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MWTT Chapter 23: The World-Weary Little Girl

When Luo Yan Yin arrived, Luo Jing was depicting a picture of a white-clad fairy in a sea of clouds.

Although he did not have a computer and could only draw on paper, and he did not have his previous life’s brushes, he had managed to adapt after ten days and drew reasonably well, with about 80% of his previous life’s skill.

Although these drawings couldn’t be sold for money, Luo Jing loved the sense of accomplishment he got from turning a blank piece of paper into a beautiful artwork.

When Luo Yan Yin arrived, Luo Jing had already completed 80% of this painting, with only some details left to perfect.

The little girl looked at Luo Jing in surprise and exclaimed, “You can draw?”

After glancing at it, Luo Yan Yin was stunned by Luo Jing’s beautiful white-clad fairy picture.

The style of this painting is different from those she has seen before, but it has an inexplicable beauty.

With a strange expression, she asked, “What school of painting is this? I’ve never seen it before.”

Luo Jing put down his brush and replied casually, “There’s no school, I just randomly draw.”

Luo Jing’s painting style is different from the nature of this world, somewhere between realism and cartoonish style.

And due to equipment limitations, it is completely different from computer paintings from his past life.
It belongs to a category of its own.

Therefore, Luo Jing’s answer did not surprise Luo Yan Yin.

She frowned and said, “It doesn’t look like it has any artistic influence. It’s just random drawing.”

“But even random drawing can look so beautiful. Maybe you have a talent in this area?”

Luo Yan Yin was curious and asked, “When did you start drawing? With your talent, even random drawing can look so good. If you find a master to learn from, you could make a name for yourself in the Central Plains. Why bother being an outer disciple on Dawn Moon Peak?”

The boundary between practitioners and mortals in this world is not so clear.

In the dynasty of the Central Plains, they could appoint mountain and river gods with the imperial seal, and there were also experts in the imperial court.

A person with strong painting talent could become famous and prosperous by studying under a famous painter in the Central Plains dynasty, and would not necessarily live worse off than a disciple of a demonic sect in the mountains.

Luo Yan Yin didn’t understand Luo Jing’s choice.

Luo Jing said calmly, “I have no power, no money, and I come from the Western Regions. Even if I go to the Central Plains to seek apprenticeship from famous masters, they may not accept me.”

“The world is not lacking in geniuses. Even if I have some talent, so what?”

“There are too many geniuses buried in this world.”

Of course, the most important thing is that he is a mediocre genius.

He has only studied painting for a few years and only knows a little technique. In the circles of his previous life, he was not well known.

These scribbled paintings can only fool outsiders like Luo Yan Yin.

In the eyes of real masters, Luo Jing’s paintings are just like that.

The arrival of Luo Yan Yin broke the tranquility of the mountain.

With this “senior sister” present, Luo Jing naturally couldn’t concentrate on painting.

He put the paintings into his wooden house, took water from the mountain spring to make tea, and considered it hospitality.

“Please have some tea, senior sister,” Luo Jing politely offered, “There’s not much to entertain you with in this humble mountain.”

Luo Yan Yin looked surprised and said, “You are very well-prepared…”

Luo Jing’s wooden house is equipped with various household items, even tea leaves.

Obviously, Luo Jing was well-prepared before coming down the mountain.

The little girl said, “Why do I feel like you’re not here to take care of the fire fox, but to enjoy nature?”

She took a sip of tea and said, “Or do you plan to stay here permanently?”

The little girl hinted at something.

Luo Jing smiled warmly, “I have to stay here to accumulate spirit stones to buy magical tools.”

Luo Jing’s reason was impeccable. After all, for many inner disciples, staying in the mountains to guard and feed the Fire Fox was the best choice for accumulating spirit stones.

But then Luo Yan Yin sneered, “You talk nonsense… Since you want a magical tool so badly, I’ll find one for you. You don’t need to do anything, just leave this place and return to the Dawn Moon Peak. Are you willing?”

“I guarantee it will be better than the magical tool you exchange with 100 spirit stones.”
The little girl raised an eyebrow and looked at Luo Jing.

Luo Jing smiled gently, “Thank you for your kind offer, Sister, but in this world, the most expensive things are free things.”

