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R.P Chapter 101: Giving me half an hour will be enough! [EDITED]

“What do you want?”

The male ghoul looked at the ground, his eyes full of killing intent.

“If I need anything, I will go find you.”

Su Xiao moved aside, indicating they could pass.

The couple was stunned, looked at Su Xiao inexplicably. They all thought that Su Xiao would use some means to control them, such as letting them take chronic poison.

“Oh, you have lived down here for most of your life, haven’t you? The world on the surface might be different from what you think.”

Su Xiao had seen the family’s faces. It would not be too difficult to find them, as long as they stayed on the surface.

In the current era, all the streets and alleys had cameras. With the power of CCG, it was very simple to find someone.

The couple did not speak as they passed him, while the daughter walked as close to the wall as possible, to keep some distance from Su Xiao.

The cute little girl looked at Su Xiao with a look that seemed to say ‘you are a bad guy’.

Perhaps the couple was still thankful that Su Xiao let them go.

The couple had some strength, they weren’t afraid of fighting. They held back because of the Seiko little girl, not wanting to put her in danger.

Combat meant danger, and no parent would intentionally endanger their child, whether it was human or ghoul.

Looking at the family gradually getting further away, Su Xiao did not feel pity. He was not kind, that feeling had long disappeared from his heart. Compared to the secrets of the 24th district, the family’s Kagune were worth nothing.

As for the possible drop, the treasure chests, of the two SS-class ghouls, Su Xiao was not very optimistic about his chances.

Him killing a merchant in the black market in the world of One Piece and getting a chest was most likely because of the higher comparative difficulty of the world.

The difficulty of the world of Tokyo Ghoul was closer to his own level, so there wouldn’t be such good odds.

Su Xiao continued to guard the entrance of the 24th district, to prevent more ghouls from escaping the tunnels.

There were constant roars and strange noises echoing from deeper in the tunnels, but fortunately, there were no ghouls that came upon the entrance.

An hour later, there was a sound of cars coming closer, then parking, from outside of the entrance, and a bit later a large group of ghoul Investigators rushed into the entrance.

The headquarters acted very fast this time, it seemed they were concerned about the situation in the 24th district.

“Byakuya-sama, what’s the situation?”

A decent ghoul Investigator, with small eyes, walked into the entrance, followed by more than a dozen other ghoul Investigators.

Su Xiao recognized that it was an Associate Special Class Ghoul Investigator Houji Kousuke.

Houji Kousuke was followed by a newcomer named Takizawa Seido, who had good potential.

After graduating from the academy, it was arranged for some of the top students to accompany Special or Associate Special Class Investigators.

There were more Investigators besides them, but Su Xiao did not know them.

“There is no problem at the moment. There should have been a great change in the deeper area of the 24th district. The specifics are unknown though.”

Su Xiao did not talk about what he knew. For example, that Arima Kisho had gone deeper into the 24th district, or that those primitive ghouls had occupied the ‘central city’ of the 24th district, well, he did not know what or where the ‘central city’ was in the first place.

“Hello, Byakuya-san, I am a Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator, my name is Takizawa Seido.”

Takizawa Seido was very young, and looked a little nervous.


After Su Xiao made his greeting, he continued to stay alert to the situation inside the passage.

When it came to Takizawa Seido, he gave off the impression of a mild person.

But this was just the superficial impression of Takizawa Seido. When Su Xiao had looked at the forum, he had read the introduction about Takizawa Seido.

In the early plot, Takizawa Seido was a not really strong, but nonetheless a very heroic ghoul Investigator.

Then, during the ‘Owl Suppression Operation’, he had a confrontation with Tatara, and Takizawa Seido’s arm was ripped off by Noro’s Kagune

After that, Takizawa Seido was forcefully transplanted the store manager’s Kagune, and he became the one-eyed ghoul called owl.

After becoming a ghoul, Takizawa Seido quickly accepted his new identity as a ghoul, and gradually released the darkness in his heart.

