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R.P Chapter 36: Desperation


After perceiving Su Xiao’s gaze, Rize’s body stiffened, she stared at Su Xiao and did not dare to move.


At this time, [Dragon flash] on Su Xiao’s hand had been deeply immersed in the head of Gecko, piercing from his eye socket to the back of his head.


Even so, gecko was still alive, showing how strong the vitality of ghoul species was.


After Kagune was cut off by Su Xiao and broke his arm, gecko basically had no power to fight. So his head was pierced by Su Xiao.


“No, it’s impossible, how can humans be so strong.”


Gecko’s body twitched, and his brain was damaged, causing him to be confused.


Su Xiao held the handle tightly and pulled [dragon flash] horizontally.


The cruel scene appeared, and the sharp [dragon flash] directly broke the skull of gecko and emerged from the position of gecko temple.


Half of Gecko’s head was opened and slammed into the ground, and the white-red liquid flowed out of the eye socket, which looked disgusting.


Being pierced in the skull and then cutting his head in two, although Gecko was tenacious, if he doesn’t eat human flesh in time, he will die soon.


Su Xiao knew a bit about the stubbornness of the ghouls. In the original ‘foodie’, Tsukiyama Shū, who was once beaten by Kirishima Tōka and half of his head was severed, but he survived miraculously by eating flesh and blood.


The sword moved, and gecko’s head fell, and the white mask that was stained with blood on his face broke.


Su Xiao knew that gecko had an essential role in the original story.


If there is no gecko, Kaneki Ken’s growth will be much slower, but what did it have to do with him?


He came here to complete the task and improved his strength by the reincarnation paradise, he did not come here for being submissive to the role of the original story.


If Kaneki Ken appears in front of Su Xiao after becoming stronger, Su Xiao will still go up and attack him.


Now Kaneki Ken had no value for him to kill.


[You killed the S-class ghoul, Omori Yakumo.]


[Omori Yakumo is a key role in the plot, gaining 5.2% of the world’s source, now you have a total of 5.2% world’s source.]


[Your talent “as a hunter” is activated, permanently adding 10 points of Mana. You currently have 163 points.]


After killing gecko, a green treasure case floated on his body.


This green treasure case can only be seen by the contractors. At this time, a dozen contractors in the distance were greedily staring at the green treasure case. If Su Xiao wasn’t there, these people would have already swarmed.


“What? Do you want this treasure case? If you want, you can come and take it.”


Su Xiao looked at the contractors with a smile. If he was not worried about Kamishiro Rize fleeing, he would have started clearing the place.


In fact, Rize had long wanted to escape, but gecko died too fast. In a very short time, gecko was killed by Su Xiao, He attacked just four times to kill him.


The first sword strike broke the Kagune, the second cut his arm, the third penetrated his skull, and the fourth severed his head.


Rize wanted to run, but she just did not have time.


“Don’t get me wrong, we don’t have any other ideas.”


The cold fish first stated and brought those people who followed him to retreat slowly, and other contractors did the same way.


The Little girl Xi lolo hesitated for a while and retreated with the cold fish. Although she had a deal with Su Xiao, they did not have any friendship.


From Su Xiao’s cruel and violent fighting style, it could be seen that he was not a kind person.


The contractors began to retreat but did not leave immediately. After back to a safe distance, they watched the situation on the field.


“So, it’s your turn.”


Su Xiao lightly shook [dragon flash], the blood on it fell to the ground, and the blade was bright again.


After several battles, Su Xiao found that [dragon flash] was a very good weapon, although it was only white equipment, the score was very high, reaching the limit of white equipment which is 10.


This made him understand one thing, that is, the equipment with the full score was generally good, even white equipment.


If it is full-score green equipment or blue equipment, the attributes must be pretty high, as for the higher-level equipment, Su Xiao had not seen any of it.


But what was certain was that there must be a higher level of equipment.


The murderous aura seeping out of Su Xiao Made Rize step back two steps, this ghoul’s appearance at this moment was somewhat pitiful.


