Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 115: Lonely walker’s worries!

Su Xiao pressed Takatsuki Sen and passed through many Investigators at the entrance.

“Who is this woman, she looks a bit familiar.”

“When it comes to this, I feel a bit familiar as well.”

“Isn’t this Takatsuki Sen? She is a very famous novelist, how could she appear in the 24th district, and was also personally escorted by Arima Kisho and Byakuya, Maybe..”

Numerous Investigators were discussing, now was not the time to announce the identity of Takatsuki Sen.

If these Investigators know the identity of Takatsuki Sen, they will surely rush forward and find ways to smash Takatsuki Sen.

Aogiri tree had deep resentment with CCG, hundreds of Investigators in the present, more or less have a hatred with Takatsuki Sen.

Takatsuki Sen, who was very calm before, couldn’t help but felt nervous now. She was like a tiger walking in a wolf group. She pressed her voice to a very low level and said:

“Arima Kisho, is your plan reliable?”

Su Xiao was shocked.

“Less nonsense, do you want to die? If these people know your identity, Arima Kisho and I can’t stop them.”

The three walked faster and quickly passed through the crowd, returned to the ground, and came to a barren land, the three became relieved.

Arima Kisho took out the phone to contact CCG headquarter.

“Director, the mission was completed, the primitive ghouls were expelled back to the underground, but the well was destroyed. At that time, the situation was ‘critical,’ I could only blow it up…”

The ‘details’ of mission that Arima Kisho was telling to Washuu Matsuri, most of them were real.

“Yes, no problem. One more thing, Byakuya and I met the fukuro of Yoshimura in the underground, she was caught by us.”

The voice on the phone was obviously higher. Su Xiao heard something vaguely. You’re responsible for this and so on.

“Understand, just in case, I will let Byakuya escort her.”

Washuu Matsuri on the phone seemed somewhat hesitant, he talked about something to Arima Kisho, and Arima Kisho turned his head and looked at Su Xiao.

“That guy is not obedient, okay?

No, we are not together now. If I just use his power it will be fine, the guy has not shown any purpose. He has been cooperating with me in the deep area of the 24th district. He is still available for the time being.”

Needless to say, Su Xiao must be ‘that guy’ that Arima Kisho said. After he was extorted by Su Xiao, Washuu Matsuri apparently had some precaution to Su Xiao.

“Director, I got it, I am going to do it now, we will be able to take fukuro to the cochlea in one day.”

Arima Kisho hung up the phone and said:

“It progresses smoothly. CCG means to cage Takatsuki Sen in ‘cochlea’, that is, the ghouls’ shelter, which is as same as we expected.”

‘cochlea’, also known as a ghouls shelter, was a prison in the 23rd district, which had many dangerous ghouls.

Those ghouls were strong, but they were not members of the V organization. The V organization may think that killing those ghouls was a pity, so they caged them in the ghouls’ prison.

The ghouls were caged ‘cochlea’ were completely in hell. CCG will use them to do cruel experiments. The reason why gecko is so cruel was that he was once tortured by an Investigator in ‘cochlea’. Under the accumulated torture, gecko’s personality was born.

“The cruel place.”

Takatsuki Sen snorted and seemed to have some understanding of ‘cochlea’.

“Let’s go back to the temporary branch first, I have something to deal with.”

The three found a car, Su Xiao got on the driver’s seat, after the Arima Kisho and other got on the car, started the engine and went full throttle.

The tires flew in the mud as the car rushed out in a fierce posture.

Three minutes later, Su Xiao and others arrived in front of the temporary branch.

Entering the temporary branch, Su Xiao went straight to the logistics department, the thin old man with a small round sunglasses was still sitting behind the window lazily.

“Well? Byakuya-san came again. What a big customer. You come to purchase goods this time?”

Su Xiao nodded, and the redemption list appeared.

He now had contribution value of 21,370 points, enough to redeem the two items he liked.

After redeeming the two items, the CCG contribution value was not that meaningful to him. Perhaps he could no longer get the CCG contribution value soon, he should consume it as soon as possible.

[Crushing Elf (Boutique)]

Redemption conditions: 13,000 points of CCG contribution value, prospective Investigator position.

[C type battlefield syringe]

Redemption conditions: 8000 points of CCG contribution value, prospective Investigator position.


The sum of the two was 21,000 points of CCG contribution value, and his contribution value was just enough, so he decisively redeemed.

[You get ‘Crushing Elf (Boutique)’, ‘C-type battlefield syringe’.]

[Crushing Elf (Boutique)]

Origin: Tokyo Ghoul.

Quality: Green.

Attack power: 6~20. (Attack power is the comprehensive calculation of destructive power, the power of firearms and weapons.)

Category: Quinque (large pistol)

The number of bullets: 6. (Quinque kind of pistol which can automatically be filled with bullets, cool down time is 2 minutes.)

Durability: 35/35

Equipment demand: 12 points of strength and 10 points of agility.

Equipment effect: gaze shooting (active), after launching, you need to gaze at the enemy with a gun for 5 seconds. During this period, the moving speed will be reduced by 50%. After 5 seconds, it will shoot the enemy who had been seen quickly, and the gun will fire all the bullets in a very short time.

Tip: After the gaze shooting is launched, the enemy will be locked, and the bullet will be fired as tracing bullets.

Tip: Using gaze shooting will consume 50 Mana.

Tip: The gaze shooting (active) cooldown time is 24 hours.

Rating: 30 (Note: Green equipment’s rating score is from 1 to 30, and the green equipment with a score of 30 will be labeled as ‘Boutique’ with special attributes attached.) 

Introduction: My shooting skill is very bad, but I can stare at you. It has only one result when being stared by me. It is death unless there are a lot of obstacles in front of you.

Price: 3,800 paradise coins.


There was a pair of dark red and silver covered the pistol in Su Xiao’s hand. The body of the gun was about 30 centimeters. The whole gun gave a heavy sense. The barrel was engraved with a small line of words. ‘Justice can’t tell by itself.’

This green-grade firearm which could be called best quality, so that Su Xiao will be able to long-range attack.

His sword was sharp, but he still had to have long-range attacks. After all, he was fighting alone in the reincarnation paradise. The main purpose of the [Crushing Elf] was the attached skill to this gun: gaze shooting.

It will attack enemies, and it had six shots. This made Su Xiao, who was not good at firearms, could use it well.

Looking at the various attributes of [Crushing Elf], Su Xiao sighed, if it is the weapon with the genre of a sword, it would’ve been better. 

Taking out [Crushing Elf], Su Xiao looked at the [C-type battlefield syringe] in his hand.

This thing was a one-time recovery medicine, it was also the first green medicine he saw.

That restored 30% of Hp, making this syringe more precious.

[C type battlefield syringe] The outer was silvery white, the volume was not large, and it was convenient to use. It was a life-saving medicine.

With this item, Su Xiao could save his life in desperation.

He took out [C-type battlefield syringe] with care, Su Xiao became somewhat relaxed in his mind, he completed the first goal, using the identity of an Investigator’s to get some benefits.

Now he could return to the reincarnation paradise as soon as he completed the mission.

Su Xiao had already thought of a way to complete the main task, so he put the main task aside first.

Now he only needed to complete the hidden task and the hunting task, and his time in his world will end.