One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 98: The Truth of Facts

The marine’s officers present were all turned surprised.

They couldn’t believe what Sengoku said at the moment, which was totally impossible.

Even the best talent couldn’t acquire such horrible power at Rogen’s age. Because everyone knows that you want strong power, the first thing you need to do is to give.

Give hard work, and more work hard, and to sweat more than others. No matter how talented you are, if you want to become a strong person, you still have to pay.

If Rogen did not have the power of the moment before but was just an ordinary person, then how can he explain his power now?

“Dragon, tell me what you felt when you fought with him.”

Sengoku suddenly looked at a young man at the end of the long table.

Dragon, who was called, was immediately stunned, followed by a smile, “His power is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like that, but I’m sure it’s not the power of the Devil Fruit.”

“What makes me wonder is that, as Sengoku said, he didn’t have a bit of power before, then.”

At this point, Dragon frowned.

“Where on earth did he come from his skilled combat experience?”

He knows very well that when he was fighting with Rogen, the opponent’s response to his attack, as well as the way of attack, were all systematic as if after a thousand exercises of stunt, it is not like a novice at all. It was obvious that he had experienced many battles, even in some ways, far surpassed him.

“Yes, this is also a problem.”

Sengoku said with a smile.

Then his face became serious.

“Before Roger died, he had no strength at all. Even he was a famous scrap in Loguetown, and would not practice at all!”

“But in the battle with Dragon, he showed magical illusions, confused people’s spirit can spit out flames, like national ninjutsu in the Grand Line, and finally, he can release from the eyes, The Black Flame that can even burn the seawater, and the huge skeleton warrior.”

“Every one of them doesn’t look like it’s going to be obtained by practicing in a short time.”

The Marines listened carefully and gradually noticed something wrong.

Yes, it doesn’t make sense at all. Assuming that Rogen’s strength was superior to all the Marines, but for more than ten years, he was simply a scrap and could not confront any enemy at all.

Where did he come from with such strength and skilled combat experience?

“The second time, when he was full of power, he was with Kizaru!”

At this point, Sengoku’s eyes flashed with a ray of wisdom.

“This time, his power is expressed in the form of a long sword!”

“Unlike the first battle, the magical illusion, the Black Flame, and the skeleton warrior, this time, his power are obviously stronger!”

“Even, people feel powerful exaggeration!”

“That Katana can change its shape and release a terrible flame that burns up everything at extremely high temperature. Similarly, he can condense the flame on the sword and form a terrible attack.”

“All these powers are extraordinary!”

“No one can have the power to surpass an Admiral in a short time!”


Sengoku paused, and his eyes shone with a fierce light.


His hands hit the table, and he descended into a deep roar.

“This is not his strength at all!”


On the long table, the marines were in a great uproar, with incredible light in their eyes.

‘I can’t believe it, I really can’t believe it. That’s the truth.’ But if they think about it carefully, maybe only in this way can they explain it properly.

“If you pay careful attention, at ordinary times, our target, Rogen, his strength tends to be at a moderate stage that is the normal stage.”

“For example, I saw in the information written in the first time, in the early days of his battle with Dragon, his strength was only close to the stage where our team offered a 50 million reward until later, he suddenly changed and suddenly became strong.”

“The second time is that at the beginning, he was directly injured by Kizaru’s kick and he was even launched backward. When he faced vice admiral Moya, he had escaped!”

“If this power is really his own, then why should he escape? Why did he misbehave in the beginning?”

The words of Sengoku were spoken quickly, incredibly close to the truth, which made all the marines present be shaken for a long time.

If Rogen was present, he must applaud. Sengoku deserves to be called a wise admiral. With these clues, he reasoned the truth of the facts so accurately.

“In summary, we can be sure of Rogen’s basic information.”

His eyes condensed and he said quickly.

“Rogen, male, 16 years old, Pirate King, Roger’s younger brother.”

“Strength, Peacetime latent state, presumably.”

There was a flash of meditation in his eyes. After a pause, Sengoku continued.

“Located around 120 million pirates, and then, his magical state.”

“In such a state, his strength limit is an elite vice admiral, the upper limit is.”

There was a flicker of helplessness in his eyes, and thinking that even Kizaru with Pika Pika no Mi fruit was almost dead, he had to say.

“No limit!”

These two words made the marines officers present there shocked and looked up at him.

“But what is certain is that there is a time limit for such a state, probably at that time.”

Closing his eyes, Sengoku began to analyze the information.

“Within three hours! It means that once this power is turned on, it will only take three hours for him to return to normal.”

With two detailed battle information, the marine will analyze Rogen’s general situation completely. Such efficiency is admirable and frightening.

It is not without reason that the marines can suppress pirates.

“Rogen’s general information has been analyzed, and other aspects, because there is no information, can not be obtained, can only be understood step by step in the future.”

“Secondly, the wife of Pirate King confirms that she has survived, but the target is currently staying with Rogen at present. It’s not easy to get her, so let’s put it down for a while.”


Sengoku’s tone was much heavier.

“Four thousand rebels led by Glenn.”

Kong raised his head and stopped the words of Sengoku. He took the lead in a stern tone.

“Send people to look for their location, make contacts and negotiate.”

“If they return to the marines, we will not blame them for the past and resume their original position.”

“If they refuse.”

His eyes become cold, and he said.

“Send an army and wipe them out!”

These words were sonorous and powerful, with unparalleled killing meaning.

The marines of this era were so tough!