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R.P Chapter 103: Taking benefits without investments? Don’t think about it! [EDITED]

Another job? Su Xiao was a bit doubtful, Washuu Matsuri contacting him directly might now be a good thing.

“Director, the current situation in the 24th district is pretty bad. I may not be able to leave.”

Su Xiao’s attitude had Washuu Matsuri, who was on the other side of the call, look a bit awkward.

“Byakuya, I am appointing you as the captain of a small supporting unit of the 24th district. You will take 30 Investigators deeper into the 24th district, and support Special Class Investigator Arima Kisho, who urgently needs reinforcements.”

Su Xiao’s face changed.

Before he had finished the main task (2), he could only grit his teeth and follow the commands of CCG, but now, he could hand in the main task (2) at any time.

As for the main task (3), that should be a confrontational task. Even if he were to be expelled from CCG, the main task (3) would not fail. This was because of mutual destruction.

Once he got expelled from CCG, the number of contractors among CCG would be zero, so there would be no confrontation task in the first place.

Realizing this relationship meant that Su Xiao had left CCG’s limitations.

If the order issued by CCG was beneficial to him, he may do it, if it’s not, he would just not do it.

“Washuu director, forgive me for my poor ability, I’m ‘not qualified’ to be the captain of such a squad, I’m sorry for failing to live up to your trust.”

Su Xiao’s meaning was obvious. It was too dangerous, and CCG still wanted to get benefits without aby investment, he didn’t give a shit.

There was no task notification coming from the Reincarnation Paradise, so it was obvious that Washuu Matsuri just wanted to order him around.

“Byakuya, are you refusing my order?”

Washuu Matsuri’s voice was a little stern now.

“Director Washuu, I don’t know if you have heard this sentence from my hometown before. A general should judge and act according to the real situation on the battlefield, and thus doesn’t need to blindly obey all orders. The situation at the entrance to the 24th district is very dangerous. Once I leave, it is very likely that ghouls will break out of the 24th district, slaughter the present Investigators and the local residents.

As a Ghoul Investigator, I will not allow this to happen.”

Su Xiao’s words could be described as righteous, conveying a sense of justice.

What a pity that this was not his original intention. These words were not just for Washuu Matsuri, they were mainly for the dozen or so Investigators surrounding him.

After speaking words like this, if Su Xiao was still forcibly transferred by Washuu Matsuri, it would leave an image of the big shots not caring for the residents’ lives in these Investigators’ hearts.

What did CCG use to draw people’s attention? It was them “protecting the lives of civilians”.

Washuu Matsuri, despite, or rather because of his high position and influence, did not dare to say things such as “I do not care about the residents’ safety!”, which would influence the unity of the Investigators.

As such, Su Xiao’s reasoning of protecting the safety of the civilians was a huge setback to Washuu Matsuri.

What was even more shameless was that Su Xiao also turned on the speaker of the phone, saying that the signal in the tunnels was not good.

Washuu Matsuri noticed the hollow sound on his side of the call and figured that Su Xiao had turned on the speaker.

“Byakuya, I understand your worries. I have sent people to replace you at the defensive position. Do not worry about it, they are good Investigators.

The task of supporting Arima Kisho has to be done. When the people I arranged for arrive, you will lead them into the deeper area of the 24th district.”

The way Washuu Matsuri talked was very smooth. He also noticed that the Investigator, Byakuya, was a bit off, he was not some righteous person.

Su Xiao walked in the direction of the surface while turning off the speaker.

“If it’s like this, then, of course, it will be fine.”

Su Xiao went faster, and soon, he arrived at the surface.

The reason he agreed was that a faction mission appeared.

[Faction mission: reinforcements.]

Difficulty level: Lv.5.

Mission introduction: Reinforce Special Class Investigator Arima Kisho in the deeper area of the 24th district, assist him in handling the original ghouls.

Mission Information: The CCG faction mission will not be counted towards the clearance evaluation.

Mission period: 2 days.

Mission reward: 15000 CCG contribution points.

Failure penalty: Demotion to First Class Investigator.


