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L.L.H: Chapter 112: The Underworld

“Sure enough, you are doing the human experiments again…”

Masahiko let out a sigh and followed Tobirama to the underground cave, which was destroyed by Hashirama.

Masahiko didn’t know when the place was cleaned up and reconstructed again. But when Masahiko walked inside, even the layout of the site was the same as before, the same human organs, and the same summoned beast corpses.

However, the only difference in there was the many chakra fluctuations; it seems that the war gave him a lot of opportunities to catch more people.

“This Chakra…” As he walked deeper, Masahiko felt a slightly familiar chakra.

“Sensei, Elder Masahiko.” A familiar figure appeared in front of Masahiko, which made his face severe, and his heart uneasy.

None of them responded, and the two just continued to go deeper.

“Tobirama,” Masahiko hesitated for a while, then he said, “I don’t really mind your study for the Edo Tensei, but why did you involve Danzo?”

“Hiruzen is not really suited for this kind of research. Among my students, only Danzo has the talent for this.” Tobirama responded.

“Then you…” Masahiko stopped talking.

“Don’t worry, Grandpa, Danzo is only restricted to the periphery,” Tobirama replied with a smile.

Masahiko didn’t say more, but secretly thought, “You’re underestimating your disciple, and it might end up with me wiping this shit in the future, I know it’s hard to deal with your own disciple… But the fact that Tobirama saw that Danzo is suitable for human experiments proves that he’s speculating something already.”

Going to the deepest room, they arrived at a place that resembles a jail. Cages after cages are placed next to each other. In each cage, there’s a person who looked like in comatose. Probably these people were injected with some kind of “Medicine.” Masahiko only took a glance and couldn’t determine their numbers.

“Second Grandpa, these are some of the ninjas that got caught in the war, and refused to surrender.” Noticing Masahiko’s expression, Tobirama offered an explanation.

“I already guessed the person you want me to see. Although, I’m really looking forward to it…” Masahiko shook his head. “Forget it, I won’t try to scold you anymore. He already did that before…”

Tobirama smiled bitterly, “And he will scold me again.”

“Edo Tensei!” Tobirama quickly made four Hand Signs and then clapped his hand together.

A coffin slowly rose from the earth, then the lid fell to the ground revealing a familiar figure.

Hashirama looked slightly confused at first, then he quickly moved his hands and used a hand sign, “Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees!” Obviously, he was already prepared.

“Big brother!” Tobirama didn’t expect Hashirama to unleash such a Jutsu right after he was reincarnated.

Masahiko smiled bitterly, “I know it’s wrong, but I don’t want to see you get buried again. And Tobirama, how many times you’ve reincarnated your elder brother, to the point that he wants to go back immediately!”

“Ranton – Light Fang!” Lasers came from Masahiko’s hands, and by waving his finger, the emerging roots and trees were cut. Hashirama’s Ninjutsu wasn’t that strong. Obviously, the strength of the reincarnated-Hashirama is far weaker than the original.

“Do you want to bury this grandpa at once?”

Hashirama finally noticed Masahiko and sighed, “Second Grandpa, how you could agree with this repulsive experiment?”

“Hahaha, the Jutsu was already completed when he told me. Anyway, it’s nice seeing you again.” Masahiko said with a smile.

“Big brother, please calm down.”

“Oh no… I’m in trouble…” Hashirama seemed helpless and slightly speechless.

“Forget about your brother, Hashirama.” Masahiko interrupted, “Tell me about the afterlife. This Second grandpa is a little bit curious.”

Hashirama pondered for a while, “Second Grandpa, it’s not very clear for me either.”

“At the moment of my death, I remembered a lot of people, then I finally saw my own father standing near a campfire,” Hashirama said with an awkward smile on his face.

“I thought that I will saw other people too, but I only saw my father. Hahaha, and he scolded me for a while…”

Masahiko smiled, “Butsuma? I bet he was angry that you didn’t destroy the Uchiha.”

“Ah, yes, he also said that I had the strength to unify the five great shinobi villages, and I just wasted all of that.”

“This what should have happened, brother.” On the side of the room, Tobirama said solemnly. Hashirama’s face looked stiff, while Tobirama seemed very emotional.

Masahiko didn’t really pay attention to the two brothers’ reunion and fell into deep thinking.

“Hashirama saw his father, Butsuma. The same thing happened to Kakashi in the original story. Is this due to the two being blood-related, or is it strength?”

Masahiko hesitated for a while, “It should be mostly strength! Just like when Obito spirit briefly visited Kakashi and landed in his Mangekyo Sharingan’s dimension, proving that as long as you’re strong enough, you can travel back and forth between Yin and Yang.”

“All attributes at LV9… I should be able to do it then. But what about when all are LV10?” Masahiko was very curious about the underworld in Naruto World.

“Did you see Madara there, Hashirama?” Masahiko smiled; he tempted to ask this question.

The two brothers who were still arguing were stunned. Obviously, this question had not been asked before.

“Yes, we decided to build a new village below!” Hashirama hesitated, then said.

“Brother, you’re still planning things with that person?!” Tobirama shouted, and the two started a quarrel again.

Masahiko sighed slightly, then said inside, “Hashirama, you know that Madara isn’t dead.”

Masahiko didn’t push this subject anymore. Watching these two brothers argue, reminded him of how much he really missed the old days.

“Second Grandpa!” Hashirama’s shouting made Masahiko go back to his senses.

“We have been through this before, help me bring this place down, we can’t let him go back to this road!”

Masahiko looked at Tobirama, who seemed very nervous.

“Forget it,” Masahiko shook his head, “This technique will come useful in the future.”

Hashirama was puzzled, “Do you also want to use this technique?”

“Yes, when I’m stronger, I will use this Ninjutsu to fully resurrect you…” Masahiko spoke slowly.

Hashirama hesitated for a long time, then he sighed, “Second Grandpa, I’m already a dead man and such a resurrection…”

Masahiko ignored Hashirama and turned to look at Tobirama, “Is it difficult to learn this technique?” Masahiko already considered this again and again and felt that it’s more convenient for him to learn the Edo Tensei.

Tobirama said, “For you, it shouldn’t be difficult, the key part is to connect your Chakra to the underworld. With your chakra amount, it should be easy to reach the underworld.”

Masahiko continued to ignore Hashirama’s whining and listened to Tobirama’s explanation.

“So, the first step is to communicate with the underworld?” Masahiko nodded, just wondering what the underworld in Naruto World looks like.

After a few seals, Masahiko closed his eyes and tried to reach the underworld with his Chakra.

“So this is the Underground? What’s so difficult about it? You can sense it right away.” Masahiko could sense the underworld right away, but he later found out that even if he could sense it, he couldn’t reach it

After half an hour of trying, Masahiko took a deep breath and frowned, looking at Tobirama.

“Tobirama, what kind of method did you use to make your Chakra reach the underworld? I just used 70% of my Chakra, and I couldn’t make any connection with it.”

Tobirama then answered, “You could sense the underworld? Then you should be able to reach it with your Chakra easily. Actually, the Chakra amount of a Jonin should be enough.”

“What? I already used 70% of my…” Masahiko said, but halfway he looked shocked.

“Wait, which underworld are we talking about again?”

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