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S.P.P Chapter 31: Amaterasu


Rogen’s voice was so deep and majestic. The expression on his face was so serious that no one could ignore it.




After hearing that, Dragon opened and narrowed his eyes.




“You decide to make your final move for the victory? You are a little too small to see me! You underestimate me ah!”




As one of the strongest men of the Marines, Dragon’s pride was naturally so high, and he didn’t want to feel inferior to anyone.




Dragon’s body was slightly shocked, and some wind has blown around his body. But it was almost invisible and nearly transparent.




Rogen from below did not pay any attention to Dragon, he closed his eyes, his spirit emanated, feeling everything around his body.




Suddenly, everything seems to be slow and calm.




The roaring thunder in the sky, the undulating waves of the sea, everything was very clearly reflected in his mind.




At the same moment, everything that Itachi Uchiha learned, has been extended in Rogen’s mind, and then merged with him deeply.




Suddenly, Rogen opened his eyes.




His Mangekyō Sharingan swirled swiftly. At this moment, His scarlet eyes became even redder, more like dark blood.








His mouth whispered, and his eyes suddenly stared at the location of Dragon.




Visible to the naked eye, dark flames came out of nothing, burning up, and in a moment, Dragon was wrapped in it.




“What is this?”




Dragon was shocked. And just with a little touch, it burned his clothes.




The high temperature of that flame has burned some of his skin, and the pain spread quickly from the burning spot to his whole body, which made him frightening.




In an instant, Dragon’s figure has vanished.




He began to jump quickly in the air, trying to escape that terrible flame, but something more shocking happened to him.




Below, Rogen’s eyes moved rapidly, following Dragon, who was jumping around in the sky. He saw a hot black flame appeared and wrapped him.




Just after a short period, the two of them were near the beach, Dragon was still burning with the black flame, and Rogen surrounded the place with it. And the aftermath of the flames, inadvertently it spread to the coming waves, and Dragon was stunned because those terrible flames could even burn over the sea.




“What the hell is this flame!?”




Dragon was shocked to found that this flame had reached his sleeves and didn’t want to extinguish at all. It was burning so fast that it had spread to his arm in 3 seconds.




“It’s terrible!”




His eyes were sharp and then he cut off his sleeves and threw them to the ground, and in a second they were burned to nothing.








He turned his head and looked at Rogen, only to see his scarlet eyes. As far as he knew that black flame was coming from his eyes and forming a terrifying attack.




“This kid is so dangerous!”




This black flame could burn and incinerate everything.




He tried several times to rush to Rogen at his fastest speed, but the Amaterasu seemed like a wall, and it was hard to stop in front of his Sharingan.




What makes him even creepier was that the black flame was spreading more and more on Dragon’s body in a few seconds. 








Vigorous breathing, Rogen’s eyes were bleeding a lot, and his face was pale, he was staring at Dragon from 20 meters away, and he didn’t dare to relax even a bit. Dragon has an amazing speed and a strong attack that he was able to catch or even kill him in a blink of an eye.




Rogen believed that Dragon, which has been forced back by the Amaterasu, must have an extremely powerful attack that could erupt at any moment.




But Rogen has planned everything from the beginning to the present moment, he even calculated the orientation, and also the speed and position of the released flame. He believed that this last attack would surely defeat his powerful enemy.




“You gonna die!”




Rogen said with a deep and low voice, and two tears of blood broke out of his eyes and ran down on his cheeks.




At this moment, Rogen’s face was extremely ferocious and twisted.




“Voom Voom!”




From the void, a larger mass of black flame quivered and burst directly towards Dragon, which had been surrounded by the flame.








Seeing the flame around him and another one coming towards him, Dragon felt an extreme danger.




At the next moment, the rushing flame in the air was going to cover Dragon.




“Hoo Hoo Hoo!” 




Rogen breathed heavily, and his scarlet eyes trembled and turned dark.




Rogen took a deep look at Dragon who was covered with the black flame, and then he turned his head and ran away.




Just In an instant, Rogen has disappeared from that place.




After a few seconds, Rogen was far by one kilometer from Dragon. He covered his feet with Chakra and ran at high speed.




“I have to run! And get out of here quickly!”




“I must leave this place!”




Dragon the Rear Admiral, the distinguished elite of the Marine youngest generation was absolutely extraordinary. even though Rogen launched and covered Dragon with the Amaterasu, but he didn’t think that would beat Dragon. 




After 30 seconds, Rogen’s speed was slowed down.




His ship was parked in the third place on the port. There were three high-rank Marines standing with serious faces. And all through the way, there were more than a 1000 marines.




The siege of this large number of the marine was enough to prove that he was so important to the marine.




While Dragon was fighting with him, the Marine stationed in Loguetown affiliated with Dragon and they stayed waiting in the back. These Marines were careful and serious in this mission. They were just regular troops, but their layout was tight.




“The criminal is here. Get ready! Fight!! “




In the moment when Rogen saw the Marines, one of them who was standing on the bow of the warship, unleashed a loud roar to encourage all the present marines.








A series of roar sounded, at this moment, countless long guns were pointed at Rogen, but Rogen didn’t care about them, he was so relaxed, which shocked all of them.




He gazed at them with cold and dead eyes.




Instead of slowing down, he growled and raised his speed to the upper limit.






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