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S.P.P Chapter 25: The Strongest Soul

Standing on the street, Rogen’s expression was a bit complicated.

It was time to leave his home where he lived for 16 years. But what happened to him was like the world fell apart, and It wasn’t smart to fight against the Marines. For now, it’s a waste of money. No one could imagine what Rogen was feeling at the moment.

During this period, not only he became so much stronger, even his heart became tougher. The influence of his mastermind exerts a subtle influence on him and develops towards a mature and perfect direction.

The house in front of him had two floors, the living room on the first floor and the bedroom on the second floor. The house was small and made of wood, but it was warm.

Rogen raised his pace, and then he walked slowly when he got to his house. The door was not locked. At that time, he was in a bit of hurry.

After entering his room, Rogen looked around it, he didn’t find much change. There was no difference since he left. But, what surprised him that his house was very clean.

Houses that have not been inhabited for a long time, especially wooden houses, are easy to accumulate dust and insects. However, there was none. Obviously, someone was cleaning this room.

Who is it? When Rogen thought about it, he understands.

His heart couldn’t help but get warm, even if he was gone, Lolita and Isawa would not forget him. They were cleaning his house.

They were waiting for him to get back to his house with a blessing and sustenance.

Rogen silently went to the upstairs and entered his room.

His room on the second floor was too simple, it had a single bed, a small table, and a wardrobe. On the table, there was a picture.

Rogen looked at the photo and couldn’t help but stood calmly.

There were two people in the photo frame, a young man, and a three years old kid.

That young man with a mustache has a bright laugh, and the little child rides on his neck and looks happy.


Rogen muttered, and his eyes couldn’t help but get wet.

The man in this picture frame was his brother, Gol D Roger. They took this picture when Rogen was three years old. From then on, the two didn’t have any photos.

After Roger’s death, it can be said that this photo was the only way he used to remember his elder brother.

He went over and put this photo in his pocket. Rogen looked around again and didn’t find anything worth grabbing, so he turned back and left.

He was afraid that it would take a long time when he wants to come back again to his home.

Rogen went downstairs. He walked toward the door and looked carefully from it. He was very cautious and slow.

Just when he closed the door with his back against the street, a figure suddenly appeared, the shadow was very big, there was a tattoo of runes in his face, the justice cloak behind it fluttered by the wind. The marine’s clothes were very spiritual and full of justice.

Behind him, more Marines appeared, but not many just five or six.

But this team of the marines which were less than ten members was terrifying, they were all terrifying. As soon as they appeared, the entire street becomes quiet.

“That’s, The Rear Admiral!!”

“The rear admiral of the Marine Headquarters!”

In the crowd, there were a lot of hidden pirates, and they all knew that marine with the high rank. This young Man standing in the front was actually a Rear Admiral!

“Why would a Rear Admiral come here?”

The faint murmur was very light, but it was clear introduced into Rogen’s ears, and it shocked him.

Subsequently, Rogen closed the door, the lock issued a “click” sound. The lock was firm and solid.

He slowly looked at them, with a hint of helplessness on his face.

“How did you find me?”

Rogen was really helpless. He was careful enough to make sure that any part he did was perfect. But they still found him.

“Is it locked? Are you serious about that?” Dragon asked with a chuckle.

Between words, there was no expression on the enemy‘s face. For Dragon, Rogen was very curious and admirable. It was such a sixteen years old teenager, but he managed to gather six high-rank Marine of the East Blue together in one place, even if it was by a coincidence. It was impossible to hide his identity anymore.

“My own home, I always take it seriously,” Rogen answered seriously.

“You had an opportunity to come back!?” Dragon asked freely.


“People, who go out, always come back!”

Rogen was very serious as if he would be responsible for every word he said.

“Oh? You have a lot of self-confident.” Dragon’s eyebrows were slightly raised, and then he laughed. “Indeed, Roger’s younger brother is extraordinary.”

“Over these years, the Marine has been paying attention only to your brother, and also ignored your existence. Even, so many people don’t know that he has a brother.”

“I am Roger’s brother, but I am only Rogen, my brother’s glory, fame, belongs to him, and has nothing to do with me,” Rogen said with an expressionless face.

“My greatness, you will see, but in the future not now!”

Rogen said these sentences with resolute and certainly extremely.

These words were full of strong self-confidence, which made Dragon’s eyes narrow.

“You’re a too dangerous boy. I’m afraid that you are not allowed to leave this place. You are coming back with me to the Marine headquarters.”

Rogen’s eyes became red, he stared at Dragon, and then he laughed.

“Rear Admiral, I belong to the sea, to the land, but I will not belong to the Marine.”

“Maybe I will go anywhere in my life, but the only thing I will not go to is the Marine!”

Dragon was stunned, and then he laughed.

“Interesting young man, but it’s not up to you!”

Then, with a wave of his hand, five or six marines behind him moved quickly.

Seeing the enemies coming to him, Rogen’s eyes were tightly narrowed.

The strength comparison between the Marines and Rogen wasn’t obvious. Under such circumstances, only by raising his own strength to the limit so he could escape.

The Marine sent such a team. Obviously, they were very confident. There is no doubt that these Marines were from the strongest.

Still, those soldiers who rushed toward Rogen were not as terrifying as Dragon was.

Confidence, Cold expression, perfect body, all of this made him the hardest to deal with.

So, Rogen didn’t hesitate to summon a soul from his possession system at that moment.

“Summon a 75 million soul, leave nothing!”


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