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RWBK Chapter 5 Leveling UP!

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Ed’s expression became stern and his eyes solemn. Even if Rhodes’s qualification was a bit odd, he should never be underestimated.

After the presiding revolutionary army agent announced the start of the fight, Ed charged toward Rhodes.


Ed’s weapon was a practice sword. When he charged with the sword in both hands, he came right in front of Rhodes, then he waved it straight down, with an astonishing sound of breaking through the air and fierce energy, which made the surrounding teenagers secretly astonished.

The strength of his slash is incisive.

In the field, Rhode stood there unhindered. When the blade came close to hitting him, he suddenly strike out with the sword.

His sword moved silently when it came out and suddenly looked like it was there for a long time.

Only the sound of “chi” was heard.

Obviously, the two were using practice swords, and the materials are the same, but when the swords collided, Edd’s practice sword instantly broke into two pieces and fell to the ground with a clang.

Ed was shocked!

At this moment, the entire square was as silent as death.

Everyone stared at the sword on the ground in astonishment.

“This this……”

The teenagers like Leif who wanted to challenge Rhodes couldn’t believe it.

The material of the practice sword should be extremely hard, with extremely high durability, and you shouldn’t encounter any problems while using it for three years or even five years.

“It’s really a swordsman-level cut.” After confirming it again, Koala still couldn’t hide her surprise.

With a real sword finally in his hand, Rhodes’ techniques are enough to be called a swordsman, but he should be the weakest swordsman in history because his strength is too weak.

Rhodes deliberately went after Edd’s sword, so he did not continue to attack, and stood quietly in place staring down at him.

“Do you still want to fight?”

He opened his mouth with a smile, but that looked like a devil smile in Edd’s eyes.

Eddie obviously couldn’t accept this completely unexpected result. He firmly held the half-cut sword in his hand and raised it again.

However, before his broken sword could complete its motion, the practice sword in Rhodes’ hand was gently pressed against his throat.


The half-cut sword hit the ground.

Feeling the coldness in the throat, Edd fell into an ice cellar, and when he finally woke up, a look of fear and disbelief was in his eyes.

Seeing this scene, the revolutionary army agent in charge shook his head and announced the result.

“Rhodes wins!”

Seeing this, Rhode lightly retracted his practice sword, then glanced at the teenagers on the opposite side, and said, “You…”

“Do you still want to challenge me?”

Obviously, it was just a very flat tone, but teenagers such as Leif on the opposite side seemed to be greatly stimulated.

At this time, they could notice that the incision of the half-cut sword was extremely neat, and it looked as if it had been cut by the Supreme Sword.

Such a terrifying slash clearly exceeded everyone’s imagination.

Leif and the others don’t even know what kind of power is needed to achieve this level, even Reiz, who has a Doroki value of 387, wouldn’t be able to do it.

Moreover, Edd’s Doroki Strength is one hundred and ninety-seven; he is only a little short!

Reiz, who has always maintained a masterful demeanor up until now, couldn’t help but look at Rhodes with a look of fear because even he wouldn’t be able to stop that slash, but thinking about it again Rhodes’ speed was weak, so Reiz was not afraid.

“Shut up.”

Seeing those people on the opposite side resolutely admit their loss, Rhodes shook his head in pity.

This feeling of severing everything with a sword is really good.

“It took me some time to enter it.”

“In a real battle, there won’t be such a gap.”

Rhodes returned to his place and thought quietly. He still had to practice more. He must be able to enter that state of concentration at will in any situation.

As Rhodes retreated, Leif and the others on the opposite side finally breathed a sigh of relief and continued to challenge, but most of them ended in failure, and very few people managed to win.

People who lose the challenge will not be disqualified, but their faces will be a little embarrassed.

“Okay, that’s it.”

In the end, Koala said with a smile: “After this final round, there are 31 people who have become reservists this time, Rez, Rhodes… Barry, congratulations on becoming reservists.”

There was a commotion in the square.

Those who passed were happy and satisfied.

The rest of the people also applauded in celebration.

In Baltigo, being able to become a member of the revolutionary army reserve force is undoubtedly a bright thing, and it is also a representative of strength and worth.

In the pirate world, strength means everything.

And because of Rhodes’ amazing swordsmanship that he has shown, people’s focus mostly fell on him.

The voices of admiration were endless.

Rhodes’ expression was calm. He had long passed the age when he was touted to go to heaven.

This is just the first step.

Where he was standing now is too far away from the real peak of the world.



After being busy all day, Rhodes finally returned home, intending to fully grasp that state of concentration while it was still hot. And while he was still habitually thinking, the attribute bar popped up in front of him.

Level 1: Book of Knowledge (leveling up conditions have been met)

Attribute: Intelligence +1

Energy: 100/100

Seeing that nothing had changed, Rhode curled his lips and planned to turn it off.

But in the next instant, his eyes suddenly widened, as if he had seen a ghost.

“The leveling up conditions that have been met?”

While Rhodes was extremely surprised by this sudden change, he was also confused.

This is inexplicable.


He began to recall what happened today and wondered why he would meet the leveling up requirements.


No, I have fought before.

“Then, it can only be, becoming a reservist?”

But this is too unreliable. It’s just a reservist. Then what if I become a regular, will it level up again?

If this is the case, then this advancement will just be worthless.

However, this is still important, he should level it up if he can.

The next moment, Rhodes’ thoughts moved, and the empty space appeared again in front of him. In the center of the space, the ancient book with a very mythical color was quietly suspended there.

Without any hesitation, Rhodes chose to level up.


At this moment, the hazy space underwent an astonishing change. One after another, lights flashed alternately, flying like dragons, and they rushed into the book in the center.

The dazzling divine light completely enveloped the book.

With the infusion of divine light, this quaint-looking book suddenly emitted soft fluorescence, and there was a vast and distant aura rippling.


Rhodes swallowed subconsciously, unable to calm down in his heart.


In the end, under Rhodes’ excited gaze, the divine light and the fluorescence on the book slowly dissipated.

The change was not big, but there were some new mysterious patterns on the cover of the book.

Trying to calm down his excitement, Rhodes called up the attribute bar again.

Level 2: Book of Knowledge

Attributes: Intelligence +2, Wisdom +1

Talent: Swordsmanship Specialist – the combination of human and sword, the savvy for swordsmanship is greatly improved! (An additional talent can be drawn)

Energy: 0/1000

Intelligence +2, which means that Rhodes’ intelligence is more than twice that of an ordinary person. He can already be considered a genius, and his memory has been greatly improved. If he takes the college entrance examination now, I am afraid that he will easily pass.

At the same time, this improvement in intelligence made Rhodes think faster and more clearly.

“Fighting and practicing accumulate energy points, and status determines advancement and leveling up!”

“However, according to the increase in energy demand, the status required for the next level is estimated to be relatively high. Is it a revolutionary army cadre, commander of the Fourth Army, or being a Shichibukai or something?”

When his thoughts were spinning, Rhodes made this guess; he had only a little understanding of the previously inexplicable advancement.

As for the perception of this newly added attribute, Wisdom, Rhodes did not feel any obvious change.

This should be because he has not yet mastered any new abilities.

“Mastering the state of concentration should be of great help.”

“If only there were strength and agility bonuses.”

Rhodes shook his head. The intellectual perception of these attributes is indirect and cannot directly increase Rhodes’ combat power. Thinking about this attribute is even temporarily useless.

While thinking about it, Rhodes’ eyes fell on the extra word in the talent column.

“Extra talent drawing? I will try it out.”

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