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R.P Chapter 102: The true features of CCG! [EDITED]

A large number of ghouls was rushing towards him. If he hadn’t drunk the [human gene strengthening liquid], it would’ve been hard for Su Xiao to deal with this horde.

But now, the situation was different, his Vitality had increased from 6 to 10 points, so his endurance had risen dramatically.

“Prepare for battle!”

Houji Kousuke shouted for the other ghoul Investigators to prepare their Quinque.

“Byakuya, are you sure you can handle this?”

Houji Kousuke had no confidence in winning this battle, so he asked Su Xiao in a quiet voice.

“No problem.”

Su Xiao stood in front of all the people, calmly looking at the ghouls in front of him.

These ghouls looked strange, a lot of them were injured, and some even had severe injuries, such as broken arms and or eyepatches.

Considering these ghouls’ injuries, the 24th district was also very dangerous for ordinary ghouls, at least in the current situation. It seemed like those primitive ghouls and the usual ghouls were not of the same ‘type’ and would kill each other indiscriminately. [E/N: Well… normal ghouls do that as well though?]

Wherever those primitive ghouls came from, there had to be some hidden meddling.

Understanding the secrets of the derivative world usually meant that he would get more world’s source.

And more ‘source of the world’ meant more rewards.

As such, Su Xiao was very interested in the origins of those primitive ghouls.

But now was not the time to think about this, he could do so after fighting off the incoming ghouls.

As for killing all of these ghouls, he hadn’t even thought about it. In these narrow passageways, the ghouls would flee upon receiving a serious injury, well, most would.

“Brothers, open a way to the surface! As long as we reach the surface, we will be safe. Over there, we will find more ‘food’ than we could ever need, we don’t have to care about the orders of the ‘king’. “

“Kill the Ghoul Investigators!”

The ghouls were fierce, screaming as they rushed ahead, getting closer and closer to Su Xiao, ten meters, five meters, three meters.

The blade glinted once, then the first few ghouls fell to the ground, their blood splashing on the walls of the tunnel.

There were more than a dozen ghoul Investigators with long-range weapons supporting Su Xiao. Among them, Houji Kousuke had the strongest firepower. He held a gun with a barrel as thick as his arm. This Quinque was named ‘virtual cave’, and was considered an S-class Quinque. Made out of Ukaku, it shot orange-yellow exploding crystals.

The tragic battle began, between ghouls that wanted to flee from the 24th district, and the Investigators who wanted to contain them.


1st district, CCG headquarters, in a Japanese-styled room.

A sliding door with a wooden handle was opened, and a serious looking middle-aged man walked in.

The middle-aged man wore a white suit, and had black hair that covered his ears. From his mannerism, it seemed like he enjoyed a high position.

The middle-aged man was director of CCG, Washuu Matsuri.

After Washuu Matsuri entered the room, he closed the door behind him and kneeled in front of an old man.

“Father, the obstacle in the 24th district was destroyed, and the original ghouls rushed out. I have sent Arima Kisho to deal with it.”

On the tatami inside of the room, an old man sat, looking seriously.

The old man looked pale with a classic black kimono, his beard and hair were white.

The old man was Washuu Tsuneyoshi, the chairman of CCG, a position that was higher than Washuu Matsuri’s. The general affairs of CCG were handled by Washuu Matsuri, but important matters had to be approved by the chairman.

The chairman, Washuu Tsuneyoshi, opened his eyes, which were dull, but nonetheless showed a sense of superiority and ruthlessness.

“What did the others say?”

When the chairman spoke, Washuu Matsuri always kept his head down and was very respectful.

“The others want to find a way to get rid of the original ghouls. After all, they are just failures.”


Washuu Tsuneyoshi was angry, his dull eyes glinted with a scary, cold light.

“Do they have no brains? Or did they grow stupid from the Rc cells? Although the original ghouls are irrational, they are still guarding the ‘source’.

