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M.I.H.G Chapter 27: Dealing with luxury cars!

“It seems that we have to find a person who lives here, and ask him how many warehouses there are in Yuhua.” Frank turned his head and looked around and found that in all directions where abandoned warehouses and empty shops.

If Frank had not heard about it, he would have thought he had come to the world after the zombie’s apocalypse.

“Check if there is a supermarket on the map.” Bruce looked at Frank and said. “In a sparsely populated city like this, there must be one or two large supermarkets to meet the normal shopping needs of people in the city.”

“Okay, I’ll check up.”  Frank said and he took out his mobile phone, looked at it, and then turned to Bruce and said, “There is a supermarket in the next neighborhood, which is more than three kilometers away from us.”

“Get in the car.” Bruce waved his hand and motioned for Frank to get on the car, it was too late for them to catch up now.

Just when Frank was getting ready to get on the car. Suddenly, there were more than a dozen luxury cars came up one after another at the intersection. Led by an orange-colored Koenigsegg.

Are these people coming to pick things up?

Frank recognized that these luxury cars were the ones that he and Bruce had just overtaken when they were on the road. He guessed that these guys would not be upset by the overtaking. They wanted to come and pick up trouble.

More than a dozen luxury cars stopped in front of Frank, although Frank did not know how many these cars cost in total, it was indeed an amount he could not imagine, it was indeed an amount he could not imagine.

However, Frank’s heart was not shocked. After all, what are these luxury cars? These people have just been overtaken by the Batmobile. He has just boarded the Batmobile. In terms of value, this Batmobile could destroy all the luxury cars here, or these luxury cars added together.

At this time, the people of these luxury cars have come down one after another. Although the hair was a little trendy, fortunately, it was not like the famous movie star in the old movie, Completely non-mainstream modeling, a pair of look can not hang.

Li Zihao came down from Koenigsegg and looked at Frank and Bruce. In the real world, there is no such thing that one can judge whether a person is a local tyrant or not by one glance, or whether there is money. Otherwise, there will not be so many face-beating incidents, nor will there be an ocean-going monarch smashing a computer angrily. (Yang Yangjun, a rich anchor, one day because he was going to the field, went to the computer shop to buy a computer, was despised by the seller, so he bought the most expensive computer in the store for more than 10,000 yuan, and then smashed it on the spot.)

After all, although these groups were famous, they were not buying clothes. It was estimated that there are special people responsible for such things. It is estimated that some of them do not know what brand their clothes are. Maybe they want to know how much the outfit value of Frank’s for that they looked it up and down.

Nevertheless, although they can’t see the pros, the people who play sports cars probably know the value of cars.

Buying a sports car was not awkward. What was embarrassing is to convert a car with a shape similar to Wuling Hongguang into a sports car. Even if Li Zihao now holds 10 million in his hand, he does not know where he is looking for someone to convert a 60,000-80,000 yuan domestic car to the same performance as a super sports car.

So, Li Zihao walked over with enthusiasm. First, he said hello to Frank. “My name is Li Zihao, what do the brothers’ call?”

“Frank!” Frank said a faint sentence and did not want to talk more with Li Zihao, after all, one second later, who knows what Fan Xuejie will face.

Li Zihao didn’t take it seriously when he saw Frank’s indifferent attitude. After all, who hasn’t a little personality these days, and this person is aimed at everyone at a glance, whether you come down from more than 10 million Koenigsegg or not?

At first, Li Zihao thought Bruce was Frank’s bodyguard and so on, but when he came into Bruce’s elegant smile, he knew he was wrong. This was a person who gives people an unusual feeling in temperament.

So Li Zihao once again reached out and said hello. “Li Zihao, this brother is very muscular.”

“Thank you for complimenting, they are all exercising.” Bruce showed a kind smile to Li Zihao and made a self-introduction. “My name is Bruce.”

“Family name cloth?” Li Zihao was a little surprised. In recent years, people with any surname really have it. How could they even have a surname of cloth?

Bruce obviously did not intend to unravel this misunderstanding with Li Zihao, but he did not have a cold attitude like Frank but enthusiastically pointed to Li Zihao. “Are you a resident, are you familiar with this area?”

“I am not a resident, but my father has a factory here. If you want to ask something, you can ask me directly. I’ll find you someone to answer you.”

“We are looking for the Yuhua warehouse,” Bruce said to Li Zihao. “But it is not the Yuhua warehouse shown on the map, but another one. It is not displayed on the map. Do you know where?”

“Wait, I am looking for someone to ask.” Li Zihao took out his mobile phone and started to call. Frank slapped his head and remembered that his attitude should not be cold. This group of people really does not know anything, but they’re with a wide network of contact and could easily answer anything.

Sure enough, in less than a few minutes, Li Zihao hung up the phone, and then made a phone call, this other party Li Zihao and others said, “Yes, there is a Yuhua warehouse which is not shown on the map. It’s very coincidental that it’s the land of my father’s warehouse, but now it seems that it has been rented out now.”

“Can you take us over?”  Frank immediately asked.

“Yes.” Li Zihao nodded and agreed, but he immediately pointed to the Batmobile behind Frank and Bruce. “Can you let me go with you in this car?”

Although Frank did not want to expose this black technology Batmobile to other people’s eyes, but Li Zihao agreed to give Frank their support, and this was still the way to save the time with Li Zihao, it was reasonable to ask a little. Then Frank and Bruce nodded and agreed.

Li Zihao gave his car key to a companion, let him help drive, and then followed Frank and Bruce to the Batmobile.

Frank and Bruce went ahead, and Frank asked Bruce in a low voice, “If so many people came together, would snake be frightened by them?”

“No,” Bruce said affirmatively. “So many luxury cars go together, they won’t cause those people to be alert.”

Bruce said as he walked along with Frank. “When I was young, I followed a police officer who was good at investigation and traced a drug dealer. This drug dealer was very alert and had a strong anti-reconnaissance ability. The police repeatedly failed. Finally, the police borrowed a multi-million dollar limited-edition sports car from a rich friend, but successfully tracked the drug dealer’s trading location.”

“After all, no criminal can think of it, the police will drive millions of tens of luxury cars to handle the case.” Bruce smiled at Frank.