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PAS Chapter 276: Undead Resurrection!

Nami seriously looked at Garp.

“I really can’t stop you.”

She sighed, and said quietly: “But, do you all think that President Ron has died and left this world…”

Nami’s voice was not loud, but when it fell, it made Garp’s eyes change slightly, revealing a somewhat stunned look, and the others who heard this sentence were shocked.

[What did she just… say?!]

Someone looked in Nami’s direction, and in amazement, everyone showed a look of disbelief.

Does she mean that the Magician is still alive!!!

Ron’s death was the big news that swept the whole world!

At the moment, Nami’s voice spread. Whether it was the admirals or the other soldiers on the battlefield, the journalists or civilians in the Sabaody Archipelago, they all have a very bad premonition that they might see some incredible things in the next moments.

Under the gaze of countless people, Nami lowered her hand gently and said: “The President… he is actually dead.”

When this sentence was heard, many people were relieved, especially Tokikake and Aokiji, who witnessed Ron’s death with their own eyes.

What Nami said before indicated that Ron might have scammed the world, which is really frightening, because Ron’s threat level was definitely the highest among the opponents they have encountered so far…


Before they could move on to another thing, they heard Nami continue: “However, even death can’t stop such a mighty existence.”


Garp’s expression changed dramatically, and he had some bad feeling and thought, saying with a calm face: “What do you mean…”

Nami’s eyes flickered, and the top of the elf wand shimmered with a faint luster: “In this world, we have the ability to control space, time, and we are capable of reviving the dead.”

Garp’s face changed color.

Aokiji, Kizaru, and the others were all dazed.

As the top existence in the Marines, they have dealt with countless brutal pirates, have seen countless devil fruit abilities, and almost have the knowledge about all the fruits in the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia.

Among the Devil Fruits, many of them are useless in actual combat, but the nature of their abilities is somewhat unbelievable. Such as the “Time-Time Fruit” that can send the user and others forward in time, the “Revive-Revive Fruit” that can bring the user back to life, and so on.

And since Nami dared to say such a thing, that means…

Countless people looked at Nami and their expressions began to change drastically.

Only to see…

The whole place went silent, soaked in darkness, as if the gate of hell was slammed open, in a flash, the battlefield turned into a graveyard.

And on the dark and gloomy ground, a tombstone rose, and a crack immediately appeared on it, and finally broke and collapsed.


In the horrified eyes of countless people, a hand stretched out from under the tombstone.

It was the third Level of the necromancy magic. It was similar to the march of the dead, but it was a spell of a different nature. It’s just like the resurrect of Naruto’s world. It was magic that can use the soul as a medium to awaken the undead.

Magicians can cast such spells on themselves, the effect of which is that they will be transformed into an undead body! Blessed by the power of the undead!

Click, click, click.

The earth shattered.

A skeleton crawled out of the cracked ground.

The gloomy black shadows flew from all directions, condensed toward the skeleton, and gradually turned into pieces of dry skin and rotten flesh, forming a new body for the skeleton.

The newly formed body exuded a thick breath of the dead, strands of black mist can vaguely seep out of the body and disappear into the void.

Although such an image was extremely terrifying, like a zombie coming back to life, everyone was able to roughly recognize the appearance of that face… it was exactly what Ron looked like!

The next moment.

In the horrified gazes of countless people, the closed eyes of the undead were suddenly slammed open, it was a pair of the dark as ink-like pupils, which seemed to reflect the endless hell within!

“That’s … the magician Ron … this is… his dead body!”

“Hell No! How could she do such a thing…”

All the marines, from normal soldiers to the fleet admiral, had an extremely shocked look on their faces, gritting their teeth, looking in Ron’s direction, feeling a huge pressure.

Tokikake’s face turned pale as he said: “Unbelievable… that girl even has the ability to summon the dead… we are screwed!”

“This is really … a huge, troublesome turn of events.”

Kizaru couldn’t smile anymore, and a wretched old face seemed so depressed.

Garp looked at Ron, his face turned gloomy, and he wanted to say something, but he didn’t open his mouth and just kept staring at him.

In the center of the attention, Ron raised his hand, spread out his dry fingers, and waved it in the air, as if he was feeling his new vessel.
“Not enough… Not a complete resurrection.”

Ron spoke slowly, staring at his palm with his pitch-black eyes. (T/N: The New Uchiha Madara!)

The resurrection of the undead.

This was the name of the third level of necromancy magic.

The discovery of this magic was done on the eve of Ron’s arrival at the marine headquarters, and he didn’t have time to test it, but just made some other attempts.

This magic was different from the march of the dead.

There were almost no hard requirements to launch the march of the dead. As long as they were people who died by his hands, there will be undead fragments left, which can be used as a medium for the summoning, but the summoned characters won’t have the memory and consciousness of their life, they will fight by instinct.

The reincarnation of the dead was quite different. It required ritual and media.

The medium was the undead itself … that is, the undead must be controlled before the resurrection can be carried out.

The second was the ritual, which consumes a lot of other dead souls as sacrifices!

The stronger the resurrection soul, the more sacrifices it needed, and if the necromancer casts this magic on himself, the number of needed undead, the sacrifices, would be enormous. He would need a huge war to support his reincarnation!

The war they were in…

All the dead were sacrifices to Ron’s resurrection.

His original plan was to bring back several powerhouses he has already killed, such as CP0 agents and Shichibukai, to assist the Whitebeard Pirates … but there were too many dead people around, which was enough to resurrect himself.

So, Ron used this situation in his best interest.

“Not a real resurrection… but this undead form seems to be much stronger than I expected…”

Ron looked at his hands and murmured.

That gloomy and oppressive whisper, like the voice of the undead, swayed in the battlefield, making many people feel inexplicably heart palpitations! They just felt that the temperature of the battlefield has dropped!

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