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R.P Chapter 111: IXA Interrupts

The clashing sound came from inside the passage as Su Xiao and Takatsuki Sen fought.

“I’m gonna kill you and smash your head.”

Takatsuki Sen’s personality changed greatly in the kakuja state.

Takatsuki Sen’s appearance was similar to the store manager’s kakuja shell, but Takatsuki Sen’s kakaja shell was obviously bigger.

Compared with the store manager, Takatsuki Sen had less combat experience, but she was stronger and faster.

Su Xiao sided to evade the claws formed by the kagune, and dragon flash swayed in front of him, blocking the big mouth which was preparing to bit him. Before the big bloody mouth closed, Su Xiao slashed.


Takatsuki Sen bit on dragon flash, and the blade was on Takatuki Sen’s upper jaw.

Holding the handle with both hands, Su Xiao made efforts with his waist, his whole body was like a strong bow full of power, the power was transmitted from his waist into his arms, and the long sword cut up.


Takatsuki Sen’s upper jaw was wounded; dragon flash was blocked by the bones formed the by kagune.

This sword was taking out her life, the upper jaw was open, and the pain of the burning energy from Qing Gang Yin made Takatsuki Sen’s red eyes began to turn up.


After a mourn, Takatsuki Sen’s two claws waved wildly, Su Xiao immediately jumped after taking out of his sword.

“Ha, ha.”

Blood rushed along Takatuki Sen’s mouth, this attack really scared her a lot.

If dragon flash was sharper, Takatsuki Sen’s shell head might have been cut open.

Although it was the shell of kakuja, not Takatuki Sen’s real head, under this kind of injury, Takatsuki Sen could only let Su Xiao rub on the ground afterward.

“It hurts, you bastard, you’re definitely not a pure human, like the guy from Hakubitei’s experimental product? CCG was crazy.”

Hakubitei? Su Xiao had not heard this title before, perhaps that was the organization that CCG cultivated their combat power from.

Su Xiao rushed forward with cold expression after splashing the blood on the dragon flash.

As he stepped forward, Su Xiao changed his strategy.

As an SSS-class ghoul, Takatsuki Sen had high Vitality. He may not be her opponent in endurance. He must find a way to kill her directly.

Now the battle hit a dead end, as both sides could not understand each other thoughts in a short time, with the last experience, Takatsuki Sen used her two claws to attack Su Xiao as to avoid the pain from the Qing Gang Yin.

Although the posture was not elegant, it could keep her having the upper hand. This girl was very thoughtful.

After rushing to Takatsuki Sen, Su Xiao still gave a routine attack using his sword. He always attacked the throat or the heart, he did not consider other places of the body.

Since he attacked, it was necessary to kill the opponent quickly.

Takatsuki Sen’s kagune on her arms met the attack which were two kagune like huge swords.


The crisp sound from the gold and iron clashed, Takatsuki Sen’s kagune raised, intending to push Su Xiao.

After two exchanges, they knew each other a bit more. Su Xiao’s strength was a bit weaker than Takatsuki Sen, but the gap was not big.

Su Xiao stepped back two steps, as he took his second step, he stepped on a withered bone.

The withered bone had been in existence for a long time. After Su Xiao stepped on it, it broke. His body focus was unstable, and he intended to retreat for one step to stabilize his body focus.

Takatsuki Sen was ecstatic in her mind, this opportunity did not appear often, she was very lucky today.

She controlled the huge kagune shell and rushed to Su Xiao. The two kagune like big swords, the white paw formed by a kagune and the big mouth attacked Su Xiao at the same time.

Su Xiao kept the posture of retreating, it seemed that his body was unstable, but he did it on purpose.

How could he make this kind of low-level mistake? He was good with swords, combat strategy, combat skills, and murdering his enemies.

Su Xiao vaguely smiled, his body bowed and stepped with one leg on the ground, pushing his whole body forward.

Takatsuki Sen ‘s two big kagune swords and claws did not cause any injuries to Su Xiao, and he surprisingly rushed into her arms.

Su Xiao backhanded the handle of dragon flash.

The other hand tucked the end of the dragon flash, the slender blade stabbed into Takatuki Sen’s mouth. He directly pointed at Takatuki Sen’s throat and organs in her body.


