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R.P Chapter 36: Desperation [EDITED]

After noticing Su Xiao’s glare, Rize’s body stiffened, she stared at Su Xiao and did not dare move.

At this time, [Dragon Flash] in Su Xiao’s hand had been pushed through the head of Gecko, piercing from his eye socket through his brain and out of the back of his head.

Even so, Gecko was still alive, proving the strong vitality that ghouls possessed.

After his Kagune and his arm were cut off by Su Xiao, Gecko basically had no power to fight left. In the end, his head was pierced by Su Xiao.

“No, this is impossible! How can a human be this strong?”

Gecko’s body twitched, his brain was damaged, causing him to be unable to think.

Su Xiao gripped the handle tightly and pushed [Dragon Flash] horizontally out.

The gruesome scene was visible to the others, the sharp [Dragon Flash] directly broke through the skull of Gecko and emerged from Gecko’s temple.

Half of Gecko’s head was carved open and he fell to the ground. White and red liquids splashed out of the eye socket, which looked disgusting.

Being pierced through the skull and then having his head cut open, although Gecko was tenacious, without eating human flesh in time, he would soon die.

Su Xiao knew a bit about the survivability of ghouls. In the original, the ‘foodie’ Tsukiyama Shū, who was once beaten by Kirishima Touka and had half of his head severed, but he miraculously survived by eating flesh and blood.

The sword moved again and Gecko’s head fell. The white mask that was stained with blood on his face broke.

Su Xiao knew that Gecko had an essential role in the original story.

If it wasn’t for Gecko, Kaneki Ken’s growth would have been much slower, but what did that have to do with him?

He came here to complete the task and to improve his strength using the Reincarnation Paradise, he did not come here to let the original story play out.

If Kaneki Ken were to appear in front of Su Xiao after having become stronger, Su Xiao would still go up and attack him.

Right now, there was no incentive to kill Kaneki Ken.

[You killed the S-class ghoul, Omori Yakumo.]

[Omori Yakumo has a key role in the plot, you gained 5.2% of the world’s source. Current total: 5.2%]

[Your talent as a “hunter” has activated, permanently adding 10 points of Mana. You currently have 163 points of Mana.]

After killing Gecko, a green treasure chest floated above his body.

The chests can only be seen by contractors [E/N: Presumably by workers too I’d guess.]. At this time, the dozen or so contractors nearby were greedily staring at the green treasure chest. If Su Xiao wasn’t there, these people would have already swarmed it.

“What? You want this treasure chest? If you want it, you can try and take it.”

Su Xiao looked at the contractors with a smile. If he weren’t worried about Kamishiro Rize fleeing, he would have just gone and opened it immediately.

In fact, Rize had long wanted to escape, but Gecko died too fast. He was killed by Su Xiao in a really short amount of time, Su Xiao only attacked four times to kill him.

The first sword strike broke the Kagune, the second cut his arm off, the third penetrated his skull, and the fourth severed his head.

Rize wanted to run, but she just did not have time to do so.

“Don’t misunderstand, we don’t dare have any ideas.”

Cold Fish stated and ushered the people who followed him to retreat, the other contractors started retreating too.

The Little girl, Xi Lo Lo, hesitated for a while but retreated together with the Cold Fish. Although she had dealt with Su Xiao before, they did not have any friendship.

From Su Xiao’s cruel and violent fighting style, it could be gleaned seen that he was not a kind person.

The contractors began to retreat but did not leave completely. After reaching a ‘safe’ distance, they watched the situation in the battle.

“So, it’s your turn.”

Su Xiao lightly swung [Dragon Flash] to shake the blood off and the blade was bright again.

After using it in battle several times, Su Xiao thought that [Dragon Flash] was a very good weapon, although it was only white-ranked, it’s score was very high, reaching the limit of white equipment, 10 points.

This caused him to understand one thing, that is, equipment with the full score was generally good, even white equipment.

If it were a full-score green or blue equipment, the attributes would probably be pretty high. As for higher-ranked equipment, Su Xiao had never seen any of those.

But there certainly would be a higher level of equipment.

The murderous aura seeping out of Su Xiao made Rize stumble back two steps, the ghoul’s appearance at this moment was somewhat pitiful.

If Rize were to just wipe the blood off, Su Xiao would be seen as a bastard, bullying a ‘weak woman’.