“Only by earning spirit stones through my own labor and exchanging them for magical tools can I feel at ease.”

Luo Jing’s response was still impeccable.

The little girl rolled her eyes, obviously not believing him.

But she didn’t expose Luo Jing, instead, she changed the subject and said, “Aren’t you going to finish your painting? It’s such a pity not to finish such a beautiful painting.”

Luo Jing said, “I can’t just leave Sister here and paint…”

The little girl, however, said nonchalantly, “Don’t worry about me, just pretend I’m not here.”

“I just got bored staying on the mountain and came down for a stroll. You do whatever you need to do.”
The little girl seemed disinterested and had a somewhat world-weary feeling. She lazily sat there, as if uninterested in anything in the world.

Although she was a direct disciple of the Demon Sect’s Dawn Moon Peak, she didn’t take any followers or fight for power, but instead ran off to this remote mountain forest to daydream.

At this moment, some of Luo Jing’s wariness towards the little girl dissipated.

He realized that his previous understanding of Luo Yan Yin was wrong.

This young girl, who was not yet of age, did not possess the mischievousness that one would expect at her age. Her brash and reckless behavior was not a result of being spoiled.

Rather, it was a result of not caring about anything and giving up.

In other words, being lazy.

Luo Jing was quite familiar with this kind of lazy state.

Seeing that the little girl was ignoring him, he temporarily let down his guard and took out his painting and continued coloring.

Luo Jing’s style of painting was never very realistic. Even when he had all the equipment he needed in his past life, he couldn’t paint people that looked exactly like they did in real life.

Now with only simple paints and a brush, the fairy in white clothes among the clouds and sea that he painted had even less to do with Shen Qingxuan, so he wasn’t afraid of Luo Yan Yin noticing anything strange.

The scorching sun slowly moved westward in the sky.

Luo Jing stood outside the wooden house painting, while Luo Yan Yin stood nearby watching.

Neither of them spoke, only the calls of birds and animals in the mountains occasionally broke the peaceful silence.

After watching for a while, perhaps she got bored, so Luo Yan Yin leapt into the air and disappeared.
Luo Jing didn’t pay her any attention and continued with his painting.

By the time it was dusk, the little girl holding a poisonous snake flew back and spoke to Luo Jing who was tidying up outside the wooden house.

“I’m leaving,” she said, and then she swung the snake in her hand and flew towards the mountains like playing with a rope, back to the Dawn Moon Peak.

It was sudden when she came and she left without making a big fuss, just as she said, without disturbing Luo Jing’s life too much.

But the next morning, the little girl came again. This time, she followed Luo Jing and watched him climb the volcano and use the sect’s magical tool to refine the earth fire.

She said, “Is this what the Firefox eats? Let me try.”

She took over Luo Jing’s sect’s magical tool and personally refined the firestone.

Then she followed Luo Jing to feed the Firefox in the mountain with the refined firestone. But because she was not wearing the mountain patrol token, she was attacked by several Firefox.

Although the flames that fell on her were extinguished instantly and did not hurt her, the little girl’s expression was still not good. She stared at the Firefox and then at Luo Jing with a dark look, as if she wanted to get angry.

But in the end, she didn’t get angry or hurt the Firefox. She just ignored the Firefox in the mountain from then on and was too lazy to help Luo Jing refine the firestone.

Sometimes she came over in the morning, just standing on the side and watching Luo Jing work, occasionally saying a few words.

However, the two of them weren’t familiar with each other, and even when chatting, they couldn’t find common topics. Often, they would have awkward conversations and then fall silent.

This kind of day lasted for many days. Almost every day, the little girl would come to the mountain, sometimes staying the entire day, sometimes leaving after a few hours.

At first, Luo Jing began to suspect that this little girl was really charmed by his “beauty.” But after observing her closely, it didn’t seem likely.

This little girl who ran to the mountain every day seemed more like a bored little kid who couldn’t find a place to go and came to Luo Jing for amusement.

This discovery made Luo Jing curious. As a highly respected direct disciple, could it be that this “Senior Sister” Luo Yan Yin had nowhere else to go on Dawn Moon Peak and didn’t have any friends?