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R.P Chapter 113: Arima

“Let’s say that CCG you’re loyal to is not a human organization. Aogiri tree fights for freedom and breaks the distorted rules of this world.”

Takatsuki Sen’s eyes were full of anger. It seemed that she had a deep hatred towards CCG. She stared at Su Xiao and intended to see the expression of the belief was being broken and doubting life on Su Xiao’s face.

Takatsuki Sen was destined to be disappointed, Su Xiao accepted this fact calmly.

“I was wondering that CCG executives always issued some silly orders, which caused lots of casualties when Investigators killed ghouls.”

Su Xiao has already understood the general situation of CCG. In general, CCG was not fighting for a human. It was an organization controlled by ghouls. The highest position of human in CCG was a special Investigator, it will be impossible for them to go further.

Of course, there had always some clever Investigators who discovered these secrets, in which they were all killed by some powerful ghouls.

The process for CCG controlling the number of human and ghouls as follows.

The Investigators were responsible for controlling the number of ghouls and using Quinque to kill ghouls in small amounts.

The ghouls that were hidden in humans unconsciously controlled the number of humans, they only need to eat as normal.

Under the interference of CCG, the two had reached balance, ghouls had enough food to eat, and humans will not go extinct.

After Aogiri tree came out to mess up the situation, the balance was destroyed, so CCG’s executive ordered to clean up the Aogiri tree.

The lie of using the hot weapon against ghouls was ineffective had been ingrained, because of this, CCG only could send Investigators to deal with Aogiri tree.

“I have a question. Do any other forces except CCG asks Investigators to fight with you?”

Su Xiao was asking Takatsuki Sen.

“Of course, those Investigators are the easiest to deal with. I am not afraid of Investigators. What really threatens us is those people who are well trained and use hot weapons.”

Takatsuki Sen opened the bandage at the lower abdomen. On her flat and white belly, it could be seen several coin-sized scars. The scars were very light and could only be discovered by careful observation.

“This is the most dangerous one. I was surrounded by several human snipers. If I did not get supports from Noroi, I would already be dead.”

Takatsuki Sen pressed her lower abdomen.

CCG had formed the current power and balance under the management of several generations by Washuu family.

Ghouls lived in the dark side, people live under the sunlight, but humans were actually raised by the CCG high position.

Washuu family was ghouls family, they were also members of V organization which was told by Arima Kisho. This organization was extremely powerful.

“Remember the ‘fukuro’ you had fought before, that is my father, he is just a street sweeper of V organization, that is, the killer who excludes dissidents.”

When Takatsuki Sen mentioned that her father was Yoshimura Kuzen, her tone was not really good, as if she had some resentment against him.

“I understand basically now, we talk a lot, but is there any connection with your cooperation?”

Su Xiao looked at the two, even if CCG is not for human, Arima Kisho was a human, there was no possibility to cooperate with Takatsuki Sen unless…

“Of course it matters, because I am not human.”

Arima Kisho left the language astonishingly, the most powerful Investigator of CCG surprisingly admitted that he was not a human.

“What do you mean?”

“My gene was half a human and half a ghoul.”


Su Xiao had never seen Arima Kisho using kagune, his eyes were also with normal colors.

“Not one-eyed, I am a semi-human. There are two situations when ghouls combine with humans.

The common one is semi-human, which is the situation I am in now. As for the one-eyed you said, it is called a semi-ghoul, which is very rare. At present, only Takatsuki Sen is one as far as I know.”

Su Xiao looked at Takatsuki Sen.

“I didn’t know that you are a rare creature.”

Takatsuki Sen’s expression became serious, her sight clearly began to turn bad.

“The so-called semi-human, although semi-human has strong physical quality, they also have great defects, their lives are very short.

As for me. When I was twenty years old, my hair color began to turn white. If I don’t have any accidents, I could survive for three to four years. ”

Now Su Xiao finally understood where did Arima Kisho physical quality that was beyond ordinary people come from.

“In this way, your right eye is…”

“Glaucoma, my eyesight is blurry, it becomes better after wearing glasses, compared with the right eye, physical exhaustion is more serious.”

There were basically no vulnerabilities in Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen’s words, but Su Xiao still had one thing not understand. If this matter is not clear, he will immediately find ways to retreat.

“Arima. Since you are a ghoul, how do you pass the Rc cells detection door? Even if you are a semi-human, the Rc cells concentration in your body should not be low.”

Not only Arima Kisho, if the members in Washuu family are all ghouls, how can they pass the Rc cells detection door?

Takatsuki Sen said:

“There is a ‘defect’ in that poor door. The ghouls in V organization will not be detected. Not only Arima, but I also will not be detected.”

Su Xiao suddenly remembered that Takatsuki Sen, a literary girl ghoul, had visited CCG branch to interview Shinohara Yukinori and Juzo Suzuya in the original plot.

In this way, Washuu family may have done something on the Rc cell detection door. After all, this thing was invented by CCG.

“I had cooperated with Takatsuki Sen for 13 years ago, and now, I am going to do one thing. But this thing can’t be done only by me and Takatsuki Sen. So I want to invite you to join us now.”

There was a clue in the original work for the cooperation between Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen. The two had fought against each other. Although the battle was fierce, there was no sign for them wanting to kill each other.

After Takatsuki Sen swallowed her father and successfully escape, she said a word, ‘that guy is really cruel.’

The meaning of this sentence was obvious, the two were acting.

However, when Arima Kisho was acting, he cut off Takatsuki Sen’s arm of kakuja shell, and Takatsuki Sen was so angry that she smashed Arima Kisho’s the S+ Quinque ‘IXA’.

Many phenomena had shown that the two had long cooperated, one was the strongest Investigator hidden in CCG, and the other is the ‘king’ of ghouls.

“I can’t find a loophole for the time being from what you said, but why did you cooperate 13 years ago?”

The words of Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen were only from their perspectives. Although those words were clear with no loopholes and reasonable, from the point of the two had cooperated 13 years ago was still hard to be convinced.

“Because, I was the king before Takatuki Sen, I was the ‘king’ of ghouls in the previous generation.”

Arima Kisho revealed big news again.

“I have the strength of ‘king’, but I am not a ghoul, Takatsuki Sen is a ghoul, but she does not have the strength of ‘king’, neither of us is complete enough, so we cooperate to find and cultivate the next generation of ‘king’, A complete king of ghouls.”

Things got interesting now.

“Complete king? Interesting, if I’m right, the king you cultivated is dead.”

“Yes, he was killed by you.”

“You bastard.”

Takatsuki Sen stared at Su Xiao, she was very angry.

“Why do we ask him to cooperate, he obviously destroyed our plan.”

“Because he is strong enough and he’s not a member of V, nor a member of the clown, nor even a ghoul.”

Arima Kisho looked directly at Su Xiao.

“I have told you all the things, are you ready to cooperate with us now?”

Su Xiao pondered for a while. He had just listened to too many secrets. Now if he doesn’t cooperate with the two. These guys will definitely kill him.

Takatsuki Sen was in a bad situation now, but Arima Kisho will be very difficult to deal with. This guy was very strong in any kind of distance, and he had Quinque ‘IXA’ in defense.

“I am very interested, tell me what you are going to do.”