This guy ate a human’s head as ‘spinach’ and treated the ‘brain’ as a jam.

Even for ghouls, Takizawa Seido was extremely psychopathic.

And after becoming a ghoul, Takizawa Seido still remembered Mado Akira deeply.

In general, Takizawa Seido was always extreme, brave on the human side, and terrifying once he became a ghoul.

More than a dozen ghoul of the Investigator placed down defensive structures, and some even wanted to repair the metal door.

But the massive door was way too damaged for repair to be feasible.

Among the dozens of people, most were not reliable, in Su Xiao’s view, only Houji Kousuke had some combat power.

A few of the Ghoul Investigators were very anxious.

At this time, Su Xiao’s eyes suddenly sharpened.

“Here it comes.”

Su Xiao looked at the dim, long and narrow passage, which was abnormally quiet.

“What happened, Byakuya-sama?”

Houji Kousuke talked quietly, it seemed that he always did things in a gentle manner.

“Prepare for combat, the number of enemies is about 200.”

Su Xiao’s intelligence was not low, he had 12 points in it.

Intelligence didn’t represent IQ. IQ was influenced by a lot of elements, inborn and acquired alike. Thus, mentally handicapped people will not become smart even if they added points to their intelligence stat.

Intelligence could increase the control of magic, and overall strengthened the magic arts.

Not only that, the intelligence attribute also determined the Mana value. But most importantly, after the Intelligence attribute was enhanced, the perception of the surroundings would also grow.

This ability was used by wizards to perceive the elements, and to mobilize them.

Su Xiao’s development was different though. Because of [devil’s constitution], he couldn’t perceive the existence of the elements, so it only helped him to perceive enemies near him.

A wizard would also be able to do this, but because of the influence of various attributes, the range of perception and sensibility were much worse than Su Xiao, on the condition that they had the same number of points.

Devil’s constitution was like a filter that ignored the elements floating in the air, to achieve a better perception.

The skills from ‘Shadow of The Law’ were not simple, as long as the user thought about it, it could be well developed.

The occupation ‘Shadow of The Law’ only had seven people obtaining it, including Su Xiao, so he had to think of ways to develop the later stages himself.

As for the unlocked skills, those should have been developed by the six statues, back when he was inheriting the occupation.

Su Xiao had a vague feeling that the ability of ‘Azure Steel Shadow’ may not be the core ability of ‘Shadow of The Law’.

It was obviously not the right time to think about it though, the sounds of rushing footsteps were coming close now.

Fortunately, there were more than a dozen Ghoul Investigators around Su Xiao who could cover him.

“Boss, there are some ghouls Investigators, what do we do?”

“Kill them, I would rather fight with Investigators than those ‘beasts’.”

A bunch of ghouls rushed in, overfilling the passage.

Su Xiao sighed. After he entered this world, he had seen such scenes many times, and he had been able to face them calmly.

Su Xiao was very calm, but the ghoul Investigators around him weren’t.

Takizawa Seido held a cylindrical Quinque, which looked like a gun, and he looked very frustrated.

At this time, Takizawa Seido looked at the ‘army’ in front of him, and his body was shaking.

“Byakuya-sama, I will cover the way. You should retreat first.”

Houji Kousuke held a long-handled sword. This was an SS-class Quinque called ‘Chi She’, it was made from Tatara’s Quinque.

Houji Kousuke surprisingly had the determination to die to prevent the ghouls from hunting his fellow Investigators, he looked like to was ready to sacrifice his life.

“Houji Kousuke, no, you will die.”

Although Takizawa Seido was trembling, he still went behind Houji Kousuke.

It seemed that this number of ghouls was already a disaster for Houji Kousuke and others.

Su Xiao untied the top two buttons of the trench coat and walked to the spot next to Houji Kousuke.

“Houji Kousuke. If you can support me with a long-range weapon, I will finish them within half an hour.”

Houji Kousuke, Takizawa Seido and the others looked at Su Xiao in surprise.