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L.L.H: Chapter 66: Hit the Muzzle!

Masahiko, Hashirama helped the Second Tsuchikage and his apprentice Onoki to the main gate of the village, then went Masahiko went home and continued his work on the third book.

“Why do I feel like there’s something that I forget?” Masahiko was already home, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that had forgotten something.

“Hmmm… If I recall correctly, Mu and Onoki will meet Madara… Madara, who didn’t agree with the coalition will fight with them, and both of them will be beaten black and blue…” Masahiko tried to remember the original timeline of the story.

“Ahhh… It won’t be a problem; the story won’t change by it selves… Also, I think Madara is still in the vicinity of Konoha.”

For a brief period of time, Masahiko felt a really violent chakra fluctuation, but he didn’t really care. It must be the fight between Madara and the Second Tsuchikage. It was already written in the story. But after a couple of minutes later, Masahiko suddenly stood up.”

“A complete Susanoo? Have you gotten mad, Madara? Does he want to kill them?” Masahiko couldn’t stay calm anymore and rushed quickly, flying to the battlefield.

Fortunately, Madara is forced to restrain himself because he fighting nears the Uchiha settlement. Otherwise, Masahiko would have been there collecting the corpses of a two Tsuchikage…

Even so, when he arrived, he found Muu, the Second Tsuchikage, already injured and Onoki lying on the ground, shouting, “Why are you doing this? Don’t you know we already have an agreement with Hashirama, you should…”

Madara didn’t pay any attention to what Onoki said, he was about to continue obliterating both of them, when Masahiko came right in the nick of time and shouted, “Madara! Stop!”

Madara actually stopped. Masahiko felt like he has finally reached out to Madara’s heart, but got surprised by the backhand of the Susanoo heading right toward him.

Masahiko can’t escape, he’s ready to make a counter-attack to save himself, but he knows, by doing this, a fight between him and Madara is inevitable. Right before Masahiko could cast his technique Tobirama and Hashirama came, and the latter shouted, “Madara! Stop!”

The unexpected arrival of Hashirama didn’t stop Madara from waving the blade of the Susanoo at Masahiko.

Masahiko sighed and prepared himself to use a seal, but Hashirama already yelled, “Mokuton-Wood Locking Wall!” Hashirama wooden Jutsu formed fast before Masahiko could even complete his seal.

Madara frowned, and stopped before reaching the wood wall, then lifted off the Susanoo.

When the Second Tsuchikage, Muu saw this, he quickly rushed to Onoki, to check on his situation, then said the same thing to Hashirama, “Hokage! What’s the meaning of this? I thought we are allies!”

“I’m truly sorry, Tobirama, take the Tsuchikage and his disciple to rest first, then I will explain the situation to you, Muu-San,” Hashirama said solemnly.

Hashirama waited for Tobirama to take the two away, then asked, “Why did you do this, Madara?”

“Yeah, Madara, did you got crazy? You even tried to cut me in half!” Masahiko looked angry.

With a cold stare in his eyes, Madara took out two books, then threw them to Masahiko while saying, “This is your answer, old man!”

Aren’t these the books that he wrote? It turned out to be the case.

When Hashirama saw this scene, he didn’t know what to say, and couldn’t help but cover his forehead. To be honest, even he wasn’t happy with what Masahiko has done…

“Madara, why did you attack the Second Tsuchikage then? I just make an agreement with them!” After thinking about it, Hashirama couldn’t help but ask.

“Agreement? Union? There’s no point in truce! Only force is absolute! For peace, you must conquer! I just wanted to teach them a lesson, but I didn’t expect that he will use the same technique as this old man…” Madara said slowly.

Masahiko didn’t know how to feel about this; it seems like the Second Tsuchikage had completely hit the muzzle.

(T/N: Hit the muzzle: a Chinese term; when someone is bothering you. Or when someone does the exact thing that makes you angry, this is what they mean by hitting the muzzle. For example, you’re trying to get rid of a bug, and then it rushes again to you, you open the door for it to get out and it comes back again to you from the window. Masahiko is the bug here, and the Tsuchikage is the one who came back from the window xD)

While they were having this conversation, people were gathering around them.

