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R.P Chapter 114: You are caught! [EDITED]

Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen looked at each other, Takatsuki Sen was a bit unhappy, but she still nodded.

“We planned to train a new ‘king’, but this plan has already failed. There can only be one kind of creature in the world, our races shouldn’t be able to coexist, or ghouls should never have appeared in this world.

At the moment, V had too much power, but I have ways to let V lose everything. As long as V disappears, the world will change.”

Arima Kisho’s words surprised Su Xiao. He couldn’t help but look at Takatsuki Sen, who stood next to him. “Takatsuki Sen is right next to us, are you sure these words will not make her hostile?” Su Xiao thought. Even more, Arima Kisho was not a pure human, he was a semi-human, half ghoul and half human.

“Let V’s ghouls lose everything? Takatsuki Sen, do you agree with that? Your father is a member of V, and if ghouls in V are different from ordinary ghouls, then you will be affected too, right?”

Su Xiao suddenly felt that the things Arima Kisho mentioned would not be very reliable.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as it will make those people pay, I don’t care.”

V caused Takatsuki Sen to lose her mother, and she grew up alone in the 24th district. Noro could only take care of Takatsuki Sen’s daily life, but he couldn’t give her a parent’s love.

Takatsuki Sen’s expression didn’t look like she was lying.

The plan the two had prepared for thirteen years had come to an end, and there was not much time left for Arima Kisho, they could only go ahead now.

“In fact, we cultivated the ‘king’ just to get someone strong enough to let him destroy a certain ‘thing’. As long as this ‘thing’ exists, the world will continue to distort. As for whether humans or ghouls will win afterward, that is none of our business.”

Things became completely clear now.

Although Arima Kisho was a member of V, he was cooperating with Takatsuki Sen and intended to cultivate the next ‘king’.

Now, the ‘king’ the two had expected to rise had died, wasting their efforts.

But Su Xiao’s appearance had let them think of another way.

Why did they need to cultivate a king, they could just cooperate with the guy in front of them and go ahead with their final plan.

For this reason, Arima Kisho tempted Su Xiao back when they were in central city.

Arima Kisho wondered whether Su Xiao would be loyal to CCG, but from Su Xiao’s words and behavior, Arima Kisho knew that Su Xiao was not. Because of that, the scene that Arima Kisho went ahead with this.

Now Su Xiao wanted to understand the specifics of their plans, he needed to make a decision.

But he was worried about it. How dangerous was the ‘thing’ that even Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen together couldn’t kill?

At this time, Reincarnation Paradise’s notification solved Su Xiao’s concerns.

[You triggered the hidden task: Source. Accept: Yes/No]

Hidden task: Source.

Difficulty level: Lv.6.

Mission Instruction: Source, this derivative world’s core item.

Mission Information: Follow the plot character Arima Kisho to find the Source and get it.

Mission period: 6 natural days.

Mission reward: 2 attribute points, soul crystal (small) × 3.

Mission punishment: All attributes -3.


Su Xiao had decided to complete this task as soon he saw the [soul crystal (small) × 3] in the mission reward.

The more dangerous the mission, the higher the reward, if stayed away from danger, he would never grow stronger.

If he wanted to stand out amongst the many contractors, he had to have courage and perseverance. Otherwise, the Reincarnation Paradise would eventually give up on him, and he would die.

After Su Xiao chose to accept the task, the Reincarnation Paradise’s notification appeared again.

[You have accepted the hidden task: Source.]

[You and the plot characters Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen formed the ‘temporary plot adventuring group’.]

[You can leave the temporary plot adventuring group at any time, with no penalty.]

[The current members of the temporary plot adventuring group: contractor 13013 (Hunter), Arima Kisho, Takatsuki Sen]

Su Xiao frowned, this ‘temporary plot adventuring group’ was cool, he wanted no permanent teammates anyways, since the ability to leave or betray the party was not available in the regular party-system.

Actually, this was a kind of help from the Reincarnation Paradise. If Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen did anything to betray Su Xiao, the two would automatically be withdrawn from the ‘temporary plot adventuring group’, so Su Xiao would be alerted in advance.

After a dozen seconds, he noticed that this seemed to have been prepared just for him…

“For now, I agree to cooperate with you. Let’s talk about your plans. I don’t even know what you want me to do. How can I fully agree to cooperate with you?”

Arima Kisho nodded.

“Things are like this. At the bottom of the well in the central city, that we blew up, there’s a very dangerous area.

Somewhere in that area, there is something hidden that is called ‘Source’. I don’t know what specifically it is, but one thing is certain. Destroying that thing will have a devastating effect on V.”

After listening to Arima Kisho’s description, Su Xiao was stunned.

It turned out that the convenient withdrawal function was prepared for him after all.

Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen wanted to destroy the Source, and Su Xiao’s mission was to obtain it.

The three were teammates until they found the ‘Source’, but they may not be after that.

“That’s it. Let’s not talk about the upper part of the well that we blew up. If we go deep into the well, we will meet those primitive ghouls. It will be hard to get rid of them.

And what will I get if I help you destroy this so-called ‘Source’?”

He had to act this out. If Su Xiao promised the two without trying to gain any benefits, it would just make them suspicious.

“After we destroy it, I will give you a Quinque called ‘Owl’ as a reward.”

Arima Kisho surprisingly took out his strongest Quinque, he was prepared to pay the price.

”What? The SSS level Quinque ‘Owl’?”


Su Xiao pretended to hesitate.

“With that Quinque, you will definitely be stronger.”

Takatsuki Sen also tried to persuade him.

Normally, since Su Xiao destroyed their plan, the two should cooperate to get rid of him.

But now, even if they killed Su Xiao, it will not help them, not to mention that they may not necessarily be able to kill him, after all Su Xiao was truly powerful.

“I agree, but before we execute your plan, I have to go back to the surface, there is something I have to do.”

Su Xiao would go back to the surface, spend all the CCG contribution points and complete the main line task as soon as possible.

When executing the ‘hidden task: Source’, Su Xiao would become an enemy of CCG, it would be better for him to complete the main task first.

“Of course we have to go back to the surface. We have to cooperate with other people too. It is unlikely that we could succeed with just us.”

Su Xiao did not speak, Arima Kisho looked at Takatsuki Sen.

“Why are you looking at me?”

“You were ‘caught’ by Byakuya and me.”


Takatsuki Sen was astonished, and Su Xiao didn’t understand either.

“I intend to…….”

Arima Kisho began to describe his ideas to the two.

Five minutes later, Takatsuki Sen sighed.

“Alright, I was caught by you, but let me tell you, you can’t an inject Rc cell inhibitor into me, and both of you need to escort me in person.”

Takatsuki Sen’s words worried Su Xiao a little. Takatsuki Sen seemed to trust Arima Kisho, which was not good considering for his mission.

But now, the first thing to do was to return to the surface. The news that he and Arima Kisho caught Takatsuki Sen would probably shock the CCG.