Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge Reincarnated With the Book of Knowledge
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RWBK Chapter 3: A Master?

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The Doroki value is a manifestation of comprehensive quality, which is mainly divided into two categories.

Physique-related qualities such as strength, speed, and fighting ability.

There is also the mastery of weapons, including weapons such as swords, spears, swords, and sticks, or elemental weapons such as the manipulation of fire.

After combining all of these qualities, and after careful evaluation, they measure The Doroki’s level of a person.

“Ed, The Doroki Level is 197, unqualified.”

A revolutionary army agent in a cloak said expressionlessly.

That young man named Ed clenched his fists, with a face full of unwillingness; he was almost there!

And hearing this data, the crowd was also in a commotion.

“One hundred and ninety-seven? It’s almost two hundred.”

“It’s a pity.”

“But it doesn’t matter, Ed will be able to pass next time.”

Koala’s expression was gentle, and when Ed walked out of the square in a lost voice, she encouraged him in a cheerful tone.

I don’t know what to say, but when I saw the lost young Ed, he was instantly excited and full of fighting spirit.

“Is the requirements two hundred points?”

Seeing this scene, Rhode frowned slightly.

The high-intensity sword practice has made Rhodes’ physical strength a bit better, especially his arm strength which has been greatly enhanced but compared to others, the gap is still very clear.

Time passed by.

Most of the boys and girls who came to the test were below 200, and they did not meet the passing threshold, so they left the stage sadly.

Only a small number of people exceeded 200, and those who exceeded 300 were less than five people, and they were also all in their early 30s.

Of course, these people were very excited, but they all pretended not to care, squinting, and enjoying the envious eyes of their peers while acting proud like roosters.

At this moment, a slightly surprised voice suddenly came from the field.

“Rez, The Doriki Level is three hundred and eighty-seven, excellent!”

Three hundred and eighty-seven?!

This is close to the superhuman’s level!

the people around couldn’t help but turn their heads to look.

They saw a sturdy young man with a cold look on his face, standing proudly.

He was 2.2 meters tall, with bulging muscles all over his body, exuding an extremely ferocious wildness, like a ferocious beast in the jungle.

At this time, facing everyone’s astonished eyes, Rez was very calm, as if all of this was expected.

“Although he’s really powerful, this guy… really deserves a beating.”

On the side, someone was talking in a low voice.

Originally, everyone’s grades were about the same, and they weren’t too high.

Suddenly this guy named Rez came out, and his Doroki Level was almost double the requirements!

Such a crushing achievement naturally stole all the limelight, and the girls’ eyes were locked on his body, which made the teenagers reconcile.

Rhodes’ expression fluctuated a little, but he soon calmed down. His kinds are just punchable characters who couldn’t live for one or two episodes.

Earlier when contenders walked up to the test, they were either unwilling or contented, but because of Rez’s top-notch results, most of the people who passed later were dull and did not cause any disturbance.

Soon, it was Rhodes’ turn, which made the onlookers look a bit more interested.

“Hey, Dr. Rhodes is also going to take the test?”

“He is so weak, how can he pass.”

“Not necessarily. I watched him practice swordsmanship recently, and he looks very well-organized.”

There was a lot of chattering. Because of his unique medical skills, Rhodes was quite famous in Baltigo, so many people turned their attention to him.

Rhodes slowly came to the square, and the agent on the side said lightly to him:

“Just punch with all your strength and hit the target.”


Rhode nodded slightly, then took a deep breath.

Only by entering the revolutionary army and relying on such great forces, one can obtain the most important training knowledge.

To become stronger!

Rhodes, who stood in front of the boxing target, his feet suddenly exerted force, his body turned slightly, and a powerful force burst out from his waist and crotch and instantly channeled through into his arm.

For a moment Rhode’s fist that was piercing the air, looked as if it was the tip of a sword, and with a loud bang, his fist hit the target.

After throwing this punch, Rhode’s eyes lit up slightly.

“It feels very good, and all of the strength was all out.”