More and more people were crowding around Hashirama and Madara, even the three patriarchs of the Inu-Shika-Cho and the Hyuga came.

Masahiko winked at Hashirama, signaling him to disperse the crowd while he tries to talk with Madara.

Hashirama understood and nodded back. He then explained the situation to the spectators and tried to disperse them.

“Old man… These two books, did you write them?” Madara asked, then followed by a moment of silence, Masahiko could see Madara’s hate can be seen seeping out from his eyes.

“Yes! I wrote to them!” Masahiko nodded and smiled, “What do you think? Isn’t that good… I wrote of how you love your brother, how big your dream is, and how you finally achieved it!”

Madara Sharingan’s marks began to rotate, but Masahiko quickly interrupted, “Madara! We’re in the Uchiha’s residence. Are you sure that you want to fight me here?”

Madara looked back at his clan,
Many people were looking out at them, Madara hesitated, which made Masahiko feel relieved, thinking, “It seems that Madara still cares about the Uchiha. He won’t leave any time soon, he still has people here.”

The storm faded away, and Masahiko got two more witness points, but he was too busy to check it out.

Although the Uchiha settlements’ location is relatively remote, there are still a significant number of civilians and ninja in the vicinity. Whether it’s the settlers, passerby, or traders. A lot of them were injured because of the collapsing buildings. Masahiko also felt guilty and quickly summoned Katsuyu to treat the wounded.

As for Muu and Onoki, who Masahiko has visited them several times, they showed their appreciation for him every time for saving them.

After visiting Onoki and Mu several times, Masahiko gradually agreed with Madara’s point of view somehow.

Strength is necessary to maintain the balance, although the way Madara express it is not the best way at that time. He wanted to share this idea with the council, but he feared that it will cause the storm to break out again; thus, he kept to himself and never mentioned it again, until he Muu and Onoki recovered from their injuries and were ready to leave Konoha.

Masahiko stopped Muu on the way out, “Second Tsuchikage, as both of us are Dust Shinobis, I hope to learn much from you.”

Muu’s face changed, “Dust release is my developed technique. Where did you learn it?”

Masahiko just laughed, “Don’t mind the details. Maybe we have family ties related to five hundred years ago…”

Muu: “…”

He said that they are gonna learn from each other. But in reality, it’s just an exchange of Dust release blows; they didn’t stop until they had a tacit agreement to stop.

There are only a handful of people whom Masahiko knew could use the dust-release technique. And a lot of people who want to learn it too, also a few forms of another Kekkei-Genkai. But the people here only rely on talent. While Masahiko relies on adding points to a specific attribute.

Thus he can feel that his strength and Mu’s strength is on the same par. If they continued, I’m afraid, only one man will walk out of this alive.

Masahiko looked relaxed, after all, he didn’t use his Sage Mode, nor the Eight Gates, and at the same time, Madara was right, the display of Masahiko’s strength indeed shocked Muu, his heart is now even heavier knowing that even Konoha’s elder is stronger than him. It seems that making an alliance with Konoha was the right choice.

In the afternoon on the same day, Hashirama, Masahiko, and a few other people take Muu and Onoki to the gate of Konoha and bid farewell to them as they will go back to Iwagakure.

These days, because of the previous incident with Madara has caused a lot of collateral damage to the civilians, the Uchiha clan image got worse.

The conflict between the Uchiha and the other clan has escalated even more. Everyone in Konoha now stands on the opposite side of the Uchiha. Masahiko’s remorse was getting stronger and stronger, he felt really bad about this.

Masahiko thought about working harder, and hurriedly finished his third book and put all of his emotions in it, he really wanted the village to understand Madara, he really didn’t want to see him go away…
Two days later, everything was in order, Masahiko was preparing to send the manuscript for printing, but he got found by Hashirama, who was looking for him. The first sentence that Hashirama said to Masahiko has stunned him badly.

“Second Grandpa, Madara… left.”

Then suddenly sentence appeared in front of Masahiko, “Witness and Slightly Change the Side Story of Naruto World: The Break of Uchiha Madara. Obtained +5(*2) Witness Points!”

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