If Rize wipes the blood on her face, Su Xiao would be seen as a bastard, bullying a ‘weak woman’.


But Rize was not a weak woman. This is a ghoul, even if she was beautiful, she is still a ghoul.


“Don’t come over, we don’t have hatred, let me go.”


Rize used the most helpless method that was to talk, gecko’s headless body was still lying on the ground, and if she fought it wouldn’t be a good end for her.


Su Xiao picked up the green treasure case that fell from Gecko’s body and smiled at Rize.


“Let you go? What advantages will I get?”


Rize hesitated for a while, her eyes filled with violence, but in the end, she threw a wink.


Many contractors saw this scene in the distance, and they almost fell to the ground.


Kamishiro Rize was absolutely an existence like BOSS in front of them, but in front of Su Xiao, she actually wanted to sell herself for survival, what unfairness.


Not fair? They only saw the power of Su Xiao now, but when Su Xiao was in the one piece world, it was too difficult.


Assassinating the king of a country in the world that was full of ‘monsters’ , the difficulty can be imagined.


The real power of Su Xiao now greatly exceeded his Lv.2, so there will be cases of him beating S-class ghouls more often.


What’s more, in Su Xiao’s view, the world was originally unfair. The only fair thing was that everyone will die.


Su Xiao was more interested in looking at Kamishiro Rize and slowly walked to her.


Rize took a moment and began to meet Su Xiao, but she did not put away her Kagune.


Rize had confidence in her appearance. She used this beautiful appearance to allure countless men, but the men’s end was very miserable, and they all became her dish.


Five meters, three meters, one meter.


Su Xiao’s left hand lifted up and stroked the cheeks of Rize. The skin of the ghouls was very tough, but the cheeks of Rize were very smooth and tender.


The four deep red Kagune behind Rize gradually accumulated power, and the surface emits red light, which was ready to go.




The four Kagune suddenly burst up, as if they were four iron hooks, and they pierced toward the back of Su Xiao.




The sound of the weapon into the flesh came, and the long sword on Su Xiao’s hand passed through Rize’s chest.


The red eyes of Rize gradually rounded, and there were some cruelty, madness, and fear in them.


“I knew it.”


Rize smiled bitterly, her eyes looked helplessly at the long sword that had pierced her, [dragon flash] directly passed through Rize’s heart, and its tip was stained with blood.


“A man like you, it’s not so easy to be tempted, it hurts.”


The surprising pain in the burning of Rc cells came, Rize bent down.


Su Xiao held the handle with one hand, and the other hand pressed against the back of the knife and pushed it to the side.


[Dragon flash] supposedly passed through Rize’s chest, and broke out from her armpit.




A large piece of blood was scattered on the ground, and Rize’s body weakly fell. The Kagune dissipated in the air, and her body softly leaned toward Su Xiao.


From the beginning to the end, Su Xiao had no lust in his eyes. He would be silly to allow himself to be tempted while in battle.


At this time, the reincarnation paradise surprisingly gave Su Xiao tips.


[Warn, the hunter is trying to kill important plot characters: Kamishiro Rize, please take out the Kagune from the person’s body before she dies, to ensure the continuation of the plot.]


Su Xiao nodded, this was expected.


With a bang, Rize fell down beside the foot of Su Xiao, breathing heavily, and the blood spread on the white tiles.


Su Xiao lowered his body, and he moved his long knife on his hand hesitantly on Rize’s body.


He didn’t know exactly where the Kagune was, and according to the information of the original story, it should be on the waist.


Su Xiao cut a wound on Rize’s smooth belly directly, and then his left hand reached into her body.


“Woo~.” Rize mourned painfully, there was some fear in her eyes which was looking at Su Xiao.


In the eyes of Rize, the man in front of her may be a pervert and wanted to torture her before killing her.


“Hey~, don’t just play with the girl’s body, it will be misunderstood.”


A female voice came, and a figure walked out from the dark corridor behind Su Xiao.


The first one was a small guy with a bandage on his body, wearing loose pink clothes and a hood, because of the wrapping of the bandage. Su Xiao could not see the person clearly.


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