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RWBK Chapter 10: Set Off!

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The restaurant at night.

Rhodes was eating and drinking in one of the corners; his hands kept stretching out here and there, and the hill-like food in front of him disappeared quickly at a speed that was almost invisible to the naked eye.

His appetite has become much larger than the average person.

No matter how tired you are from training every day, a normal person wouldn’t be able to compensate for all the energy he used by just eating food, and his growth wouldn’t be noticeable.

But Rhodes is different.

His growth is almost visible to the naked eye every day.

The results he was getting every day are almost comparable to the months of hard work of the others.

In this way, the energy and nutrients that his body needs to take in every day are naturally far more than ordinary people.

At this time, Rhodes took a big bite off the big golden lamb shank he was holding, and suddenly he heard Rez’s voice.

“I finally found you.”

“Rez? What’s the matter?”

Rhodes raised his eyes slightly and said vaguely.

Looking at him like this, Rez said angrily, “There is an actual combat mission tomorrow, you need to come early.”

After speaking, he turned and left without turning around.

He didn’t have a good relationship with Rhodes, so he came here to spread the news, probably because of Captain Nia’s request.

“Actual combat?”

Rhodes’ eyes lit up slightly, but he was quickly drawn back by the smell of the food and continued to work hard.


The next day.

Under the headquarters castle, there were many people standing.

Since the Revolutionary Army doesn’t stipulate uniforms, these people wore all kinds of clothes, which gave Rhodes a new understanding of transvestites in the pirate world.

Fortunately, in this picture of the group of weirdos, there’s one bright light that brought hope, that is, Koala standing in front of the crowd, directly raising the average appearance of this group of demons and monsters by a notch.

After Rhodes joined the group, it got raised to another level.

“Yo, look who it is, the big name. You’re actually the last one to come.”

Rhodes turned his head to look, and saw a tall and slender woman dressed in a cool dress, looking at him very unhappily.

“Am I late?”

Rhodes was almost dazzled by the beauty of these white flowers, but he still said indifferently.

“You!” Nia clenched her fists and really wanted to knock Rhodes.

Everyone else gathered here early, only Rhodes came late, making her, his captain, very embarrassing.


Nia took a deep breath, suppressed her anger, and decided to spare Rhodes’ life.

Then she began to explain the actual combat mission:

“The mission is actually just to let Rez and you newcomers see blood.”

“Seeing blood? Are we going to kill pirates?”

Rez couldn’t help but lick his dry lips.

The revolutionary army considers themselves the world’s nobles, and the pirates in the usual sense are essentially opposites. If there is a chance, they will punish the traitors and eliminate the evil.

Interestingly, in some sea areas where corrupt marines are rampant and officials and thieves collide, the revolutionary army is the righteous party and will safeguard the interests of the civilians.


Nia sneered: “You are too young to fight against pirates. Besides, this is the New World. Now that you are tied together, it is estimated that you may not get the chance to fight pirates.”

“The place we are going is an archipelago near Baltigo, and there are many beasts on it.”

Nia opened her mouth and made a super fierce expression: “These beasts can be big or small, the biggest one will be even seven or eight meters high, and it can eat you all in one bite!”

After she finished speaking, she glanced at the group from the corner of her eyes, swept through their stunned expressions, and felt a little happy.

I think she was also frightened like this at the beginning…

Then, Nia glanced at Rhodes again but found that the kid looked very calm as if he had no fear.

“Ignorants are fearless.”

Nia snorted coldly in her heart, but she wanted to see if Rhodes could maintain this unpleasant calm and indifferent expression when he’s chased by beasts.

Of course, Rhodes wasn’t afraid; he actually was a little excited.

He practiced for a month, and his strength skyrocketed.

One month ago, he couldn’t even do a push-up properly, now he can lift his whole body with one hand.

However, real power cannot be based on speculation alone. It must be tested in actual combat.


He found out a long time ago that the energy obtained from battles is much more than normal cultivation.


And this time.

The Murloc Hack finally came to the crowd and said:

“I suppose that everyone knows what this mission is about. Okay then, let’s go now.”


The reservists took out the coats they had already prepared and put them on one by one.

The style of this coat was similar to the one Dragon was wearing in the original book, but it is gray.

The neat gray coat brought a solemn atmosphere to the team.

The restless hearts of the newcomers gradually calmed down, as if they felt protected by their seniors who put on these same coats.

The marching speed of the team was very fast. After all, the weakest person’s physique in this group is far superior to ordinary people, and it is completely enough to finish a marathon easily.

It’s just that the environment on the Baltigo is really bad. Sandstorms come and go from time to time, so they had to make a detour every time, so it took them seven days to come to the coast.

There was already a large sailboat there, which has been waiting for them a long time ago.

Everyone boarded the merchant ship in an orderly and silent manner.

It can be seen that after these seven days of marching, Rez and the others have undergone a slight change in their temperament, and they are no longer so jumpy.

The Murloc Hack nodded slightly, turned around, and ordered the ship to sail.

Koala looked casual. She turned and walked into the cabin, intending to take a beauty sleep.

The reservists also found a place to rest. The seven-day march was just an appetizer. No one forgot about the upcoming real battle.

Rhodes can hardly feel any bumps. After starting at full speed, the ship quickly put Baltigo under the horizon and could never be seen again.

This is the first time Rhodes has gone to sea in his past and present life.

Although from various information and videos, he has long known how things are going to be, he has never experienced it personally; he has never been able to experience this vastness and infinity.

Rhodes leaned on the rail comfortably, and squinted his eyes, opening the attribute bar to take a look, the energy bar was filled by seven points in total, reaching 73.

The increase in energy is relatively stable.

The average gain from exercise is about 1 point a day. In the first three months, he collected 100 points of energy.

And with the lightning body enhancer technique, it was roughly 2 points a day.

During the seven-day march, Rhode naturally couldn’t perform that lightning technique, not because he was afraid of being discovered, but because he would be so hungry afterward.

Rhodes really feared that his eyes will turn green and everyone will look like food to him.

“It would be nice if there was something like a space ring.”

Looking at the sea horizon in the distance, Rhodes thought out of boredom, it is indeed a bit inconvenient to not have such a thing.

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