One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.S.P Chapter 76: Tricks!

From the beginning of the battle, Moya never expected that he would get hurt by his enemy. He even felt that facing a 16 years old boy, even if he could fight against Dragon, he would not pose a threat to him.

He was careless. He didn’t even use his famous swordsmanship.

Godspeed Sheathed Blade Technique, the Broken knife, and even the hundred steps flying swords. The rhythm of the battle has always been controlled by Rogen.

Although Rogen wasn’t as good as the Vice-admiral in terms of power, he wasn’t weak either. After a series of exchanges, he had already got rid of his frail body.

If we classified him by bounty, he would be absolutely in the range of 150 million pirates

His strength has become stronger and his moves became more subtle.

If Moya wasn’t very strong like that, then it wouldn’t take seconds under Rogen’s hands to be defeated.

Moya under his anger has already put away his contemptuous heart, even the wound on his necks was temporarily sealed with a strange force and no more blood flowed out.

“Rogen, you must die!”

His figure suddenly turned around, and the black spiral on the two swords began to revolve around, and even his eyes were shining like stars.

When Rogen looked at Moya’s eyes, they appeared a trance of hypnotized.

“The two swords technique, Hallucination!”


Moya yelled, and the two swords shrouded.


With instinct, Rogen took the blow with his sword. But at the same time as the weapons clashed, he felt a huge force that was coming from Moya, immense, powerful and seemingly endless.


In an instant, he was hit and flew out, crashing into the wooden wall behind the cabin, causing the entire cabin to burst open.


Rogen spat out some blood and he stood up slowly.

His pupils contract slightly when he saw the black aura surrounding his opponent’s swords.

“Busoshoku Haki!”  (Armament Haki)


With a loud roar, Vice Admiral Moya rushed over again.

At this moment, he was like an angry tiger. Under the wrath, his power was greatly increased, which made everyone became frightened.

Rogen’s figure drifted, he was no longer looking at Moya’s eyes, thinking quickly about the Countermeasures in his heart.

“Hallucination, Busoshoku Haki, and great physical power!”

Moya, who has been serious, has exerted his greatest strength. On the positive side, Rogen was definitely not his opponent.

And possession, it couldn’t be used at this time.

Kizaru hasn’t appeared yet, even if his opponent was a strong vice admiral, if he summons any soul, it would be wasteful.

Rogen was changing between his swordsmanship, and all kinds of swordsmanship must immediately burst out.

Compared with the pirate world, most of the swordsmen were simple and very rough, they only relied on their physical strength when they used the sword, but Rogen’s hands, there was no doubt that it was more sophisticated.

Swordsman’s stunt, after a move, there is no follow-up. And Rogen’s swordsmanship, one struck after another, in that world, this was called routine.

“Huashan swordsmanship!”

A series of swords appeared, and with his delicate swordsmanship, Rogen used four or more sets and began to introduce Moya fall into the routine.

Then, Moya was full of anger when he found out that he was led by Rogen’s swords.

Obviously, he could kill Rogen with a single hit, but he has fallen in strange routine, continuous long swords, from all angles, all directions followed him by a strange force.

“Damn it!”

Moya’s voice was so loud, his two black swords were very strong, he struck back using them.


Rogen was beaten hard by tremendous force and his legs scratched a mark on the deck.

Huashan swordsmanship failed!

However, it doesn’t matter. 

Immediately, Rogen took his sword again.

“Songshan Swordsmanship!”

Moya once again fell in Rogen’s tricks, so he got angry and roared.

After a while, Moya broke the Songshan Swordsmanship.

However, Rogen’s eyes were calm, and he made a different set of swordsmanship.

“The Breeze swordsmanship.”


“Thirteen Swords!”

Failed again!

“The evil spirits!”

Failed again!

In a twinkling of an eye, Rogen’s swordsmanship changed, and more than a dozen sets of swordsmanship have been launched. Moya the Vice Admiral was shocked, and he couldn’t even touch Rogen.

Every time he tried to hit Rogen, he failed because he fell in a different set of swordsmanship, which made him very angry.

“Who the hell are you, kid?”

Moya was shocked, actually, he wasn’t an idiot, he was a great fighter. Naturally, Rogen’s swordsmanship wasn’t so powerful, but it was exquisite, and in this short period of time, he used more than a dozen sets of swordsmanship in different genres.

This kid, what the hell is going on?

Ordinary people, to master one set of swordsmanship, they need to practice for a long time, but this kid was abnormal!

Even himself, he didn’t dare to call himself the great swordsman, even with his devil fruit, the six powers, and the amazing swordsmanship.

He wasn’t familiar with such swordsmanship.

Rogen kept silent and raised his sword again.

All the swordsmanship of the Wuyue Swordsman School was exerted by him, including all kinds of swordsmanship routines he had learned from the previous souls. At this moment, he tried all of them on Moya one by one.

Once these swordsmanships were performed by him, he did them with high performance. There was no doubt that he mastered them all as if he had been integrated with them.

This was the great thing of the martial arts wizard, no matter what martial arts, once he tried to learn it, he master it very fast.

After that, the two were standing in front of each other, when Rogen was using all of his moves, Moya was suppressed by him.

The suppression wasn’t because Moya was weak, but because of the kendo used by Rogen. Rogen understood the realm of martial art from the first time he learned the kendo. Even though he was not as good as Moya in strength, but he has been perfectly crushed in terms of skill.

Below, the Marines were watching the battle and they couldn’t do anything.

“Moya, the Vice Admiral, he!”

The Major trembled and said that he couldn’t believe it at all.

On the deck, the two figures were fast and constantly colliding, but everyone could clearly see that the battle was deflecting toward Rogen.

That guy, can he beat a Vice Admiral!

“Where is the Den Den Mushi!”

He took a deep breath and asked if he should inform the Admiral Kizaru about the situation.

“Here It’s!”

Another major watched the battle on deck in shock.

“Give it to me!”

He grabbed the den den mushi and quickly dialed it quickly.


The unique sound of Kizaru came from the den den mushi.

Several majors were looking at the den den mushi and the mood somehow got a little excited.

It was the Admiral.

“Admiral Borsalino!”

“On Baterilla Island, we found Rogen!”

At the same time, not far from the island.


The Admiral standing on the deck, his original dull look immediately condensed.

“Ha-ha, a little interesting!”