But Rize was not a weak woman. She was a ghoul, no matter how beautiful she looked.

“Don’t come over, we don’t have any issues, just let me go.”

Rize, completely helpless, tried to talk. Gecko’s headless body was still lying on the ground, she knew that if she fought, it wouldn’t end well for her.

Su Xiao picked up the green treasure chest that spawned from Gecko’s body and smiled at Rize.

“Let you go? What do I get out of that?”

Rize hesitated for a while, her eyes betrayed her violence for a moment, but in the end, she threw him a wink.

Many contractors saw this scene from the distance, and they almost fell to the ground in shock.

Kamishiro Rize was an absolutely boss-like existence to them, but faced against Su Xiao, she actually wanted to sell herself for survival! The unfairness…

But how was this unfair? They only saw the power of Su Xiao at this moment, but when Su Xiao was in the world of One Piece, it was too difficult.

Assassinating the king of a country in a world that was full of ‘monsters’, the difficulty can barely be imagined.

By now, the real power Su Xiao could bring to bear greatly exceeded his Level of 2, so there would be cases of him beating S-class ghouls more often.

What’s more, from Su Xiao’s view, life itself was unfair. The only fair thing in life is that everyone will die.

Su Xiao looked at Kamishiro Rize with interest and slowly walked towards her.

Rize took a moment and began to walk towards Su Xiao too, but she did not put away her Kagune.

Rize had confidence in her appearance, she used her beautiful body to lure in countless men, but the men’s end was always miserable, they all became her food.

Five meters, three meters, one meter.

Su Xiao’s lifted his left hand up and stroked the cheeks of Rize. The skin of ghouls was very tough, but the cheeks of Rize were very smooth and tender.

The four dark red Kagune behind Rize gradually accumulated power, their surface glowed with red light, showing they were ready to go.


The four Kagune suddenly burst up as if they were four iron hooks, they pierced toward the back of Su Xiao.


The sound of a weapon penetrating flesh emerged, the long sword in Su Xiao’s hand sliced through Rize’s chest.

The red eyes of Rize gradually widened, showing madness and fear in them.

“I knew it.”

Rize smiled bitterly, her eyes looked helplessly at the sword that had pierced her torso. [Dragon Flash] cut through Rize’s heart and out of her back, its tip was stained with blood.

“A man like you is not so easy to be tempted. It hurts.”

The pain from the burning Rc cells surprised her, so Rize bent down.

Su Xiao held the handle with one hand, pressed against the back of the blade with the other hand and pushed it sideways out of her body.

[Dragon Flash] passed through Rize’s chest, and now cut from her heart out through her armpit.


A large amount of blood was sprayed on the ground and Rize’s body limply fell. The Kagune dissipated into thin air and her body gradually leaned toward Su Xiao.

From the beginning to the end, Su Xiao never had lust cloud his mind. He would be silly to allow himself to be tempted while in battle.

At this time, the Reincarnation Paradise surprisingly gave Su Xiao a hint.

[Warning: The hunter is close to killing an important character: Kamishiro Rize. Please remove the Kagune from her body before she dies to ensure the continuation of the plot.]

Su Xiao nodded, he had expected something like this.

With a bang, Rize fell down besides Su Xiao’s feet, breathing heavily, her blood continued to stain the white tiles.

Su Xiao lowered his body, he moved his long knife on his hand hesitantly towards Rize’s body.

He didn’t know exactly where the Kagune was located, according to the information of the original story it should be somewhere in the stomach area.

[E/N: Locations according to wiki: Ukaku at the top of the spine, just below the neck. Koukaku between the shoulder blades. Rinkaku somewhere on stomach height, Bikaku at the lower end of the spine.]

Su Xiao cut open Rize’s smooth belly and reached into her body with his left hand.

“Aaargh~.” Rize wailed in pain, her face showing her fear as she was looking at Su Xiao.

In the eyes of Rize, the man in front of her may be a sadist who wanted to torture her before killing her.

“Hey~, don’t just play with a girl’s body like this, you will be misunderstood.”

A female voice echoed, and a figure walked out from a dark corridor behind Su Xiao.

The first one he saw was a small person wrapped with bandages, wearing loose pink clothes and a hood. Because of the bandages, Su Xiao could not see the person clearly.