Without the ‘source’ we will soon be extinct! Try to force the original ghouls back into the deepest part of the underground. It’s fine if they die, but we must not kill too many of them. “

When Washuu Tsuneyoshi stared at Washuu Matsuri, it looked like Washuu Matsuri was not his son at all, he only looked at him like a subordinate.

“What about the casualties among the Ghoul Investigators?”

Washuu Matsuri asked.

“As long as some remain alive, it will be fine. The number of the humans is huge. If we train and brainwash a few, we will have a new batch of Investigators ready soon.”

These few words proved the ruthlessness of Washuu Tsuneyoshi. The old man did not care about the life of the Ghoul Investigators at all.

“I know, father. Stay well, I have to go.”

Washuu Matsuri looked down, no one knew what was he thinking about.


Washuu Tsuneyoshi suddenly spoke.

“Did Yoshimura Kuzen recently show up?”

When it came to Yoshimura Kuzen, there was some inflection in Washuu Tsuneyoshi’s otherwise cold tone.

“Yes, father. The sweeper appeared. His intention is unknow though, while it seems like he was helping the Aogiri Tree, some things do not match up.”

When he heard his son’s answer, Washuu Tsuneyoshi smiled coldly.

“He is also growing old now, surprising that he was defeated by a new Assistant. Yoshimura Kuzen was our sweeper before, he knows too many secrets. If he shows up again, kill him.”

When Washuu Matsuri heard his father’s words, his expression changed greatly and hurriedly said: “Father, the sweeper has worked for V, you know he… “

“Shut up, leave and follow my order.”

Washuu Tsuneyoshi looked at his son coldly. If Washuu Matsuri dared to talk at this moment, the consequences would be very serious.

Washuu Matsuri’s expression changed once again, but he still left.

There was only Washuu Tsuneyoshi left in the room, he picked up a file, seemingly thinking about something.

“An Associate Special Class Investigator, the orphaned son of a former Investigator, he can be used to deal with Yoshimura Kuzen, even if he fails, it’s no loss, he’s only human.”

Washuu Tsuneyoshi put down the documents, closed his eyes and sat back. On the photo in the file was Su Xiao.


In the underground passageways of the 24th district.

Su Xiao held a cup of instant noodles in his hands, he was eating greedily, not paying attention to the smell of blood around him, or to the pile of dead bodies he was sitting on.

Not surprisingly, after about a third of ghouls were killed or injured, the remaining ghouls fled.

The ghouls were fought back, leaving only bodies behind.

The other Ghoul Investigators also had instant noodles in their handy, but they couldn’t eat this casually, with the exception of Houji Kousuke.

Takizawa Seido kept vomiting, most of his instant noodles were spilled.

They could have another fight at any moment, so they had to keep themselves prepared. The supplies had not yet arrived, so they could only eat instant noodles for now.

As Su Xiao was eating, the mobile phone in his jacket rang. This mobile phone was distributed by CCG, and all Ghoul Investigators carried one.

Taking out his phone, he saw that the number appeared with a name: Washuu Matsuri, director of CCG.

“This is Associate Special Class Investigator Byakuya, hello director.”

Su Xiao was now a CCG ghoul Investigator, he needed to care about the etiquette.

“Byakuya, what is the current situation at the entrance of the 24th district?”

The voice of Washuu Matsuri came from the phone. This was the first time Su Xiao was in contact with CCG’s higher personnel.

“We’re not under attack at the moment, but that can change. We need a lot of people to support us here in order to properly secure the entrance.”

Although killing ghouls could get him a lot of CCG contribution points, Su Xiao did not want to sacrifice his life for CCG without getting any benefits, otherwise, as soon as a horde of more than three hundred ghouls attacked at once, Su Xiao would immediately hand in the main task (2) and run.

The current situation was very obvious. There were many dangers in the 24th district, and there were no benefits worth it, so Su Xiao chose to ask for help.

“I have already reassigned people, more than 200, and even more will come to support them later on.

Byakuya, I have another job for you, have the others guard the entrance.”

When he heard these words from Washuu Matsuri, Su Xiao’s mouth curled up, he finally got some benefits.