Although the faction mission appeared, Su Xiao did not accept it immediately.

“Director Washuu Matsuri, there is something to want ask for your help with.”

Although 15000 CCG contribution points were not bad, they did not manage to make Su Xiao falter. It was absolutely dangerous to go deeper into the 24th district after all.

“Tell me.”

It sounded as if Washuu Matsuri was gnashing his teeth, as a director of CCG he casually ordered Investigators around, but then he suddenly met a person like Su Xiao.

More importantly, Su Xiao was very powerful, CCG needed Su Xiao’s skills.

In addition to Arima Kisho, CCG’s other powerful people would not be able to help in this matter. The identities of those people were not public. They were all…

“Director Washuu, I fought with Yoshimura before, and I took one of his Kagune. I want to have this Kagune turned into a Quinque…”

Su Xiao did not continue to speak, and Washuu Matsuri was also silent. After a long time, Washuu Matsuri took the lead and broke the silence.

“Okay, as long as you successfully reinforce Arima Kisho, you will get your Quinque made as soon as you return.

As an Associate Special Class Investigator, you should have your own Quinque.”

Su Xiao was quite surprised that Washuu Matsuri agreed this soon.

“Thank you, director Washuu.”

Hanging up the call, Su Xiao found a big stone and sat on it.

He wondered why Washuu Matsuri agreed to his condition. He knew that making a Quinque needed precious materials and had a cumbersome process, especially for the SS or SSS class Quinque.

Perhaps the CCG executives wanted to train him as an attacker like Arima Kisho. The possibility for that was not low.

The attitude of CCG, the great changes in the deeper area of the 24th district, and Arima Kisho reaching the deeper area in the 24th district in advance, things didn’t fit quite right.

Su Xiao began to plan his next move.

First of all, he should use his status as an Associate Special Class Investigator to gain some benefits. The main task (2) still had a few days left. This was long enough for him to complete the faction mission.

Secondly, he had to prepare for the main task (3), and after completing the main task (3), he could return to the Reincarnation Paradise.

Lastly, there was that hunting mission.

Thinking of the hunting mission, Su Xiao felt powerless. There were no hints, he hadn’t met this ‘violator 12470’ even though he stayed in Tokyo for this long.

If it was not for the hunting mission still being active, he would suspect that ‘violator 12470’ had already left.

Su Xiao suspected that the so-called ‘one-kilometer tracking range’ didn’t work as advertised.

As for his hunting mission, Su Xiao had decided that it would be decided by God. Completing it was good, but there was no punishment if he could not complete it.

Su Xiao felt that the Reincarnation Paradise would not let him dodge this ‘violator 12470’ this easily.

Even if he did not get close to that person, the Reincarnation Paradise might arrange a task to get that person close to him.

While Su Xiao was pondering, dozens of CCG vehicles drove towards the entrance of the 24th district.

Some familiar faces appeared, Juzo Suzuya, Marude Itsuki, Kuroiwa Takeomi and Mado Akira all arrived.

There were also some Investigators Su Xiao didn’t know. One of the female Investigators was particularly conspicuous.

The female Investigator walked side by side with Marude Itsuki and Kuroiwa Takeomi. As such, she should also be a Special Class Investigator.

“Byakuya, it seems that your injuries have recovered well.”

Marude Itsuki came forward and hugged Su Xiao.

“Yes, the recovery went well.”

Marude Itsuki’s passionate attitude surprised Su Xiao a little.

“Let me introduce you, this is Aura Kiyoko, a powerful Special Class Investigator.”

It seemed that Marude Itsuki and Aura Kiyoko were very familiar with each other.

Aura Kiyoko had a medium body type and was about 30 years old. She wore a black suit and had blue hair.

“Hello, I am Aura Kiyoko.”

“Hello, I am Byakuya.”

As the two shook hands, and Marude Itsuki coughed and said softly:

“Byakuya, give the Kagune of Yoshimura to me, I will have some people send it to the headquarters.

Washuu Matsuri should have told you that the reinforcement team is ready, we can go at any time.”