Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 116: Start the action!

Su Xiao returned to his bedroom in the temporary branch, he and Arima Kisho agreed to leave after ten hours.

Going deep into the 24th district for more than a dozen hours, and also getting injured in the battle made him a little exhausted.

What’s more, after they arrived at the ghouls’ shelter, there will be chaos, he was to escort Takatsuki Sen to go to the ghouls’ shelter.

So in these ten hours, he had to restore, at least he had to sleep.

After taking a hot bath, Su Xiao was lying in bed without any burden, and he suddenly thought that the blue treasure box that Kaneki Ken dropped had not yet opened.

Things appeared one after another, he didn’t have time to open the treasure chest that Kaneki Ken dropped.

For Kaneki Ken’s treasure chest, Su Xiao was not very optimistic.

Although the treasure chest was blue quality, Kaneki Ken’s strength was not strong, and he was not the kind of the protagonist with the son of the world.

More importantly, his unlucky hand will play a vital role.

Taking out Kaneki Ken’s treasure case, the palm-sized treasure chest shined with indigo light, which was similarly carved by sapphire.

[Yes / No open treasure chest (blue)]

Choosing to open it, the flash he was expecting did not appear.

[You opened the treasure chest (blue)]

[You get 3000 paradise coins]

[You get 300 paradise coins.]

[You get 1000 paradise coins.]

[You get the fate coin.]


[Fate Coin]

Quality: blue

Type: Consumable.

Using effect: After using it, it will be random judge, giving one of 30 effects such as ‘bad luck’, ‘strong luck’, ‘dead’, and ‘life recovery’.

Tip: The probability of gaining effect is 50%.

The probability of deducting effect is 49%.

Tip: Gaining effect lasts for 30 minutes.

Rating: 32 (Note: Blue items score from 30 to 70, the higher the score, the more precious the item.)

Introduction: Destiny can’t be pondered, good luck or bad luck? Or is it…….

Price: 1 paradise coin.


Opening the treasure chest that Kaneki Ken dropped, and he totally got 4,300 paradise coins, which was not bad from this point.

As for the [Fate Coin], Su Xiao was somewhat confused about this thing.

From a literal point of view, using this thing can get random effects, but the gaining and deducting effect added to 99%, and 1% of the effect is unknown.

Su Xiao subconsciously contradicted this thing. He intended to sell this thing to the ‘destined person.’ After all, it was a blue item and should be able to sell a good price.

After opening the treasure chest of Kaneki Ken, Su Xiao fell asleep deeply, he had a vague feeling that he does not know when he could rest next time.

He didn’t know how long it had been.

“Don, don, don…”

The sound of knocking on the door came. Su Xiao who was sleeping immediately sat up and held on the handle of dragon flash.

“Who is that?”

“It’s me.”

The voice of Arima Kisho came outside the door, Su Xiao put away dragon flash, and got out of bed to open the door.

“Has it been ten hours already? Ha.”

After a nap, Su Xiao dressed his clothes neatly and washed his face. When conditions permitted, he will clean himself.

“It has been twelve hours, Takatsuki Sen was injured severely by you, so I delayed the time.”

One more thing, someone wants to sneak into her room. ”

Su Xiao was shocked, is anyone aware of their plans? He suddenly thought of another possibility.

“Mado Akira?”


Unsurprisingly, Mado Akira did something, but Arima Kisho was there, there is no possibility for Mado Akira to stay near Takatsuki Sen.

“It’s time to go.”

Su Xiao and others drove straightly to the ghouls’ shelter in the 23rd district. Takatsuki Sen was arranged to sit in the back seat and was put on the handcuffs made by Quinque steel.

After half an hour, the three arrived at the ghouls’ shelter.

The Ghouls shelter as a ghouls’ prison had many investigators, and surrounding were walls which were more than ten meters.

Although the outside of the ghouls’ shelter was not very tall, they dug out in the underground deeply, the entire building was almost built on the ground to prevent ghouls from escaping.

The vehicle drove to the main entrance of the ghouls’ shelter and was immediately stopped by the guard.

“Please show your ID.”

Although the guards recognized Arima Kisho, they were meticulously checking the documents.

