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R.P Chapter 31: The Terrifying System

After selecting for a while, Su Xiao chose a house. He arrived at the residential area where the home was located by the afternoon.


This was a slightly old community, located on the edge of the city, but it was still convenient.


Some of the districts were deserted, and only a few old people sat around playing chess.


This was a true elders neighborhoods, most of the residents were old people, but it was fresh here, compared to the dirty air in the city center, it was apparently much better here.


Su Xiao saw a young man in a suit in the distance that seemed to wait for something as he looked at the watch on his wrist from time to time.


Su Xiao closed up to him, and the suited young man immediately greeted him.


“Hello, are you Mr. Su? I am the agent of the Sunshine Housing Network Xiaoji.”


Su Xiao nodded, he was renamed Su Xiao at this time (he changed the way he writes his name), this name had a legal identity, ID card and so on, his ticket. Items such as phone cards were handled in this identity.


In the current era, if there is no legal status, it can be said that it is difficult to move.


“It’s me, take me to see the house.”


The agent of Xiaoji eagerly began to introduce the house to Su Xiao.


“Mr. Su, I don’t want to lie to you, the rent of 800 per month is a perfect price. With the prospect of real estate in DL city now, if you have ample money, it is an excellent choice to buy this house…”


As the enthusiastic introduction began, Su Xiao smiled to deal with it.


He won’t buy a house here, how long can he stay here as a wanted man was unknown, he needs to be always ready to flee.


Although he is currently strong, he did not care about the police, but it did not mean that he can ignore the power of the country.


The police only maintained the security of the city. The real power of the country was the army.


If the army surrounded Su Xiao, he wouldn’t be able to do a thing. The real world army was different from those cowards in one piece world.


The real world’s technology was well developed, and the military’s weapons and equipment were more advanced here. Unless his attributes exceed 30 points, he cannot compete against the army.


And from the attitude of the reincarnation paradise, the reincarnation paradise did not want to interfere in the real world. This may be the foundation of the reincarnation paradise.


According to Su Xiao’s previous observations, most contractors should come from the real world so the reincarnation paradise will avoid interfering in anything of the real world.


When Su Xiao was thinking, he had already come to the door of the room.


“It’s here, Mr. Su, please.”


the Agent of Xiaoji opened the door quickly he seemed urgent for some reason.


“Do you have something urgent to deal with?”


Su Xiao looked at the agent, he was not abnormal, just anxious.


“Nothing, I want to go to the toilet, sorry, Mr. Su.”


Su Xiao entered the room, and the entrance was a spacious living room, which had been decorated which didn’t feel bad. The warm decoration style was very suitable for living for a long time.


Su Xiao walked around the room, the room was well ventilated, and the sunlight could enter the room through the windows. He didn’t need to prepare anything, he could just settle in with a bag.


Knocking the wall, Su Xiao roughly judged the thickness of the walls. The walls of this old-fashioned community were generally thick, which meant that the sound insulation was even better.


“Not bad, I want to rent it.”


The agent was pleased.


“That’s good, Mr. Su because the price is relatively favorable, so the shortest rent period here is one year. This is the contract. Please take a look.”


Su Xiao checked the contract when he found no problem, he paid the money, signed, and he officially rented the room.


After everything was done, the agent of Xiao Ji said goodbye to Su Xiao politely, but his next move was strange.


The agent Xiaoji first opened the door, and after confirming that there was no one in the corridor, he quickly left.


This scene didn’t escape Su Xiao’s eyes, it seemed there was no problem in the room, but someone was living in this building that made the agent scared.




Su Xiao chuckled, and it was already weird to meet the room cost of 100,000 dollars per month. Now, he rented in another ‘uncommon’ community.


But Su Xiao didn’t care about this. He was a wanted criminal. Will he be afraid of others? Bullshit.


Su Xiao sat on the sofa in the living room and did not know what to do.



Last time he killed the last enemy he could find, and he was now in the other foreign place. The revenge could only be temporarily postponed. He was also helpless.


Although he now had inhuman strength, it did not mean that he can do everything.


Revenge was not completed by impulse, he had been patient for three years, he did not care about this period of time.


Su Xiao believed that as he grows stronger, he will have more ways to find his enemies.


After gradually calming down, Su Xiao began to plan for the future.


A stable residence had been found, and the next thing was to wait for the call back of the reincarnation paradise and increase his strength in the reincarnation paradise.


“Bizz, Bizz.”


The phone suddenly vibrated, someone called Su Xiao, he did not have the habit to make his phone rings.


He picked up the phone. It showed an ‘unknown number’, after picking up the phone, Su Xiao did not speak.


“Friend, I had been waiting for you for a long time, why hadn’t you arrived yet.”


Su Xiao’s eyes were slightly stunned. It was the voice of the man who wanted to rent the house for 100,000 dollars before.


“It’s too much problematic to rent your room. I’m hanging up.”


After that, Su Xiao tried to hang up.


“Wait.” The voice in the phone was a little short, and Su Xiao’s fingers stopped in the air.


“Friends, all of us are selling our lives in the“paradise”. Are you hanging up now?”


Su Xiao stood up suddenly, the “paradise” he said made him think of the reincarnation paradise.


“Not interested.”


Su Xiao’s voice was dull, but he suddenly felt abnormal. Why did he call that phone before?


Although he was not short of money, when he thought about the rent of 100,000 dollars now, it was far too outrageous, he was not too stupid.


At the moment, Su Xiao realized that there might be a problem with the rental advertisement. He called a person surprisingly. The idea in his mind was that 100,000 dollars were not really high, the quality of the house must be good.


But now he thought about it, this was too outrageous.


Hypnosis? No, Su Xiao immediately denied this point. Su Xiao had seen hypnosis before, and it was not this magical. The advertisement was similar to a psychological suggestion.


“Don’t be so pretentious, come to see me right now, or I will kill you.”


The man on the phone had begun to threaten him.


“The mourning of a dog, when you talked swearing words, you should talk and step on the enemy’s head, instead of talking on the phone.”


After that, Su Xiao hung up the phone and did not worry about the person tracking his position.


The phone he used and spent a lot of money to buy blocked tracking.


In a small courtyard in the urban-rural junction, a shirtless old-aged man sat on a little horse and his face twisted as he held tightly on the phone in his hand.


“Five, have you tracked the location of this call?”


The brave man roared with a face full of scars.


A slim figure took a few steps out of a bungalow.


“Boss, the person, seemed to use anti-tracking, the superiors said to give up.”


The face of the old man was obviously violent.


“Give up? You know how much paradise coins I spent on the advertisement, it was 10,000 paradise coins. Those Sorcerers in psychology were really greedy.”


Although the old man with a scar on his face said so, he had almost given up in mind.


The advertisement could only be seen by the contractors, and the contractors with more than 20 points of intelligence were immune to it, and the person just gave him a call, indicating that his intelligence should not be too low.


If the person is a Sorcerer, the old man would be desperate. He did not want to continue to provoke Su Xiao anymore.


After Su Xiao signed a contract with the reincarnation paradise, the real appearance of the real world began to appear gradually in front of him.


Although the reincarnation paradise did not support the contractors to interfere with each other in the real world, under the temptation of broad interests, there were always people who take risks.


What they didn’t know was that there was a kind of existence in the reincarnation paradise, called the hunters, who specializes in punishing them.



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