Rhodes doesn’t know boxing, so he felt that a simple fist might not have enough explosive power. Therefore he directly used the straight thrust technique, which has the greatest explosive power in swordsmanship, and stabbed with his fist as if it was a sword, and it really worked out good.

“Explosive, pass.”

On the side, the agent was a bit surprised.

He was a full-fledged member of the Revolutionary Army. An agent like him is powerful and has a good eye. It is natural for him to notice that Rhodes’ technique helped him exude all of his strength in that punch, which was really good.

“The technique is very good, but remember not to lose your body’s center of gravity in order to exert all the strength.”

“In that case, the gain outweighs the loss.”

The recorder nodded slightly at Rhodes.


Rhodes nodded slightly.

It was a pity.

Explosive power can be tricky, but Rhodes managed to get great results. However, in other physical tests such as speed and resistance, Rhodes showed his true shape, and he failed in all of them.

Fortunately, he had expected it, so he didn’t care.

After repeatedly failing, people quickly lost interest in Rhodes and stopped paying attention.

The agent was rather kind and comforted Rhodes.

“It doesn’t matter, physical growth depends on accumulation over time. You are still young, eat more, and exercise for three years or five years. And you will hit the standard.”

The children’s comforting tone he used has left Rhodes a little a bit dumbfounded. He wasn’t expecting his physical fitness to reach the standard from the beginning.

After all, he has only been in this world for three months. How can he catch up with his peers who have been exercising since childhood?

He is exercising, and so are the others.

“I can still pass the test.”

Hearing the agent’s tendency to talk at length, Rhode hurriedly said, of course, he has self-confidence, and this self-confidence comes from his level of swordsmanship mastery.

But the recorder didn’t know. Looking at Rhode’s confident face, he couldn’t help shaking his head slightly; he wanted to say something, but in the end, he decided not to say anything.

He really didn’t want to hurt Rhodes’ feelings.

With Rhodes’ poor performance in terms of physical fitness, unless his weapon mastery is on the charts, it is impossible to reach the level of 200 points.

Rhodes finally finished the first test, and it was time for the second.

The weapon mastery test is not about measuring the mastery of every weapon, because that would be unrealistic.

Generally speaking, everyone has a weapon that they are good at using.

Of course, Rhodes chose the sword.

It’s a real sword.

The sword’s blade was sharp, with a cold metallic texture, shining in the sunlight.

When Rhodes held the hilt, his aura suddenly changed.

Normally, he is very gentle and polite since he is a doctor who saves people’s lives.

But at this time, his eyes looked sharp and cold, giving people chills on the back of their necks.

The agent suddenly felt that aura, and it wasn’t any different from the powerful swordsmen he had seen before.

“How is it possible, how old is he, how can he be compared with masters of swordsmanship?” The agent looked stunned for a moment, then he regained his focus and shook his head, it should be an illusion.


Rhodes stomped hard on the ground and suddenly rushed out.

In mid-air, as he was rushing to hit the target, the look in his eyes changed again, and it looked even sharper than before. His mind quickly condensed and locked all of his focus on the blade.

As if only the sword was in his heart, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and he waved it with great force.


There was a tearing sound in the air.

Under the unbelievable gaze of the agent, the sharp blade, like a knife cutting butter, instantly cut off the black stone used for testing, and then without stopping, continued to cut the wooden shelf underneath it into two pieces!


The wooden shelf could no longer bear the weight it should be bearing, and it shattered violently.

Immediately afterward, the black stone that was broken in two on it also slammed to the ground with a rumbling sound.


Seeing this astonishing scene, the agent’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets, while his face was full of disbelief.

This black stone is very resistant. Although it is not as good as steel, it is still the main material used to build the fortress base!

And with Rhodes’ power, he could cut it off with a single cut, doesn’t that mean…

“This is a true swordsman’s slash!”

The way the agent looked at Rhodes changed completely.

Even Koala, who has been watching from a distance, looked in disbelief. Although she knew that Rhodes’ swordsmanship was very strong, she did not expect that he has reached such a stage.

“This guy is only sixteen years old…”

The corner of Koala’s mouth twitched; a sixteen-year-old swordsman.

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