After confirming the documents and the approval documents, the guards released and the vehicles slowly entered the ghouls’ shelter.

“This damn place, I will destroy this place sooner or later.”

Takatsuki Sen clenched her fists and breathed heavily.

When the three people got off the car, Su Xiao and Arima Kisho took Takatuki Sen and walk to the building where the ‘the ghouls’ shelter’ is.

“Arima Kisho special, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

An old investigator with a white beard, full of pale yellow hair appeared.

“Haisaki fukame special, long time no see.”

Haisaki fukame was the director of the ghouls’ shelter and managed all things here. The old investigator had strong strength, but he was appointed to the director of the ghouls’ shelter because he became old and his body functions declined greatly.

The special investigator who could live to the old age were rare and even had been sent to manage the ghouls’ shelter. It could be seen that the relationship between Haisaki fukame and the CCG executives was not simple.

Haisaki fukame stared at Su Xiao for one time lightly, did not speak, just led the way.

This guy seemed to have real power, and he was somewhat snobbery, he did not care about Su Xiao’s position of associate special investigator.

Su Xiao chuckled and took Takatsuki Sen into the ghouls’ shelter after Haisaki fukame.

If you want to enter the ghouls’ shelter, you have to take an elevator which took time to go down.

None of the four people in the elevator spoke.

The elevator door opened, several people walked out of the elevator, the inside of the ghouls’ shelter was cylindrical. The center was the elevator that those people took and control room and other departments. The surrounding walls were the cells that caged ghouls which were divided into many layers. There was a road in front of the cell in each layer, the road with metal guardrails on the edges, each floor had stairs for up and down, and there were many steel bridges across the middle, which almost linked the whole ghouls’ shelter.

The whole ghouls’ shelter, most of the buildings were made of metal, giving a sense of coldness.

“Haisaki fukame, have the Quinque that the headquarters helped me to make completed?”

Su Xiao suddenly spoke, Washuu Matsuri promised him before. After he assisted  Arima Kisho , he could see Quinque.

CCG’s Quinque was made by Dr. Chikei stayed in ghouls’ shelter for several years. There were a lot of ‘experimental materials’ here.

When Haisaki fukame heard Su Xiao’s question, he suddenly stopped, and his eyes became gloomy.

“Not yet, at least a half month.”


Su Xiao’s eyes became closer. This guy may be making things difficult for him. This person was the subordinate of Washuu Matsuri. After a half month, he would already have returned to the reincarnation paradise.

“As far as I can tell, it seems that it took at most 27 hours for Quinque to be made. Is there any accidents, Haisaki fukame?”

Arima Kisho spoke because he knew that if he does not speak at this time, the situation will be very bad.

Arima Kisho’s attitude made Haisaki fukame stunned, he secretly thought about the relationship between the two. He could not offend Arima Kisho. Although their positions were same, the person, after all, is the member of that organization. 

“There were some accidents in the production, it was being repaired in the culture media, I was worried the quality of the Quinque will be damaged.

If you don’t care if it is damaged, you can go to the lab after you cage the one-eyed fukuro. The lab is on the seventh floor. ”

Haisaki fukame’s words suddenly changed from the original one, he was supposed to take after a half month became he could take at any time.

Perhaps Washuu Matsuri asked him something, this guy was deliberately making things difficult for Su Xiao, Arima Kisho’s helping let the old guy change his attitude because he did not want to offend Arima Kisho.

“The most important thing to hold the one-eyed fukuro first.”

Haisaki fukame also emphasized one sentence, he looked at Takatsuki Sen greedily. The Quinque he used now was still S+, and he had the opportunity to get the SSS-level kakuhou on her body.

After all, kakuja had multiple kakuhous, it should be nothing if he took out one.

Soon a few people came to the dangerous detention area. As soon as Su Xiao just walked in, dragon flash appeared in his hands.


The long sword cut into his heart, Haisaki fukame looked at the tip of the knife that cut through his chest which was dyed to red.

“What, what happened.”

Haisaki fukame fell to the ground, the blood leaked under him. Under this sudden attack, the special investigator did not even have a chance to fight back. Moreover, he was too old, he was so old that killed by Totoro in mere seconds in the original story.


The shackles of Takatuki Sen were untied, the action began.