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R.P Chapter 106: Terror!

The reinforcement team continued to go deeper into the 24th district. After the incident of Murayama, everyone was aware of the dangers of the trip.

Su Xiao checked the time, they had already traveled for three hours.

On the way, they met two groups of primitive ghouls again, it was inevitable that they had fights with them. The members of the reinforcement team reduced rapidly, and now there were only ten people left.

The cannon fodders were basically dead, and the remaining Investigators had some abilities. Although they could not be dependent, they also had some functions in the team.

As a result, the speed of the reinforcement team became significantly faster.


Su Xiao’s microcomputer sounded, Arima Kisho’s location changed. This did not happen in the first time.

“Byakuya-san, we have been here before.”

Mado Akira quickly ran to Su Xiao, holding a compass and a hand-drawn map.

“Oh, I see.”

Getting lost in the deep area of the 24th district was normal. The good news was that they were getting closer to Arima Kisho, about two hours away.


A loud beast roar came from behind.

“What is that this time?”

Kuroiwa Iwao in the behind immediately had fighting actions, staring at the dim channel behind.

“Boom, boom.”

It seemed that there was a huge monster hitting the wall of the channel, the entire passage was shaking.

Su Xiao stared at the back, his expression became worse and worse. He seemed to hear this kind of roar last time when he went into the 24th district.


The dark red meat wall not far was broken, and a huge head popped out.

The skull was at least three meters thick, similar to the head of a python, but it had a blood red eye in the center of the skull.

Su Xiao was familiar with this kind of red-eye. This red eye was only ghouls had, a black foundation, and a blood red pupil.

“Animal ghouls? How is it possible!”

Kuroiwa Iwao looked at the python ghoul with horror, CCG had never known that animals could become ghouls.

“Is this bloody eyes?”

Su Xiao looked at the python ghoul, which should be the bloody eye which was mentioned by Yuna and Arima Kisho.

The bloody eye got out from the broken meat wall. Its body was at least three meters thick, the body length could not be estimated, and it spread far in the channel. The body length of the bloody eye was conservatively estimated at least several dozen meters.

The black scales covered its body with a faint light, and the deep red lines could be seen in the scales’ gaps.

After the bloody eye broke through the meat wall, the tongue of the snake twister and the eye which was as big as a face was staring at the reinforcement team.

“Is this a dream?”

Mado Akira’s calves were trembling, she could not help but take back two steps.

“Mado Akira was right, it must be a dream, hahaha, how can there be such a creature, my wife is still waiting for me, how can there be such a creature in this horrible 24th district.”

A middle-aged Investigator began to get confused, he dropped the Quinque box to the ground, smiling with some saliva over the corner of his mouth.

“Captain Byakuya, what should we do?”

Kuroiwa Iwao was calmer than others and looked at Su Xiao.

“Retreating slowly, if we fight this animal, we will all die.”

It’s not that they didn’t want to escape, but they had been targeted by it already.

Su Xiao could make sure that if he fights with a bloody eye, he will die in less than five minutes.

The monster’s size was too large, its strength and Vitality must be extremely high.

The bloody eye’s head shaking from side to side seemed to be thinking about how to eat the humans in front of it. The human fragrance made the blood eye dribble.

Su Xiao tried to use the basic detection (temporary) On the bloody eye.

[You use basic detection to an elite creature (bloody eye) and get the following information.]

Bloody eye (elite creature)

Health points: 100%

Mana value: 110

Strength: 30 (the world’s top value)

Agility: 12

Vitality: ??

Intelligence: 11

Charm: 2

Skill 1:

Elite creature (passive): Strength +10, Agility +5, Vitality +10

Skill 2: Thermal sensing (Passive): Increasing the tracking success rate by 60% when searching preys.

Skill 3: Paleospecies(passive): Defensive power +6, abnormal state resistance increased by 30%.

