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R.P Chapter 117: Partners! [EDITED]

After killing Haisaki Shinme, Su Xiao immediately handed in the main task (2), and the Reincarnation Paradise’s notification appeared.

[You have completed the main task (2): The First Class Investigator, you receive 1 attribute point, 1500 paradise coin.]

[Main task (3) is activated.]

Main task (3): The final battle.

Difficulty level: Lv.4

Mission Introduction: Fight against the ghouls and eliminate more than half of their contractors.

Mission information: The weak die, the strong survive. The Reincarnation Paradise will not cultivate contractors with no potential.

Mission period: 5 days.

Mission reward: Return qualification.

Mission failure punishment: Death.


The main task (3) could be described as very cruel. He had to kill half of the contractors of the enemy faction within five days, or he would die.

This was a kind of mechanism to sort out the weak. The main task (1) allowed the contractors to get familiar with the derivative world, the main task (2) tested the contractor’s combat ability and gave rewards. The main task (3) would then distinguish the strong from the weak, so only the strong ones would survive.

The notifications from Reincarnation Paradise were not finished yet. Su Xiao had killed Haisaki Shinme, which was exposed due to surveillance cameras, so the CCG General Administration would soon know about it.

[Warning: Since the hunter killed a member of CCG with high position, you have been expelled from CCG. Your CCG contribution value is cleared.]

[Warning: CCG will send investigators and / or ghouls to kill you, you should be cautious and deal with them.]

The notifications ended, Su Xiao was now expelled from CCG, but he was not surprised. Su Xiao looked at Arima Kisho.

“The two you’re looking for are here?”

Arima Kisho shook his head.

“I’m not sure, one of them should be here, but the other’s situation is special. I don’t know whether we can find him or not.”

After Takatsuki Sen was freed, her Kakuja shell appeared.

“I will stop the Investigators, you deal with the others.”

Takatsuki Sen stayed behind, waiting for the investigators.

“Byakuya, find a ghoul called Donato Porupora, ghouls generally call him ‘Priest’.”

Su Xiao nodded and checked the cells with Arima Kisho. At this time, the alarms in the prison went off. The staff in the monitoring room had seen them kill their director.

Donato Porupora, a Russian ghoul, once ran a Catholic orphanage, where he preyed on the children, hence his nickname, ‘Priest’.

In CCG’s data, Priest was an SS-class ghoul. In fact, Priest’s true strength was at the SSS level, even if he fought with the manager, he still would have a fifty percent of winning.

But Priest ‘just’ ate children in a Catholic orphanage, he did not gather ghouls or attack CCG, so he was judged as a SS-class.

Priest was the adoptive father of Amon Kotaro, and was ‘defeated’ after he revealed his identity and was caged in the Cochlea.

Arima Kisho had an agreement with Priest, so he didn’t worry that he wouldn’t cooperate.

Su Xiao began to check every room through the observation window on the cell’s door.

As the ghouls in the cells saw Su Xiao, they all turned their faces away, their pupils dull, it seemed like they were tortured quite often.

These ghouls were at least S-class, but they became experiment material once they were in this prison.

When he found the fifth cell, Su Xiao saw an old man in the cell, with a white beard and deep wrinkles, who looked like a Russian.

“Donato Porupora?”

The old man, who sat on a bed in the cell, opened his eyes and looked at Su Xiao.

“Who are you?”

“Answer me, are you Donato Porupora?”

The old man in the cell smiled, and the wrinkles on his face deepened.

“That’s me. Did you come to save me, or to kill me?”

Confirming that it was the Priest in the cell, Su Xiao called Arima Kisho, who was not far away, Arima Kisho rushed forward and looked at Priest through the observation window on the cell’s door.

“That’s him.”

Su Xiao put a piece of a plastic explosive on the door and took a few steps back. This was provided by Arima Kisho.


A large hole was blown into the door, metal fragments sprayed around.

Priest walked out of the cell, smiling, as if he was just a kind, old man.

Su Xiao did not believe it at all, even though he was smiling, he might be an extremely calculative person.

“Since you’ve come to save me, you believe the information I have provided and verified it.”

The Priest talked casually, he wore a straitjacket, his hands were tied together. Arima Kisho looked at him and used Narukami to cut the Priest’s sleeves free.

“I have verified it, I almost died when I went there.”

He was the first of the two they wanted to rescue. As long as they got the second one, they would retreat.

“I was injected with an Rc cell inhibitor, so I can only count on you. Arima Kisho, you have not introduced your friend to me, he is our partner, right?”

Priest looked at Su Xiao and seemed to be guessing at his history.

“Byakuya, previously an Associate Special Class Investigator, his strength is very reliable.”

The Priest smiled and nodded at Su Xiao, he did not look down on him because of Su Xiao’s rank.

“Let’s find the next cooperator.”

Arima Kisho took Priest to continue to check the cells, but Su Xiao was standing in the same place.

“I have something to deal with. If I’m not back in ten minutes, don’t wait for me.”

After that, Su Xiao quickly ran to the upper level.

Su Xiao was going to get what he should have received, his Quinque.

“Come back soon, it will be safe for half an hour, but the General Administration will send people soon.”

Arima Kisho shouted at Su Xiao’s back and continued to look for the other collaborator.

Su Xiao was now in the tenth underground floor. Haisaki Shinme had said that the Quinque was in the laboratory on the seventh underground floor.

Three minutes later, Su Xiao arrived at the seventh underground floor. There were no cells here, but there were a lot of scientists with white coats.

These scientists stood behind a glass door and looked at Su Xiao in fear. It seemed that they had received a notice about Su Xiao betraying CCG.

Su Xiao put his hand on the glass door, which was very sturdy, even harder than bulletproof glass.

“Won’t he rush in here?”

“How could that be? This glass was combined with various materials, it’s even harder than Quinque steel.”

“What is he going to do?”

Dozens of the scientists were discussing. A scientist with a haircut that made him look like a watermelon, whose black hair covered his eyes, quietly retreated behind everyone. He was Chigyou Kouitsu, the maker of Su Xiao’s Quinque.

After perceiving the durability of the glass door, Su Xiao grasped the handle of Dragon Flash with one hand, while he pressed on the back of the blade with the other hand, using the tip of the blade to cut a circle on the glass door with all his strength.

After cutting a circular marking on the glass, Su Xiao took a deep breath and rushed forward, to hit the glass door.


A round piece of glass, as big as a person, was knocked out of the door, stunning the scientists.

“Mr. Byakuya, please calm down, here is your Quinque.”

Chigyou Kouitsu was very smart, he held a long box in his arms and went forward.

Su Xiao took the box and looked it over, not noticing any problems. He did not pay attention to the scientists and quickly walked back to the tenth floor.

He only took a look at the new Quinque he got. This was a long sword of green quality, and was made by the store manager’s Kakuhou. He did not check the specific information carefully, he would do so after leaving the Cochlea.

Although this sword was better than Dragon Flash, he would not change it immediately. It would take time to adapt to the length, weight, focus, sharpness and so on of a new sword.

A sword can’t be used as soon as you got it, you needed to adapt to it for a short period of time. Otherwise, it would be very likely to make mistakes in battle.

Su Xiao and Arima Kisho agreed on him returning within ten minutes, but he actually only spent seven minutes.

After returning to the tenth floor, he found that there was only Takatsuki Sen left, fighting with investigators, Arima Kisho and Priest were nowhere to be seen.