Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 53: The Life of The Species


After Su Xiao paid 800 paradise coins, there was one more skill in the skill section.


The emerging skill was an eye skill. Unlike other skills, the new skill was light gray, and the reason should be because it’s temporary.


Basic detection (temporary)


Skill level: Lv.2.


Conditions of use: 10 points of Mana.


Skill effect: Observing any biological creature’s data, the degree of data seen is calculated according to the strength difference between the creatures’ strength and the user.


Tip: Increase the data integrity by 5% for each level.


Tip: This skill cooldown time is ten minutes.




From a literal introduction, [basic detection] this temporary skill was not bad, but he was not clear what the detected information is.


“Mr. Byakuya?”


Juuzo Suzuya walked into the alley and looked at Su Xiao with confusion.


Seeing Juuzo Suzuya, Su Xiao frowned and used [basic detection].


[10 points of Mana has been consumed, the base detection is turned on, and the following information is obtained.]


Name Juzo Suzuya.


Third-class Investigator.


Life value: 100%


Mana: 50


Strength: 7


Agility: 10


Vitality: 6


Intelligence: 5


Charm: 4


Luck: 1


Skill 1, masochistic (passive): Highly excited after suffering pain, and ignoring most of the pain.


Skill 2, sadistic (passive): After showing a crazy side, it will have a deterrent effect on the enemy, increasing 8% damage.




All the information about Juuzo Suzuya was displayed in front of Su Xiao, the person was weaker than him, so the information was comprehensive.


[Basic detection] was quite a good ability, but unfortunately, this was only a temporary skill, and it will disappear after leaving the ghouls world.


Su Xiao had decided that after returning to the reincarnation paradise this time, he must get a piece of equipment for detecting strength or skills to detect strength.


“Mr. White night, where are we going?”


Juuzo Suzuya walked around Su Xiao as if he was not willing to stop for a moment.


Su Xiao stood in the same place and was thinking, the appearance of this little hamster meant the contractors began to take action.


This made him somewhat confused. He felt that his progress in completing the main task was already very fast. Are those contractors of the ghoul’s camp faster than him?


This possibility was not great. If contractors of ghoul’s camp are really strong, the balance mechanism of the reincarnation paradise will not open.


The reason why Su Xiao did wasn’t alert of the hamster at the beginning was because of this reason, maybe the person who monitored him was not a contractor of the ghoul’s camp?


The reincarnation paradise was full of dangers.


Now that the contractor who monitored him did not show up, and the thing monitoring him was also found and destroyed. He could relax a bit.


Even so, the enemy is still hiding, he had to complete the main task (2), then the enemy could not in stay hidden.


“Juuzo Suzuya, let’s go back to the branch of CCG.”


Su Xiao decided to return to the branch of CCG temporarily. Juuzo Suzuya was different from Mado Akira. This little white-haired boy had some strength.


If the contractor of enemy appears, Juuzo Suzuya can at least delay them for a while. If contractors of the enemy are not strong, Juuzo Suzuya can even kill one or two contractors.


The main task could not stop, he would not stop the task because there was a contractor monitoring him, which was the most stupid choice.


If there is danger, it is necessary to solve the source of that danger but not escape. This is Su Xiao’s style.


In the hall of the CCG branch, two rows of Investigators wearing suits stood in front of Su Xiao.


“Things are roughly like this. At nine o’clock tonight, we will gather here.”


After Su Xiao left this sentence, he went to the logistics department.


After Su Xiao left, those ghouls investigators in the hall whispered and discussed it.


Those ghoul investigators did not know the specifics of the plan, Su Xiao only told them the route they needed to block.


No one knows if there is any spy of ghouls in the branch of CCG, being careful will be better.


After scheduling the plan for tonight, Su Xiao returned to the bedroom on the upper level of CCG.


He had a feeling that there should be no a problem in the plan to clear ghouls in the auction today.


There were still a few hours away from executing the plan, and he had to rest quickly.


At nine o’clock that night, the branch of CCG was brightly lit, and many CCG vehicles gathered at the gate of the branch. Members of CCG were all fully armed while waiting here.


Su Xiao walked out from the branch, and Mado Akira got up and greeted him.


“Byakuya, the staff is assembled and ready to go.”


Mado Akira was slightly nervous as this was her first time participating in this type of mission.


“Let’s go.”


Su Xiao got in the car, and the sound of closing the doors came one after another,with the dull engine sound, Su Xiao led a team of nearly 100 people to execute the task.


With the identity of the first-class Investigator, it was impossible to mobilize so many people. This is the special approval of Shinohara Yukinori.


As for why Shinohara Yukinori allowed this, it was only because he was strong.


Moreover, clearing ghouls in the 14thdistrict had no small temptation to Shinohara Yukinori.


The team arrived near the auction site after 20 minutes. CCG members quickly got off the car and hid the vehicles quickly, then gradually surrounded the auction.


These people had experience of expelling ghouls, they were silent in the dark night.


“Mr. Byakuya?”


The Bluetooth headset on Su Xiao’s ear heard the sound of Juuzo Suzuya.


“What is it?”


“I have already arrived at the location. There is no abnormality for the time being. Are we going to rush in?”


Juuzo Suzuya’s strange laughter came from the earphones.


“Stay in place.”


Su Xiao switched channels and contacted Mado Akira.


“Akira, report the situation.”


“No abnormalities, we are concealed well.”


Su Xiao continued to contact other people, and the three exits of the auction were all monitored by him.


It was 9:30 in the evening, and it was more than an hour before the auction starts. It was not the time for taking actions yet.


“Byakuya, the mask you want.”


A member of the CCG wearing a black battle suit sent a mask.


When CCG was executing tasks on a large scale, they all dress like this, the heavy battle suits could reduce the death and injuries.


After taking the mask, Su Xiao put it on and went to the auction. 


The main entrance of the auction house was locked, only the back door was opened.


It was impossible for ghouls to hold an auction openly. Moreover, this is the 14th district.


Coming to the back door of the auction, Su Xiao took out a small can of spray and sprayed some on his clothes.


This was a kind of spray that hid the scent so that ghouls could not detect his human identity.


Most of the ghouls were sensitive, and if Su Xiao enters the auction directly, he will be discovered.


His plan to clear the auction was simple. He will first enter the auction alone. When the auction starts, he will give the order to block the three exits, followed by a feast of killing.


“The sign.”


Su Xiao just walked into the back door of the auction, and a big waist-shaped ghoul stopped him.


“Human blood T3.ST.”


After Su Xiao said this weird sign, the big man released him.


“Don’t cause trouble, or I will kill you.”


Su Xiao did not care about the threat of the big man. He was here to kill ghouls today.


Walking into the auction, this was different from the daytime scene, the appearance of the auction at night changed greatly.


Before the auction of ghouls began, the rock music was played in the auction floor, and at the corner of the ceiling, a red light was temporarily installed.


Dim environment, glaring lights, and deafening music.


These ghouls were really daring, were not they afraid to be discovered? It was actually smashed before the auction began.


Under the brilliance of the colorful lights, and the sound of the music, some women were over-excited, they even took off their shirts while shaking their naked upper body.


Crazy, hysterical, this is how these ghouls made Su Xiao feel.


These ghouls were living to the fullest as they didn’t know whether they will live or die tomorrow.


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