I was overthinking…”

“Yes, I think we just overthought this matter…” the Second Raikage replied.

Masahiko then hummed all the way back to the hotel, feeling that things are better now.

“Man… It was really a good opportunity for me to blend in…” Standing in front of the door, Masahiko murmured.

“Nah… Forget it. It was always inconvenient to use the name Minato Namikaze. I will come back after changing my identity…” Masahiko sighed, then prepared to go in when the Broker came out suddenly.

The two looked at each other, and after a while, the Broker rejoiced, and said, “Big brother! You are back! I heard that you were sent to the forging house because you owed the casino gambling debt!”

Masahiko’s face got dark; although it was his plan at first, listening to that story from Chusuke, it somehow feels really shameful…

Just when he was thinking of a way to explain this, the Broker unpacked the package behind him, and pulled out some money, “Big brother, I borrowed this from the boss. You can take it to pay your debts…”

Masahiko was slightly silent, he took the cash and counted it…

“Two million, no more, no less… That little old man was plotting something…” Masahiko sighed.

After a while, Masahiko smiled and said, “You don’t have to worry about your big brother. And don’t trust that little old man. Take it back to him, we will return to Yugakure tomorrow, and then I will teach you some Ninjutsu.”

“Really?” Chusuke got surprised, then started chattering again for a few hours.

After a long time, Masahiko finally managed to send Chusuke away. He returned to his room, took off his clothes, and then collapsed in the hot water pool.

After lying for a while, Masahiko didn’t know if he should be happy or sad, “I Can’t help it. That little guy… has almost taken advantage of him.”

After thinking about it, Masahiko let out a sigh. “This child is kind, but he’s like a broken record, he can’t just shut that mouth… However, I think I can still take care of one more apprentice. And when I have the chance, I will take him back with me to Konoha, Yugakure is peaceful, but a lot of things are not right about that place.”

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