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R.P Chapter 45: Mascot


Su Xiao didn’t know about this.


Although he guessed that the third link of the main mission was a confrontation, it was only based on the speculation of the previous missions.


Early in the morning, Su Xiao came to the office of Shinohara Yukinori who said last night that he was needed him today.


“Have you had breakfast?”


Shinohara Yukinori stood up and greeted Su Xiao with enthusiasm.


Su Xiao was shocked,Shinohara Yukinori’s attitude was too enthusiastic.


“Not yet.”


“That’s just right, let’s go to a small shop nearby, it’s good, although the breakfast provided by the branch has balanced nutrition, the taste is…”


Now Su Xiao could be sure that this person needed his help for something.


“It’s my treat.” Shinohara Yukinori said.


He was sure of it.


Su Xiao nodded, followed Shinohara Yukinori, and came to a small shop.


The shop was not big, but it was very lively. The seats were already taken by a lot of guests. The aroma of the food in the store made Su Xiao’s stomach act, and hunger emerged.




Shinohara Yukinori found a four-seat table, indicating that Su Xiao should sit opposite to him as he ordered several plats.


While eating, Su Xiao did not move and looked at Shinohara Yukinori.


“Shinohara, this breakfast is really unexpected abundant.”


Shinohara Yukinori found that Su Xiao had no reaction, he chuckled and signaled to Su Xiao that he didn’t need to be polite.


“We will eat first, she will come soon.”


Su Xiao didn’t make a sound and started to have breakfast.


“Byakuya, the ghoul that was killed last night has been sent to the headquarters. The headquarters has made an exception to raise you to a second-class Investigator. This is your new certificate.”


Su Xiao put down half of the snacks and took the documents.


[Hint: The hunter is promoted to second-class Investigator. Your contribution points till the next promotion is 50/400.]


Su Xiao did not need qualifications to upgrade his position but needed to expel more ghouls. The contribution value of 400, probably need to kill 2 to 3 S-class ghouls, the difficulty could be imagined.


It was more difficult to get the promotion from the first-class Investigator to a superior one.


According to normal circumstances, the main task (2) should not be so difficult.


Mainly because Su Xiao stayed in the CCG camp alone.


According to normal circumstances, there will be more than ten ordinary contractors on the CCG side. If more than ten ordinary contractors share the contribution points, each person only needs to contribute 30 points to increase the value to become the first-class Investigator.


But Su Xiao was alone in a camp, so the task of more than ten people must be completed by him, so this kind of difficulty is born.


Most of the places in the 14th districts were very peaceful, and it was difficult for Su Xiao to hunt and kill. If he is assigned to the 1st to 4th districts, the difficulty of the mission will decrease vertically.


The density of ghouls in the 1st to the 4th district was very large, and it had reached the point where ordinary people could not survive there.


The ghouls there were all dependent on each other to survive, so there are many strong ghouls in the 1st to 4thdistricts.


According to the normal situation, the S class was the limit of the ghouls, and if they want to continue to become stronger, they can only increase the concentration of Rc cells in their bodies by eating other ghouls.


D classes were kind of children to ghouls, and C class could use kagune, but its strength was weak. B classes were common ghouls, hiding within human society. A class belonged to the elite within the ghouls’ forces. S class was a minority of talent. As for those higher than S, they could only rely on eating each other.


The strength of ghouls didn’t grow by training, but through eating, constantly consuming other similar species.


Thinking of this, Su Xiao bit the snack in his hand.


“Sorry, I’m late.”


When Su Xiao thought, a beautiful woman was sitting next to him.


The pale yellow blonde hair was bunched up, and a black female suit made the beauty’s skin looked extraordinarily white and delicate. The black stockings were highlighting her two sexy legs.


“Let me introduce, this is Mado Akira, your future subordinates.”


Shinohara Yukinori looked at Su Xiao with a smile, and the gaze seemed to say, how eloquent he was, to let such a beautiful woman be Su Xiao’s subordinate.


“I got it, I have no opinion, but…”


Su Xiao looked up at Shinohara Yukinori.


“She may die soon, and I am currently preparing to enter a high-density location of ghouls, such as West Street district.”


Hearing that Su Xiao did not refuse, Shinohara Yukinori smiled, but when he heard the West Street District, and Shinohara’s smile disappeared immediately.


“West Street District? There is asymmetry area in the 14th district. There are so many S-class ghouls that people can’t imagine. Byakuya, are you sure you want to go?”




If it is someone else, Shinohara will never agree, but Su Xiao’s strength made him have nothing to say.


“Akira, it seems that I have to give you another boss.”


Shinohara Yukinori looked to the side at Mado Akira.


“Shinohara, I have no problem, as an Investigator I am already ready for everything, even going to the West Street district.”


Mado Akira straightened her body, and her tone was very firm. She also glanced at Su Xiao.


“Don, don.”


Shinohara Yukinori tapped the table with his index finger and dialed the phone in his arms.


The phone called Mado Kureo, and Shinohara Yukinori only said a few words, and hang up the phone.


“Kureo this guy, well, you will follow Byakuya temporarily, although you are also a second-class Investigator, you have to follow the command of Byakuya. Byakuya, when are you going to West Street? ”


It seemed that Shinohara Yukinori also intended to let Su Xiao go to the West Street district, where the mutual eating of ghouls was very serious and urgently needed to be cleaned up.


“I’m Going now. Let’s go, mascot.”


The mascot in Su Xiao’s word was Mado Akira. According to the original information, Mado Akira’s strength was ordinary. 


As for the life and death of Mado Akira in the West Street district, it depended on God’s will.


When Mado Akira heard the name mascot, she was really stunned and pointed at herself.


Seeing this scene, Shinohara Yukinori had no choice but to smile, indicating that Mado Akira had to follow Su Xiao.



A black car was driving on the road. Mado Akira was driving. Su Xiao was in the co-pilot and closed his eyes. They were heading to the West Street district.


“What are your plans for going to West Street district, Byakuya? What do I need to do?”


Mado Akira looked seriously, and her chest was up.


“After arriving at the West Street district, we kill!”


This simple and rude plan, obviously shocked Mado Akira, the big beautiful woman stepped on the gas pedal, almost chasing the front car, quite a female driver’s demeanor.


“Then, what do I need to do?”


After calming down her emotions, Mado Akira asked the second question.


“You can just be beautiful.”


Su Xiao’s calm look made Mado Akira angry.


“These kinds of ghouls will not covet my beauty!”


Su Xiao chuckled and looked at Mado Akira.


“Don’t worry, you have a ‘very important’ role. Without you, my ‘plan’ is unlikely to succeed.”


Two seconds ago, Su Xiao thought of a plan.


Mado Akira was suddenly aware of Su Xiao’s gaze, she had the idea of turning around and running.


“Then, can you share your plan?”


Su Xiao’s mouth was lightly picked, and he shook his head.


“No, if you understand the situation, it may affect the ‘plan’.”


Mado Akira felt bitter, as she vented it and stepped on the gas pedal.


In the unstable mood of Mado Akira, these two came to the West Street district, this cruel area.


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