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R.P Chapter 41: Balance Mechanism


[Open the Treasure Chest (green): Yes/No]


After agreeing to open the chest, a few items appeared in front of Su Xiao.


[You opened the treasure chest (green) and got the following items.]


[900 paradise coins.]


[kakuhou(S grade).]


[the roar of evil spirits (green).]




Kakuhou (S grade)


Place of Origin: Tokyo


Quality: white


Type: Material


Rate: 9 (Note: White items scored from 1 to 10, and the higher the score, the more precious the item.)


Description: Gecko’s kakuhou can be used for equipment training, or transplanted into the body. After transplanting kakuhou into the body, there is a 5% chance of becoming a ghoul, 94% chance of death, 1% chance of unknown variation.)


Price: 1100 paradise coins.




Roar of evil spirits


Place of Origin: Tokyo Ghoul, Jewelry Store in the 13th district.


Quality: Green.


Genre: Ring


Durability: None. (Jewelry equipment has no durability, and no repair is required)


Equipment demands: 10 points or more intelligence.


Equipment effect: Roar (active), after activating this skill, you will ignore the pain in the upcoming 20 seconds, and during the ignoring pain period, increase the attack speed by 5%. (The attack speed could only increase up to 50%. After the roaring effect disappears, this bonus will disappear.)


Tip: Roar (active) cooldown time is 12 hours, forcibly using it continuously might turn you crazy.


Rate: 21 (Note: Green equipment scored 10 to 30, green equipment with a score of 30, will be marked as ‘rare’, with special attributes attached.)


Introduction: Let me go all out.


Price: 2,700 paradise coins.




Holding the ring in his hand, Su Xiao was silent for a while.


Although this ring did not add any attributes, it comes with a superb ability, ignoring the pain for 20 seconds.


This didn’t look like special, but the pain was not to be underestimated during a battle. Strong pain could lead to a slow response time and could lead to defeat.


But losing the feeling of pain for a long time is never a good thing. This ability to ignore pain for a short time was similar to a potent stimulant.


This ring could make him burst into full strength when he is almost dead, although it was only a short 20 seconds, it was still precious.


After the life value was below 10%, creatures will enter a weak state. After less than 5%, most of the creatures lose resistance.


If Su Xiao’s life value was less than 5% during the fight, he could use this ring to temporarily ignore the body’s pain and fight with the enemy.


Wearing the ring directly on his finger, Su Xiao felt the strange energy around the ring, he could activate this strange energy at any time.


Opening the hiding function of the equipment, the ring was hidden, Su Xiao was satisfied as he nodded. He then looked at kakuhou in his hand, this was gecko’s kakuhou.


The kakuhou was round and had the size of an egg. The surface was surrounded with some bright red lines while it was entirely dark red.


This thing had a hard texture and was heavy, it didn’t appear like an organ. It was more like a hard object.


Su Xiao will not transplant gecko’s kakuhou into his body, let alone to the extremely high mortality, a ghoul itself was not a high-level creature, so it was not worth the risk.


Su Xiao already had a career, he will not choose other bloodlines, if there was confliction between the two, the possibility of death was extremely high.


As for the fusion of the two became the more advanced lineage? It was totally a dream.


It was fortunate being alive. Even if he was lucky to get an infusion, the two unrelated abilities would only give birth to a useless ability.


Just like the combination of tiger and dog, it will never produce an elephant.


Putting kakuhou into the storage space, this thing can be sold even if it had no use, a white material with a 9 rate was very valuable in the reincarnation paradise, in particular, materials could create weapons, many people in the trading market would be willing to buy.


Opening this green treasure Chest, the items obtained were satisfactory, and overall his luck was good.


After opening a few treasure chests, Su Xiao summed up a few things, that is, the creatures that could drop the treasure chests were generally stronger, as some relatively weak creatures will not drop the treasure chest.


But even after getting a treasure chest, it was not known whether he can get a generous reward or not.


After opening the treasure Chest, Su Xiao slept in bed.


CCG will be able to respond to him tomorrow morning. If there is an accident, Su Xiao will need to join the ghouls quickly. Otherwise, the cost of failing the mission will not be affordable.




At about 7:00 the next morning, Su Xiao’s door was ringing.


“Byakuya, the news of the headquarters has arrived.” It is the voice of Kureo Mado.


Su Xiao had already finished washing up, he opened the door directly and saw Kureo Mado wearing a white robe.


“The CCG General Administration agreed to let me join you?”


“Of course.”


Getting a clear answer, Su Xiao became confident.


“This is your entry document and certificate. I didn’t expect your father to be an investigator. This will greatly help you join CCG.”


Su Xiao took over the entry documents, and the reincarnation paradise immediately gave a hint.


[The hunter completed the main mission (1): the camp selection, there is no reward for this mission, and the follow-up mission is started.]


[Main task (2): superior investigator.]


Difficulty level: LV.3.


Mission introduction: Quickly improve your position in the CCG and prepare for follow-up tasks.


Mission information: Use any method to get promoted, eliminate ghouls, bribery and so on.


Mission period: 20 days.


Mission reward: 1 attribute point, 1500 paradise coins.




[The hunter successfully joined CCG, and the camp contribution value was turned on.]


[Current position: Third-class investigator, CCG contribution points: 0/50, expulsing ghouls can help you obtain contribution points. After you get the necessary points, your position can be upgraded.]


[Contribution points can also be used to purchase items within CCG, or to make Quinque.]


The follow-up mission finally appeared. According to the tips the reincarnation paradise gave before, he had to complete three main tasks in total, then he could return to the reincarnation paradise.


But just after he successfully joined CCG, there was a ‘bad news’ that came from the reincarnation paradise.


[Announcement: A “contractor” has joined a camp, and the “contractor” is enough to interfere with the balance of the camp. Balance mechanism is open.]


This was an announcement, not just a reminder of Su Xiao, but also a hint of all the contractors in the world.


Except for Su Xiao, the main task (1) of all contractors had changed, from the original choice to join a camp, into joining a ghoul camp.


This was a balancing mechanism for the reincarnation paradise, so the other camps won’t be too weak.


Su Xiao’s face was a bit ugly, as he also received a reminder. The current situation was that he was the only person in CCG, and the other contractors could join a group of ghouls.


From this, a doubt he had was cleared, that is, the identity of the hunter. It seemed that he will only receive preferential treatment in the reincarnation paradise, and in the derivative world, the reincarnation paradise treats all contractors the same.


Su Xiao did not complain about anything. This actually made sense. The reincarnation paradise always gave him the feeling that it was cruel, cold and fair.


However, he thought carefully, it was helpful that he was in the CCG camp alone. At least there won’t be any other contractors to interfere with him.


“Byakuya, you are assigned to the 14th district where the situation is a bit complicated, and they need your strength.”


Kureo Mado showed pity because Su Xiao was not assigned to the 20th district.


“Understood, I have a feeling that I will return to the 20th district after a short time.”


Kureo Mado was confused as he saw Su Xiao leave the branch of CCG in the 20th district with his papers.


The 14th district was located next to the 20th district. Sometimes, if the pressure in the 14th district is too great, the branch of CCG in the 20th district will also support them, it could be seen that the 14th district was not safe.


Before leaving the 20th district, Su Xiao suddenly remembered something. He hesitated as he thought whether or not to go to the coffee shop named Antique. After all, there were a lot of ghouls gathered there.


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