My Inseparable House Guests My Inseparable House Guests
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M. I. H. G Chapter 94: 3rd Part

However, Ganzi’s friend application was made when Frank was eating barbecue outside.

Therefore, after Frank agreed to apply, Ganzi did not send any information. Frank did not care.

After reading a novel for a while, Lin Xiaoxin came out wrapped in a bath towel.

Frank just wants to play, pretending to open the bath towel to see what was underneath, Lin Xiaoxin rushed him into the bathroom to take a bath.

There was still warm heat in the bathroom, and Frank put his clothes on the shelf, where Lin Xiaoxin kept her personal underwear were.

There was still heat in the bathroom, and Frank put his clothes on the shelf where Lin Xiaoxin kept his personal underwear.

Frank just opened the faucet and showered.

Suddenly there was a sound at the door, and Lin Xiaoxin was knocking at the door.

“Little baby, there is a little girl on your WeChat looking for you.”

“Why are you so embarrassed, I have a little girl on WeChat, don’t say anything.”

“Why I lie to you.”

Lin Xiaoxin knocked on the door with her mobile phone and said:

“I didn’t look at your mobile phone. It’s a dialogue, and you didn’t close the screen. your little friend calls and asks you if you’re there.”

“Who sent it.”

Frank thought it was his former friend.

“The note that he sent is Ganzi, and I have never heard of the name.”

“Oh, she…”

Frank did not expect that when he had just come in to take a bath.

Ganzi sends a message.

Although he does not know if the girl is ready to shoot, since Lin Xiaoxin saw the message, Frank could not do it.

So, he told Lin Xiaoxin through the door:

“You can help me, talk with her, ask her what she’s looking for, she’s my landlord’s daughter.”

“Oh, it’s amazing for you baby, the landlord’s daughter is on the line.”

“Hey, don’t poke fun at it, and you want to know what she wants to talk about, you’ll know.”

“All right.”

Lin Xiaoxin said outside the door.

“Then I will have a friend, and I try to give you a little love.”

After Lin Xiaoxin finished, she went to the bedroom.

Frank was busy washing his body with shower gel and didn’t worry much about it.

As a man who flirts with girls for many years, Frank has rich experience.

All the relationships that may cause trouble have been cut off before Lin Xiaoxin is good, so it is unlikely that something will happen.

Ten minutes later, Frank finished a shower and looked at himself in the mirror.

Although he did not exercise regularly, he also looked at his body.

He just wore one big pant and went out of the bathroom.

When Frank entered the bedroom, Lin Xiaoxin was on the bed.

She saw Frank looking like a fool and laughed at him.

Frank walked over and shook a little in front of Lin Xiaoxin’s eyes, then asked:

“What’s wrong, stupid?”

“No, I’m dying to laugh.”

Lin Xiaoxin said with a hopping belly:

“You, are you going to do a report in a discussion?”

“What are you doing?”

Frank took a look at Lin Xiaoxin’s.

He took a handful of his mobile phone, then opened it and pulled out the chat with Ganzi’s WeChat.

Ganzi: Is Frank’s brother still there?

Frank: Yes, what happened.

Ganzi: It’s like this. Little brother had no time recently. Can I make an appointment? I invite you to milk tea.

Frank: Yes, let’s talk about the place. By the way, after drinking milk tea, I invite you to watch a movie.

Ganzi: Even the corner tea shop in front of the house. By the way, can you bring the little brother who was in your home last time, and it would be better if you could give me his phone number?

Frank: My little brother in my house!

Ganzi: Yes, it is the super handsome little brother who is tied to you at your home.

I really want to know, although I know that maybe you two are in pair, I just want to know, definitely not to be a third in the party.


Frank watched the chat record and had a black line on his face.

This Ganzi did not call at all to blackmail him but to look at Hannibal.

Also, not only the third party but why the relationship with Hannibal!

This high-grade rot woman was really terrible.

Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin, who was laughing happily with a black line on his face, and said, disgusted:

“You are laughing at me, and your man will go begin to make you a spanking, and you are still laughing more.”

“Alright, oh.”

Lin Xiaoxin suddenly sat up and said:

“She is calling you.”

“How do you have a tendency to get rid of to this rotten woman now?”

Frank climbed over and pinched the baby fat cheek of Lin Xiaoxin’s.

“Hey well, it hurts, let me go.”

Lin Xiaoxin, struggling to say:

“nine of ten girls are delayed in beauty; I still just see the beauty is not rotten yet.”

“What is the difference between beauty and rot?”

” ‘Beauty delayed is a literary’ is a technique born out of opposition to ‘ naturalist literature,’ and Boys love is just a genre in the United States, don’t confuse the two.”

“All right.”

Frank let go of Lin Xiaoxin’s face lying and leaning on the bed, and he said:

“I don’t understand, your line is too complicated.”


Lin Xiaoxin curiously poked the flesh on Frank’s back and said:

“A fine skinny flesh like yours is also a small in BL text a small life.”

“I can’t bear it when you say this.”

Frank turned over, and Lin Xiaoxin was pressed.

In the rest, while moving his hands and feet, he said:

“Come on, who is to be affected.”

“I am wrong, you are attacking, okay, you are the world.”

The two played for a while because they had to get up early tomorrow morning, so they went to sleep.

At eight o’clock the next morning, the alarm clock sounded, and Frank woke up in a confused way.

He glanced at Lin Xiaoxin’s smooth and white back.

He didn’t know if this girl was too bored to go out of the bed or he must do it himself.

Raise the quilt, and he’s preparing to glance, Lin Xiaoxin also opened her eyes.

Frank, who was caught hand in the bag, smiled and said:

“I am going to wash, and you get out of bed.”

“Oh, I know.”

Lin Xiaoxin said as he reached out and grabbed Frank’s face, then slammed it, and then pushed it telling to go as soon as possible.

Frank simply washed the face, then put on his clothes.

By the way, Lin Xiaoxin’s own clothes were thrown to the bed, and then he went to see the little white tiger in the entertainment room.

The little white tiger woke up at this time and began to lick his hair.

“Early, prepare us for a while to have breakfast.”

Frank said to the little white tiger, as if he understands his words, immediately stood up and followed Frank to the living room.

In a short while, Lin Xiaoxin also dressed up.

The two people walked to the restaurant downstairs with the little white tiger.

At this time, few staff in the restaurant, only Chen Hao was feeding the three sled dogs.

“Good morning.”

Chen Hao looked at the two wavings, and she was greeting them.

“Good morning.”

Lin Xiaoxin responded with full enthusiasm to Chen Hao.

“Is the mental state good?”

Chen Hao looked at the two and said:

“I thought that you two would be late like this single Chen Jian’s dog. It seems that Chen Jian should have wasted a lot last night.”