Dragon flash attacked smoothly, and it penetrated deeply into Takatuki Sen’s mouth. The tip of the sword even reached her chest, Takatsuki Sen’s original body which was under the kagune shell was extremely freaked out.

If this attack stabs her, it will pierce her head.

Takatsuki Sen’s kagune shell was 4 meters high, while Takatsuki Sen was short, only 1.5 meter.

Takatsuki Sen’s original body could still move under the kagune shell.

If you are stabbed from the top of the head by a sword, you will move down, and Takatsuki Sen did it as well, she immediately moved her body down.


The sharp tip of the Sword stopped in front of Takatuki Sen’s nose, her pupil was trembling because she was almost dead.

After attacking, Su Xiao stepped on Takatuki Sen’s shoulder with the kakuja shell.

In Su Xiao’s view, this attack should be effective, even Takatuki Sen was not dead, she may injure.

But who could think of that Takatsuki Sen escaped this attack because she was short, her short body saved her life? 

The dull red one eye on the kakuja shell suddenly became bright and bigger, Su Xiao murmured that something bad was going to happen.

Sure enough, a white paw slap to his chest.


Su Xiao has slapped far away, and there were several blood marks on his chest. However, he was not weak. With the power of the blow, dragon flash cut through Takatuki Sen’s entire chest of kakuja shell, forming a wound which was nearly one meter.

“Cough cough.”

Blood rushed out from his throat, Su Xiao’s mouth had some blood. A rust taste filled his mouth.

Su Xiao pressed his chest by one hand, as he felt pain. His ribs were supposed to crack, the injury was not heavy, he still could continue to fight.

Su Xiao’s injury was not too heavy, but Takatsuki Sen’s was.

Takatsuki Sen was an ukaku ghoul, although she was kakuja, she didn’t have good resilience.

The kakuja shell was almost smashed, her blood flew out like water.

“Crack, crack.”

Takatsuki Sen’s kakuja shell began to break and gradually dispersed like a dead standing tree.

Less than a few seconds, Takatsuki Sen became a short girl with 1,5 meters height from original 4 meters height.

Takatsuki Sen’s bandages were scattered, revealing a white cheek and long light green hair.

The long hair is scattered on Takatuki Sen’s back. Her hair was not soft and somewhat lifted, the layers were distinct, it looked beautiful.

“The mistake was a bait, right? I am stupid. How can you make such mistakes, for being stupid, I should pay the price.”

A breeze blew through the nearby passage, Takatsuki Sen immediately noticed some abnormalities.

Touching the bandage on her face, she found that her appearance had been shown in front of her enemy, Takatsuki Sen immediately wanted to cover her face.

But she ignored one thing. Should she cover the nipples on her chest first or was her face more important? If her face is not seen, she will feel less embarrassed?

She realized that her appearance had been seen by Su Xiao, Takatsuki Sen no longer made meaningless moves but pulled the bandage on the chest to make sure her body was covered.

“What a weird clothes.”

Su Xiao spits out bloody saliva.

The current situation was that she was hurt heavily, so Takatsuki Sen could no longer use kakuja shell.

The Rc cells in the ghouls’ bodies were not infinite. After the Rc cells were too low, they could not even use kagune. Of course, Rc cells could recover after a rest. Eating human flesh or swallowing other ghouls could speed up the recovery.

Without kakuja shell, Takatsuki Sen was almost like losing weapons.

Su Xiao rushed to the front of Takatsuki Sen and slammed down the long sword.

Takatsuki Sen’s eyes were full of helplessness. Her strength was not weaker than Su Xiao, but the mistakes she made was too severe, it put her at risk of losing her life.

The ukaku on the back shoulder appeared, Takatsuki Sen intended to defend by the ordinary kagune.

The attack that kakuja shell could not completely defend against, could ordinary kagune defend? The answer was no.

Just as Su Xiao prepared to cut down to win this fight, the ground beside him had a sharp object broke through the ground.

The sharp object hit Su Xiao’s shoulder, not in a fatal position, and the speed was not too fast, it seemed that it didn’t want to kill Su Xiao, just want to force him back.

As for this helpless situation, Su Xiao gave up stabbing Takatsuki Sen and jumped sideways. After landing, he looked at the sharp item that broke out.

“This is, IXA?”

That was Arima Kisho’s Quinque.