Skill 4: Crazy biting (active): The bloody eye is a variant creature with a shark-like tooth. The ability to bite was beyond the normal biological range. After being bitten by a crazy biting (active), if the health is below 80%, The physical attribute will be judged, and if the judgment fails, the effect of death will appear immediately.

Skill 5:???

Skill 6:???


After reading the bloody eye’s information, Su Xiao took a deep breath. The strength attribute of 30 points had never seen by him before. After being bitten, they will be judged for their lives. What a horrible thing is this?

As for the sentence that ‘the life value is less than 80% will be judged’, Su Xiao thought that was even nonsense. It will be lucky for not dying after being bitten. How do they even expect the life value will be higher than 80%?

“Byakuya-san, what can we do?”

Mado Akira held Su Xiao’s arm, the strong woman had only fear in front of the bloody eye.

“All members, pay attention, use all the ways to escape!”

Su Xiao shouted and led the reinforcement team to rush to the deeper area of the 24th district.

The bloody eye, this horrible creature, Su Xiao did not have thought to fight with it, the power of the bloody eye was two times than his power, the gap of vitality was even more uncalculated, completely crushed over him.

Vitality??? It meant the blood eye’s Vitality was very high. The huge body may make its vitality also 30 points.

After the bloody eye found that Su Xiao led those people to escape, there was some joy in the one-eyed. It was wise, or it deliberately let the reinforcement team go and enjoyed the fun of hunting.

The bloody eye swallowed its tongue, the snake body twisted in the channel, the scales rubbed against the ground, the huge body of the bloody eye showed extremely fast speed.

Su Xiao and others fled quickly, and there was a loud rumbling behind them.

“Captain Byakuya, the monster caught up.”

A chubby Investigator, obviously not good at running, did not run for a long time, his speed slowed down and fell to the end of the team.

The bloody eye’s body twisted, and the speed suddenly increased. Its mouth was enlarged to ninety degrees, revealing its sharp teeth which were like daggers.


The mouth was closed, and the fatty Investigator was swallowed into the snake mouth, only a broken hand fell to the ground.

“Click, click.”

The terrible chewing sound came, the bloody eye was different from the ordinary python, it did not directly swallow food, but chewed it first.

The blood was dripped in the snake’s mouth. The bloody eye opened its one eye, it tasted the deliciousness of human flesh.

After tasting the flavor of human flesh, the speed of the bloody eye accelerated again, the snakehead took out like thunder and swallowed another Investigator.

Those Investigators did not have any ability to fight back in front of the bloody eye.

If they are in the wide space, Su Xiao can still fight with bloody eye by the advantage of speed, but now in the underground passage of the 24th district, he can only choose to escape.

After fleeing for a while, there were three roads ahead.

“Escape separately.”

Su Xiao shouted and ran to the middle of the roads.

After seeing three roads, the joy in bloody eye’s eye disappeared, and the snake body quickly twisted, catching up with the reinforcement team suddenly.

Kuroiwa Iwao which was behind suddenly stopped.

“Captain Byakuya, I will stop the bloody eye.”

This experienced old Investigator had found that it will take time to escape into the crossroad.

Su Xiao looked awkward, Kuroiwa Iwao’s action was very brave. But facing this kind of monster, even Kuroiwa Iwao could not stall for time.


The bloody eye passed through the passage, and Kuroiwa Iwao, the special Investigator, was buried in the snake’s belly in less than a second.

Kuroiwa Iwao was not silly, but he didn’t understand bloody eye’s information and didn’t know how terrible this giant python is.

After bloody eye-catching up with the reinforcement team, the bloody eye swallowed a few Investigators, chewing with sounds. With this short time, Su Xiao entered the middle of the three roads, Mado Akira and Juzo Suzuya were behind him. 

Although Mado Akira had no good strength, she ran very fast.

The bloody eye stopped in front of the crossroad and began to enjoy a meal of human flesh.

Only three members were remaining in the reinforcement team.