Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 1: Book of Knowledge

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Baltigo Island, the Land of White Soil.

The dust and sand barriers in the sky made this place isolated from the rest of the world. Only a few people know that this place is the headquarters of the most mysterious organization in the world; The Revolutionary Army.

Baltigo is not just a base, it is a residential area for this organization, habitant by the members of the revolutionary army and orphans, who were heading there from all over the world seeking basic training and ideological education.

On the street, Rhodes lined up with a bunch of other people to get the latest newspaper. (T/N: Rhodes Will be the name of the MC, It’s actually very cool because he’s named after a beautiful, and historical Greek Island.)

There was a huge headline on the first page of the newspaper:


“Ace, White Beard…”

Rhodes’s eyes widened the moment he read this news, he knew it was just a matter of time before Ace becomes the 2nd Division Commander.

It has been three months since he came to this world. And this wasn’t the first time that Rodhes read about something that happened in this world similar to events that occurred in the Original. Rhodes couldn’t help but feel the urgency of becoming stronger.

The year was 1520 only a few years before Luffy leaves his hometown and becomes a Pirate.

Rhodes was originally a medical college student who was about to graduate. He was a Gamer/Otaku and watching Anime and playing games is how he spent most of his days, the reason why he ended up in this world is mysterious even to him. He accidentally crossed over to this world and found himself in a sixteen-year-old young man’s body with the same name; Rhodes.

At first, he was confused and didn’t know where he was; he was on the edge of losing his mind.

Later, as he was wandering the island, he accidentally heard some folks talking about “The Yonko White Beard” and “Gol D Roger”. At that moment he realized that he had crossed over to One Piece’s World.

Moreover, he ended up being in Baltigo; the Headquarters of the Revolutionary Army.

Fortunately, his modern medical skills played a great part to settle and gain a foothold in Baltigo.

As he was roaming while thinking about what happened to him, he came to an open area.

There he saw a small, cute girl, standing right in front of him.


After he saw that girl, Rhodes stopped and said: “Here you go, this is the newspaper of this week.”

The girl’s name was Koala, she was a member of the revolutionary army, and she was helping the orphans here with their physical training.

She is about 19 years old, and her height was about 160 centimeters the same as the Original. In this world where we have giant people such as Doflamingo or Garp, she’s considered a short, short person, however; in this world, height wasn’t that important.

Koala took the newspaper then looked at Rhodes and smiled: “Thank You.”

“Are you practicing your swordsmanship again today?”


Rhodes nodded lightly.

If you look at this world from Luffy’s crew’s perspective it will look a bit bloody, but also full of joy, but in fact, this world is full of darkness and cruelty.

The so-called great pirate era is actually a troubled one.

The Heroes and Villains are fighting for the top seats of the world, and the weak and hopeless people can only suck it up in silence.

Rhodes was one of those people, his physical talent was laughable; he was born weak, even weaker than some of the orphans in this place.

Rhodes, who was a reincarnated person, wasn’t really happy about this.

This is the world of pirates, a world where only strong people can live in it, a world that has Demon Fruits, giants as big as a mountain, and swordsmen that can cut through everything, a world that only the thoughts of living in it makes your heart’s beat rises.

And here he was… an ordinary person!

What a pity!

Rhodes happened to be a bodybuilder in his past life, the moment he learned about this world, he start a hell of training with the thought that this world doesn’t work like the actual one and he will gain a superpower that will make him kill an opponent with one punch!

Yet no matter how hard he trained, his physical power didn’t improve much.

According to this progress, he will only be as strong as your everyday pirate with a low bounty on the head. Rhodes knew everything about this world, still being weak didn’t help him accomplish anything.


One day Rhodes decided to practice his one sword-style swordsmanship, and fortune suddenly smiled at him.


One day, after he slowly picked up the sword practicing, Rhodes narrowed his eyes slightly, and when his thought moved, a hazy space appeared in front of him that only he could see.

In this empty hazy space, a quaint, ancient-looking, book was suspended in the air.

This ancient mythical Book was representing his good fortune.

The moment Rhodes noticed it, something similar to a property bar popped up in front of him.

Level One: Book of Knowledge (not meeting the upgrade requirements)

Attribute: Intelligence +1

Talent: Swordsmanship Specialist: A combination of Human and Sword–– Your understanding of swordsmanship will be greatly improved! Your Savvy for swordsmanship will be greatly improved!

Energy: 100/100

“What should I do next? The energy is already full.”

Looking at this property bar, Rhodes blinked helplessly.

There wasn’t any kind of instruction for Rhodes included in this system; he needed to discover everything by himself.

He learned after a while that Energy comes from fighting or practicing.

From scratch, Rhodes worked hard for three months to gain a hundred energy point, with the thought that he will get stronger after that and kicks butts.

Unexpectedly, after he filled the energy bar, an unexplained advanced condition was added to the Book.

Rhodes was certain that if he advances to the next level he will truly have the foundation to become stronger.

So far, Rhodes couldn’t find any way to level up which made him somewhat helpless.


Although the advanced conditions were confusing, the abilities provided by the Book of Knowledge were still very powerful.

His Intelligence attribute was somewhat confusing too; +1…

Is this attribute related to the person’s IQ? Because, even if he’s not a genius, he’s also not that stupid, he should at least have more than one point right?


Rhodes finally understood that this was a bonus added to the attribute the same as a lot of games he played before.

This increase of one attribute point represents 1.5 times the previous one!

This improved Rhodes’ accuracy of observation, and he become better at learning new abilities.

At the same time, this is helped him recall a lot of the forgotten knowledge that he have learned in his past life, which made his medical skills advance by leaps and bounds, surpassing many of the old wise doctors in Baltigo, and made him a very famous name in the island.

As for his talent for swordsmanship, it was even more powerful.

Swordsmanship in this world is quite simple, if you want to become stronger, there were actually no secrets to it. You just need to keep waving and slashing day after day, for a few years, or even for decades with great perseverance. Then maybe you will get to take a glimpse at the mysteries of swordsmanship.

However, the swordsmanship specialist Talent from the Book of Knowledge completely broke this concept.

In less than three months, Rhodes became a very strong swordsman.

If it weren’t for his weak body, he would have been even stronger!


Rhodes waved his wooden sword and an energy-cut sword flew out slamming a practicing wooden stake in front of him with a bang.

Obviously, the power used wasn’t strong enough because he was using a wooden sword, still, that attack left some traces on the stake.

“What is the Rhythm of All Things?”

Entering the state of full focus, Rhodes’ mind was extremely clear, and there was nothing besides his sword in his heart.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

His sword suddenly moved along with a loud roar.

The cuts were falling on the stakes like a waterfall, while Rhodes kept waving his sword from every possible angle.

His movements were extremely elegant, and precise like a machine, representing the coexisting of beauty and strength.

Koala who was watching him couldn’t help but nod lightly.

“Although his physical qualities are a bit poor, his swordsmanship talent is enough to turn the scales. He’s leaving me with no choice but to include his name in the assessment that will take place later.”

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